Bengals upset Ken Riley forgotten in memoriam segment of NFL Honors


The NFL Honors show annually has an “In Memoriam” segment remembering those with NFL ties who have died over the past year.

Former Bengals defensive back Ken Riley died in June at the age of 72.

But Riley was not featured in the Honors segment.

That prompted the Bengals to release a statement Sunday: “We are extremely disappointed Ken Riley was not featured in the ‘In Memoriam’ segment during [Saturday] night’s NFL Honors. Ken left a great impact on the Bengals and the NFL. His legacy deserves to be honored among the greatest to ever play the game.”

Riley, who spent his entire 15-year career with the Bengals, was a three-time All-Pro. His 65 career interceptions still rank fifth in NFL history, tied with new Hall of Famer Charles Woodson.

The four players who rank ahead of Riley in interceptions — Paul Krause, Emlen Tunnell, Rod Woodson and Night Train Lane — also all are in the Hall of Fame.

26 responses to “Bengals upset Ken Riley forgotten in memoriam segment of NFL Honors

  1. Someone certainly effed up. Riley was no slouch. Lockdown corner with great ball skills. Definitely should be in HoF!

  2. Wouldnt the NFL put out a list and ask teams, “did we miss anyone?” Did the Bengals miss a deadline with their response?

  3. Sounds like they need to release a statement about being disappointed with the HOF voters. He would have been in by now if he was a cowboy or Steeler.

  4. It is absolutely shameful. The man still ranks fifth all time in int’s. Ball hawk of the highest caliber, stand up man and player. It’s disgusting that I’m he isn’t in the hall yet. Another NFL great, forgotten for being a Bengal. Get it together NFL.

  5. That is disappointing…and as a Browns fan, I gotta say he belongs in the HOF (along with Clay Matthews).

  6. Someone screwed up. It happens to the best of us. Did someone say he’s not in the HOF? I’d have to look that up. How could that be possible?

  7. An absolute shame that he’s not in the HOF and a pure slap in the face to leave him out of the segment. Shame on you NFL.

  8. I’ll be honest I’ve never heard of Ken Riley but he put up a dang impressive stat line holy cow! He definitely should have been honored.

  9. The Bengals are upset about this but yet they have no ring of honor anywhere in their stadium recognizing not only this great player but players such as Anthony Munoz, Ken Anderson or any of their players. The Bengals organization is offensive in general and shouldn’t cast stones.

  10. The Bengals organization AND the Bengals players should all be upset about this slight on the part of the NFL!!!

  11. Ken Riley was an awesome player. I’m shocked that they wouldn’t audit the list – shouldn’t be too hard.

  12. Fifth in interceptions, and played in an era when fewer passes were thrown. Actually, he played in the same era as Mel Blount — only with more picks. He and Ken Anderson were dominant players with humble personalities playing in a small market. They never had a chance.

  13. Not only are the 4 guys ahead of Riley on the interception list in the hall, but the next three guys right after him (all of whom played in a more pass-friendly time) are in. He deserved to be honored during his life, and now its just one more slap in the face in death.

  14. I remember my father swearing at the TV when Riley would make the interceptions vs Bradshaw. This is where I learn to cuss properly during NFL games. Ken Riley is an all-time Bengal

  15. The NFL ought to be ashamed of themselves because Ken Riley 65 interceptions is tied for 5th all time which is more than 29 defensive backs who are in the Hall of Fame,,,the knock on him was he never played in the pro bowl but yet was a 3 time All Pro,,,how did Riley not play in the pro bowl during the 3 seasons he was all pro ??? Mr Riley deserves to be in the Hall of Fame

  16. Small market teams or less successful teams are always overlooked. I could name multiple former Bengals that would have been in the HOF already had they played for Pitt or Dallas. Riley, Ken Anderson, Max Montoya, Corey Dillon, Boomer, Willie Anderson, the list goes on

  17. Outside of Munoz do the Bengals have anyone in the HOF? They’ve been such a poorly run franchise for so long that they may be an afterthought for the NFL.

  18. This is why Bengal fans can’t take the HOF seriously. Even non-Bengals fans see the discrimination on former players. Those of us old enough to have watched Mr. Ken Riley, or Mr. Ken Anderson (non-matrix) or Mr. Willie Anderson know better. Disgraceful.

  19. bingo2112 says:

    February 8, 2021 at 7:09 pm

    Wouldnt the NFL put out a list and ask teams, “did we miss anyone?” Did the Bengals miss a deadline with their response?
    Lol no. This isnt kindergarten and asking if everyone got and like their snack. It’s someone’s job to not only figure out who died with NFL ties but then to make a decision whether to include them or not.

  20. HOF is a joke until they start to include greats who played in small markets. Kenny Anderson, Corey Dillon, Willie Anderson, Ken Riley and several others should be in, and that’s just the Bengals.

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