Tyrann Mathieu: I’ve never really seen that side of Tom Brady

Super Bowl LV
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During the first half of the Super Bowl loss to the Buccaneers, Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu had a fairly heated on-field exchange with the game’s eventual MVP, Tom Brady.

Mathieu would end up being flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct, and CBS’ cameras caught Mathieu pointing a finger in Brady’s face. But the two would share words a few times over the course of the night.

After the game, Mathieu said he didn’t think the encounter and subsequent penalty affected his play.

“I thought I played as hard as I can today,” Mathieu said. “Listen, Tom Brady’s a great quarterback. I never really saw that side of Tom Brady, to be honest. But whatever. No comment. it’s over with. I’m done with it.”

Mathieu finished with three tackles, and had an interception wiped off the board due to a penalty.

58 responses to “Tyrann Mathieu: I’ve never really seen that side of Tom Brady

  1. I’m glad he kept his mouth closed off the field. Maybe he should kept it closed on the field. Terrible performance.

  2. Maybe don’t try to be better than a GOAT when you haven’t been in the same stratosphere yet.. Will serve you well going forward.

  3. I just luv that all over twitter they are saying you didn’t think the NFL was going to let Tom brady leave what could be his final SB appearance EMPTY HANDED. It’s true what EX NFL players said the NFL is WWF.. WWE. The Zebras could care less that they took the Air out of the game so much so folks in my house head to their bedrooms to watch other stuff and we had an empty living room.

  4. Honey Badger seemed out of sync all night but in truth, the whole Chiefs D-backfield was a mess. They definitely have work to do on that side of the ball this offseason.

  5. That’s Tom Brady in “focused terminator” mode.

    Brady’s QBR = 125.8
    Mahomes QBR = 52.3

  6. YOu were a jerk and deserved the flag – your play dictates the results not your mouth – the faster that you learn that the better player that you will be.

  7. All those calls…. they were legit. There was a huge difference in calls… bc KC was playing dirty with holds all day long. All season long but they finally were called.

    Mahomes looked more like 2018 josh Allen tonight

  8. The Bucs were just running the clock out in the second half, keeping Mahomes off the field. Brady could have hung 60 on them tonight, the Chiefs came out soft on defense. Bureleson nailed it after the game – one team was a lot tougher than the other tonight.

  9. #32, you just lost the Super Bowl to one of the most competitive players to EVER play the game. And you just saw his FIRE tonight? You bitter, bro?

  10. Tampa’s offensive line straight up owned the Chiefs defensive line in this game. That caused a lot of frustration for the Chiefs defense.

  11. He hasn’t seen Brady’s feisty side? Just against the Saints, Brady got feisty and tried shoving a 300 lb defensive lineman. Brady is nice but not on the field. You push he shoves back and wins.

  12. Mina Kimes, Jameel Hill and the rest of the clown show on cable sports talk shows will start making accusations…. that’s how they make their money, definitely not with their knowledge of actual sports…

  13. Romo was absolutely correct on the broadcast. That call against Matthieu could have easily gone against Brady. Or, to be more precise, against any quarterback not named Brady.

  14. Matthieu pissed Brady off so much that he ran after him to say a few more words. I haven’t seen Tom run like that since..,.ever.

  15. Love the Honey Badger, but its funny that he’s shocked with all the garbage he talks on the field, that Brady would chirp back.

  16. Lots of Oats fans in here praising the guy that abandoned the team he knew would stink.

    I do expect tit from the NE fans though.

  17. Think Chiefs had started to believe the PR.

    Last year, they almost lost the SB. They were behind in the 4th quarter & were lucky to beat the 49ers; a more experienced/clutch QB than Jimmy G would have beaten them.

    This year, they barely won many of their games. Cleveland almost beat them. Bills still don’t know how to win.

  18. Hey Honey Badger, you think Jordan was a nice guy on the court in the finals? Ask another little man, Muggsy Bogues, what he learned about that. Brady is football Jordan.

  19. Cyndi Lauper really need a boost in sales. “True Colors” will be rocketing up the highlight theme playlist chart.

  20. Chiefs don’t look like world beaters when they don’t get help from the refs. Their OL has been getting away with holding all season long … finally they got exposed.

  21. I’ve seen it. You should’ve asked Ryan Clark.

    I don’t remember him picking on Ryan Clark but in the 2007 season, Steelers DB Anthony Smith guaranteed a win in the lead up to the game against Brady’s undefeated Patriots. Brady picked on him play after play. When Brady threw a TD where Smith was beat in coverage, Brady walked right up to him to let him know what he thought about that guarantee.

  22. “He called me something I won’t repeat.”

    Yeah he probably called you a diva and it’s true

  23. He said he played his best. Too bad the rest of the team only practiced lifting and running around with the Lombardi. The Chiefs thought they won before they even took the field.

  24. raideralex99 says:
    “Their OL has been getting away with holding all season long … finally they got exposed.”

    = = = =

    I have a feeling the refs were concerned with the complaints in the first half by making ticky-tack calls so they ended up overcompensating in the second half by not calling so many holdings. It was ridiculous that the Bucs defensive players were being drag on the ground and still no calls! I had a friend, a former football player, due to work and missed the first half on TV and only saw the second half and was wondering why refs didn’t call all the holdings. Refs are humans too. The can respond the temperature of the stadium.

  25. Minority voice here, but I have more respect for Honey Badger. He could have made this more drama, but downplayed it. 2 competitors competing in the Super Bowl. Mutual respect shown. Refreshing actually

  26. Phincent says:

    First time he played Brady and the Refs…..
    Wow, how come? All you guys know with such certainty that this has always been the case and he had no freaking idea? Mmmhh, either he is totally incompetent or whoever keep parroting that line is a forever loser always looking for excuses

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