The 2021 season starts in Tampa

Super Bowl LV
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The 2020 season ended in Tampa. The 2021 season will start there.

The Buccaneers, winners of Super Bowl LV, will host the Week One opener on the first Thursday of the next season.

Here are the options, beyond the three NFC South rivals: Dolphins, Giants, Bears, Bills, and Cowboys.

The NFL usually looks for an interesting matchup. The most interesting would be the Saints, Bills, or Cowboys.

Meanwhile, the Buccaneers play at New England next year. That likely will be a prime-time game. (How about Thanksgiving night?)

Before we know it, the NFL will be removing the sheet on the full schedule. Whoever the opponent, expect to see the Bucs at home against someone.

18 responses to “The 2021 season starts in Tampa

  1. I was wondering if Brady would retire after the Super Bowl and then I saw New England on the schedule for next year. Revenge!

  2. Brady is going to be back again next year for number 8… Then he’s gonna retire… That’s right number 8 there’s no stopping him. Go ahead and doubt him I dare you

  3. Brady is the G-O-A-T. A true MVP and leader. Mahomes, don’t lose heart. You are the future. In time young grasshopper, in time.

  4. In next two months we may have a better idea of where some of the QB’ s will be ending up. At that point, other interesting games may develop. Right now, I’m thinking the Bills game is best. It’s against a very up and coming team & not in same Conference.

  5. jwaggys81 says:
    February 7, 2021 at 10:27 pm
    Losers. Draft and develop your own qb. Another bought cc just like the Marlins
    Half the roster of most teams are comprised of players they never drafted, so there is that. I guess every team in the league are losers then, right? Another bought championship? You do know that there is a salary cap in the NFL. One team cannot just spend carelessly and without regard to how much money they pay everyone.

  6. I bet the opener will be against the Bills. Why in the world would it be the Cowboys? Year after year after year people think the Cowboys are relevant and interesting. Maybe some year they’ll be right, but I doubt it’s anytime soon.

  7. I dont know how it happens, but Brady sure gets a lot of his defenses. LOL

    Joking aside, as a Saints fan, its painful- but have to hand it to him. Its just amazing.

    People can point out the breaks and some of the lucky parts, but the fact is to win 7 Super Bowls you need some luck and you need a great deal of determination, passion, dedication, leadership and talent.

  8. beachsidejames says:
    February 9, 2021 at 2:58 pm
    Bart Simpson just took a dump in his shorts and TB12 has 7 Super Bowl Rings while Aaron Rogers has none. Don’t forget the hot sauce.


    Aaron Rodgers has none? Guess you better check the teams that played Super Bowl XLV.

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