Andy Reid on Chiefs OL: I don’t think the outlook is bleak

Super Bowl LV
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Kansas City had some clear problems with pass protection in Super Bowl LV, with Patrick Mahomes having to scramble for nearly 500 yards before throwing or getting sacked.

Part of that stemmed from the Chiefs playing a backup left tackle and their third right tackle. Part of it was scheme, as via Daniel Jeremiah of NFL Media, NFL Next Gen Stats determined  Kansas City used a five-man protection on 92 percent of Mahomes’ dropbacks — leaving those backup tackles without help on the edge.

But with center Austin Reiter up for free agency, left tackle Eric Fisher recovering from a torn Achilles, and right tackle Mitchell Schwartz not playing after Week 6 due to a back injury, there’s some reason for concern on the offensive line heading into 2021.

But things aren’t all that bad, according to head coach Andy Reid.

“With the guys that are injured that are potentially coming back, or opted out or potentially coming back, we’ll kind of get all that covered here in the next couple of days,” Reid said Monday, via Matt Derrick of Chiefs Digest. “I don’t think the outlook is bleak by any means.”

The good thing is that the Chiefs have Mahomes, who can cover up many of an offensive line’s deficiencies. But as Tampa Bay proved Sunday night, there’s only so much the QB can do when he’s under constant duress.

15 responses to “Andy Reid on Chiefs OL: I don’t think the outlook is bleak

  1. The salary cap is going to tear apart this team. Their window has closed. Patrick Mahomes, although still one of the best, is not worth that kind of money. No player is.

  2. The Chiefs are awesome. There’s only one Tom Brady. Other than that, nobody can beat the Chiefs. At least the Chiefs know what they have to do to get better, and that’s bad news for the other 30 teams that were home watching from their couch.

  3. Was it just dumb luck that Tampa Bay faced The Packers AND The Chiefs when BOTH those teams were short handed on the OL specifically RT AND LT in both cases?

    I say sad coincidence, my wife the Packer fan says it was rigged for Brady to win again.

    Silly wife, Pro FB isn’t rigged.

  4. There’s no doubt that the Chiefs suffered with those injuries on the offensive line. A great example why LTs are paid as well as they are because losing a good one is devastating to your OL. I don’t know if the Chiefs win anyway (especially the way the refs did this game), but the Chiefs worst injuries were in positions where the Bucs were at their best.

  5. Best part of this is that the story line for two weeks was how Mahomes was going to throw for 500 yards in the SB.

    Instead he ran for 500 yards – oh, the agony of irony in defeat.

  6. I agree. Window closing. Trashed cap around the corner. Mahomes can’t play D or catch his own circus throws. I wonder if Brady just killed another franchise. They got trucked on every play at almost every position.

  7. They’d better get it fixed. Otherwise Mahomes will end up like Andrew Luck – battered to the point of an early retirement.

  8. the main thing from all this. Tom Brady signed with tampa for only 25 million a year

  9. Tom Brady did not beat the Chiefs, the Tampa pass rush defeated the Chiefs, and the Tampa pass rush was so effective because the KC offensive line was absolutely horrible. Reid should have had more help for them once it was clear they couldn’t handle the pressure. And it was clear right away! A back in the backfield to block, a blocking tight end, quicker pass release, screens. Always been Reid’s problem, offensive genius that he is, in game adapting is a weakness, was last night anyway.

  10. It is not looking good. Mahomes only 25 years old and already having a surgery. Once the offensive line gets even weaker he will take even more beating.

  11. Reid biggest problem right is not the OL. He has some major off the field problems sadly once again.

  12. In the infamous words of Dexter Manley, former DE for the Washington Football Team. The Chiefs got their “Bell Cleaned” and their “Clock Rung.”

  13. People like to just point out fish injury which loomed large. But this team was also with out both starting guards (opt out and injury) and both starting tackles. Amazing it held together all the way to the sb as is. But they were turnstiles. And every one that thinks there is a blue print. Yes the blue print is having one of the best defenses (especially front 7)against a mash unit of oline men. Good luck pulling it off.

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