Tom Brady is the Super Bowl MVP

Super Bowl LV
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The more things change, the more things stay the same.

After winning his seventh Super Bowl, quarterback Tom Brady has earned his fifth Super Bowl MVP.

Brady is the only player to have ever won more than three Super Bowl MVPs.

“I’m so proud of all these guys out here. Everything we dealt with all year — we had a rough month of November, but BA [Bruce Arians] had all the confidence in us,” Brady said when accepting his MVP. “The team had a lot of confidence. We came together at the right time. I think we knew this was going to happen tonight, didn’t we? We ended up playing our best at the end of the year.”

As if there were any doubt, Brady said he would be back playing in 2021.

“Every year is amazing,” Brady said. “And this team is world champions forever. You can’t take it away from us.”

Brady finished Sunday’s game 21-of-29 passing for 201 yards with three touchdowns and no picks — good for a 125.8 passer rating. That’s Brady’s highest ever passer rating in a Super Bowl performance, besting his 115.4 passer rating against the Eagles in Super Bowl LII.

All three of Brady’s touchdown passes went to former Patriots teammates — one to wide receiver Antonio Brown and two for tight end Rob Gronkowski. Brady and Gronkowski set a new record for postseason touchdowns between a quarterback and receiver, reaching 14 before the night was over.

Brady hadn’t won Super Bowl MVP since Super Bowl LI, when the Patriots came back from down 28-3 to defeat the Falcons 34-28. He also won it for Super Bowls XXXVI, XXXVIII, and XLIX.

But this Super Bowl MVP is a little different for Brady, as he won’t be going to Disney World. The pandemic has forced the cancelation of the traditional MVP parade the day after the big game.

60 responses to “Tom Brady is the Super Bowl MVP

  1. Brady and Gronk played well but Barrett on the pass rush was relentless … great defense and physical running on offense.

  2. I had no doubt who was going to prevail. I learned years ago to never bet against Tom Brady.

  3. Congratulations to Tom Brady. It’s been a wild, fun ride watching him play.

    Wonder how coach BB feels about his decision to push Tom out.

  4. The easy choice, but the smart one would have been either Fournette or the Tampa Bay Defensive line

  5. D-Line MVP collectively. Shuts down PM and gets the ball back to Brady throughout the game. For once, just spot the most valuable – it was the defense, not the O. When the Pats beat the Rams 13-3 they gave it to Edleman. The D held pretty boy Goff to 3 points. It always goes to the O. Use some critical thinking and realize this defense was special, more so than anyone on the offense.

  6. Naw – Devon White was. Last Patriots Victory was also not BRady but James White.

    I would have even gone Gronk before Brady. Only 201 yards right?

    Bucs D held Chiefs to no TDs…shoulda went Defense but even if BRady threw 1 TD they would have given it to him.

  7. Tom Brady played a great game as well as Tampa Bay and kudos to them on a great win.
    However it cannot be overlooked the pandemonium that happened Thursday night with Andy Reid’s son.
    The time, the energy, the stress, the focus that was lost do to this unfortunate circumstance cannot be overlooked and was Paramount to what happened in this game it was obvious the entire organization/coaching staff was not into this game 100%.
    It was an unfortunate circumstance and I can only hope that the child that was suffering the worst injuries can live a full productive life, however this was clearly the cause of the Kansas City downfall of this Super Bowl.
    Tom Brady is the ultimate goat and deserves all the accolades that can be heaped upon him I only wish this game was a lot closer and played a little better but congratulations to Tampa Bay for winning the Superbowl!

  8. Seven Super Bowl rings

    Five Super Bowl MVPs

    From a 199th, sixth round draft pick

    This is stupid.

    Just put him in Canton right now.

  9. Unlike expert opinions, Brady didn’t pass Mahomes the torch. He burned him with it. What a dominant performance by the Buc’s Offense & Defensive sides of the ball.

  10. It should have been the defense. They won this game like they did against Brees and Rodgers.

  11. Great team game but Brady was the best player out there. Mahomes was hobbled, but that is part of the game.

  12. The offense only needed 10 points to win. It was the D-Line that was most valuable. It is too easy to go with an offensive player. They do not win if that D-line does not pressure Mahomes like that. The Chiefs start putting up points and it is a different game altogether. Defense won that game.

  13. therealraider says:
    February 7, 2021 at 10:37 pm
    Somewhere Mark Whalburg is beating off

    That is funny

    Go Pats

  14. When the Bucs were up 28 to 9 in the 3rd quarter, it felt almost out of reach. I said to myself, I cannot believe the Falcons gave up a bigger lead 5 minutes later in the game than this. Surreal. Every SB will always remind Falcons fans of that horrific event.

  15. Tom Brady was awarded the MVP — in part as a show of respect for what he did through the season, in transforming the ethos of this team.

  16. While Brady is Superbowl mvp, Rodgers is offseason and regular season mvp which sounds about right.

  17. I have no problem with Brady getting the MVP. It is consistent with QBs getting all the credit and blame in NFL wins/losses. Fabulous career for a great NFL QB with more to come. While I still don’t consider Brady the best QB ever, he definitely is the GOAT. Congrats to Brady and Tampa for putting it all together and implementing an offense more congruent to Brady’s style as the season went along.

  18. The Bucs D held the Chiefs to three field goals. Brady’s greatness didn’t enter into the equation. Brady’s MVP is a joke.

  19. There is no discussion any more about Brady being the GOAT; I just hope people can enjoy what we’re seeing because we’re never going to see it again. I know it’s easier in today’s world to try to belittle and demean winners rather than giving them due respect and recognizing their greatness, but what he’s done is absolutely remarkable.
    I love Mahomes and believe he should be the face of the NFL for the next 20 years. He is a baller and a great kid. But we still have the greatest to ever play in the league, and he’s a Super Bowl winner again. I hope Mahomes has a phenomenal career but there is ZERO chance he comes close to doing what TB12 has done. Zero.

  20. Think about it, shouldn’t the Vince Lombardi Super Bowl Trophy be changed to the Tom Brady Trophy?

  21. theres a big difference btween being down 10-6 as opposed to 21-6. the refs ruined this game. the nfl should be embarrassed

  22. The quarterbacks get all the accolades but the real debate over the MVP should have been between the offensive and defensive lines of the Bucs.
    They dominated the entire game. O-line gave Brady all kinds of time and huge running lanes for Fournette and Jones, while the D-line harrassed Mahomes all night long.
    Simply an overpowering performance by the big fellas of Tampa Bay.

  23. CHawk12thMan says:
    February 7, 2021 at 10:40 pm

    Unlike expert opinions, Brady didn’t pass Mahomes the torch. He burned him with it. What a dominant performance by the Buc’s Offense & Defensive sides of the ball.
    It wasn’t hard since the Bucs D held the Chiefs to 9 points. If TB is a real GOAT he’ll admit that and give the MVP to the defense for his victory.

  24. Aaron Rodgers is the GOAT. Prove me wrong and I’ll eat Bart Simpson’s shirts……..while they’re still dirty!!!

  25. Lance Armstrong was not as good as we all thought and had help with cheating.
    Same thing with Tommy Boy Cry Baby.
    Just no way he can be this good without cheating and help from the NFL refs.
    No. Way.

  26. So much for plugging in any QB to the ‘system’ – Brady WAS the system. As a head coach, Bill was sub – .500 pre-Brady and is now sub-.500 post Brady…speaks for itself as Brady at 43 in his FIRST season with a new team at 43 and winning the first of several more SBs with the Bucks. BB should give his pathetic boat with the ring count on the back to the guy who actually earned those rings in SPITE of working with a losing head coach….uh, that would be BRADY. Case closed.

  27. The defense deserved the MVP, but you can’t split the award.

    It has to go to one player, and that’s why Brady–who threw for barely 200 yards, and had an interception called back on the exact same penalty his own DB got away with on a game-changing INT two weeks ago in Green Bay–got it by default.

  28. The MVP award is for the most valuable player. I know this sounds obvious but reading some comments on here it apparently is not. You can’t give the most valuable player award to the entire defense or the defensive line etc. Although the defense is a major reason the Bucs won, Brady was the MVP in the game.

  29. Brady has to be the greatest team mate to play with- everyone buys into his wisdom. Hes a living legend. Fun Fact: all the players with TD’s tonight were playing in the AFC last year!

  30. should’ve been the defense, if I had to pick one guy it’d be White. But on offense, for the ENTIRE playoffs, it was Fournette. Why did the Jaguars cut that guy? Power, Speed, Blocking, Receiving he was elite the entire playoffs.

  31. If you are upset about Brady winning the MVP of the game you need to go medidate and reflect on what you’re getting emotional about lol.

    It’s a team win who cares, Bucs are champs everyone on that team has a ring, no one discredits Tom’s 7 rings because he wasn’t MVP in 2 of them. He couldn’t give a AF about the MVP, he just wants the ring. Brady makes it look easy from the pocket without needing flashy throws, so we underestimate what he does on the field. And yes the D balled out and had just as big a part, but how can you give the MVP to 1 guy on the defense, same way you can’t give it to one WR or RB if they all collectively balled out. I’d bet you no one on that defense is the least bit upset that Brady got MVP lol.

  32. bartpkelly says:
    February 7, 2021 at 10:38 pm
    Naw – Devon White was. Last Patriots Victory was also not BRady but James White.

    I would have even gone Gronk before Brady. Only 201 yards right?

    Bucs D held Chiefs to no TDs…shoulda went Defense but even if BRady threw 1 TD they would have given it to him.
    If you have a problem with who gets the SB MVP award, I suggest that in future you go “stuff the ballot box” on Voting starts in the 4th quarter.

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