After denting Patriots’ Lombardi Trophy, Rob Gronkowski has yet to see this one

Super Bowl LV
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As soon as Sunday’s game ended, the Patriots’ official twitter account congratulated “the greatest of all time.” That, of course, was meant for Tom Brady. The Patriots followed that with a warning: “And Gronk, be careful with that trophy…”

Rob Gronkowski dented the Patriots’ most recent Lombardi Trophy by using it as a baseball bat during a celebration at Fenway Park after the team’s Super Bowl LIII victory over the Rams. The Patriots did not have the trophy repaired.

Maybe that explains why Gronkowski has yet to touch the Super Bowl LV Lombardi Trophy won by the Buccaneers.

“That was dangerous how I dented that trophy, but I always blame that on Julian [Edelman]. He threw me the pitch,” Gronkowski told ESPN on Monday. “I haven’t even touched the Lombardi Trophy. I’m not sure if it’s for a reason, if the Buccaneers organization is trying to keep it away from it, but it would be pretty cool just to even see it. I just saw it from about 30 yards away yesterday, but I have not touched it yet. Hopefully, I get to soon.”

Gronkowski, who caught six passes for 67 yards and two touchdowns, apparently will treat this Lombardi Trophy with all the reverence it deserves.

“I’m going to give it a big kiss,” Gronkowski said. “I’ve got to pay my respects to it. Give it a big hug. Give it a kiss. Hold it up in the air. Then, I just go with the flow. I just never know what’s going to happen. I really don’t try to plan anything. I just go with the flow and whatever happens happens. I just like being in that moment and thinking of things on the spot.”

25 responses to “After denting Patriots’ Lombardi Trophy, Rob Gronkowski has yet to see this one

  1. For all the heat Belichick took for “bending” the rules, why doesn’t Brady get out thru the ringer. All the Covid state infractions this season. Meeting with coaches at home, practicing in public parks when they were supposed to be quarantining. If they didn’t prepare during the off season like everyone else, maybe KC would have won.

  2. It’s disgusting how everyone wants to kiss that thing. In a different time & place that would have been OK. Not so much right now.

  3. Would been dope if he hit a HR with it then snapped it over his knee and threw the 2pieces left over into the crowd

  4. Obviously you guys didnt’t watch the game. There is no doubt Ryan Succop should of been the MVP.

  5. amaf21 says:
    February 8, 2021 at 8:45 pm
    haha yeah what a great story. anyway, AB should’ve been the MVP not brady.
    Would definitely be a first. Receiver averages 4.5 YPC on 5 catches for 22 yards and a TD that isn’t even the game winning TD and gets the MVP. That would make all the sense in someone’s world, I guess.

  6. Devin White could have been MVP. 12 tackles and Int, some breaks ups. Certainly a D player would have been a reasonable choice.

  7. Gronk is one of the coolest dudes ever. That dent in that trophy is a classic, how do you stand out from 55 other Lombardi trophies? That’s how. When they pan through the trophy cases, fans will forever know that was Gronk lol.

  8. “amaf21 says:
    February 8, 2021 at 8:45 pm
    haha yeah what a great story. anyway, AB should’ve been the MVP not brady.”

    AB, that you?

  9. Gronkowski always reminds me of Chris Klein, the big lovable dummy in “Election,” and the “American Pie” series…

  10. Gronk is so good for the league, and really, our country right now. Meathead persona aside, he’s really damn smart… he gets it, and has for quite awhile. He’ll be a great addition to a broadcast booth when he decides to hang up his cleats permanently.

  11. The Bucs defense should be the MVP. Shutting down Mahomes and company is something no one else in the NFL was able to do all year.

  12. genesis11 says:

    February 8, 2021 at 8:11 pm

    Gronkowski should of been the MVP not Brady

    Its should have or should’ve, should of means absolutely nothing.

  13. Is Gronk really one of 5 brothers? Can you imagine that household? If so, Gronk’s mom should be MVP. . . .

  14. The first person who would have been happy for Gronk if he won MVP would be Brady because unlike some other quarterbacks, he doesn’t care if he wins those. He just wants the Lombardi.

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