Bruce Arians “very, very confident” Bucs can hold onto their free agents

NFL: FEB 07 Super Bowl LV - Chiefs v Buccaneers
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When outside linebacker Shaq Barrett and wide receiver Antonio Brown met with reporters after the Buccaneers won Super Bowl LV on Sunday, both impending free agents expressed a desire to remain with the team in 2021.

Linebacker Lavonte David, wide receiver Chris Godwin, running back Leonard Fournette, and defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh are also on track for free agency, which leaves General Manager Jason Licht with quite a bit to do if the team’s going to hold onto the core of their roster. At his Monday press conference, Arians said he believes Licht and the players will make it work out.

“I’m very, very confident,” Arians said. “I have all the trust in the world in Jason and what he would do. These guys, they have a bond. There will be dollars involved. But I think that this group is so, so close that sometimes dollars don’t matter. But we’re going to do everything we can to get the dollars right too because they earned it.”

The cap number for 2021 has not officially been set yet, but the Bucs would be under the projected cap $180 million and that money will be needed to bring the band back for another run.

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  1. Dollars don’t matter. Wow Bruce. Do you think your players are that stupid? They’re not married to a supermodel making bank so you can enjoy a hometown discount. Well, you have one of those but that’s it.

  2. I think they may be more willing to work out the money angles knowing Brady expects to play there next season. He’s the last repeat Super Bowl Champion but that was a long time ago, might be time for another repeat.

  3. I can’t imagine that they all wouldn’t want to come back. They’d have to be favorites to return to the Super Bowl out of the NFC.

  4. They only have 32 players under contract for 2021… after you allocate 5 million for draft picks they will need every one of them to take the vet minimum to field a full a roster.

  5. That’s a tough group of guys who I imagine will be chasing money. I imagine what will happen if Briwn asks for a lot of money. Do they believe in him and let Evans go or vice versa.

  6. These players now won their ring. Now it is time to get PAID !!!
    Foolish to think you can sign them back.

  7. They’ve expressed desire to stay. What they didn’t say is each of them is going to be looking for a big contract. The Bucs have $29M of cap space. I doubt if that is going to be enough for six players unless they kick the can down the road like the Rams did. You just can’t pay everyone a bunch of money (don’t tell Jerruh that) and not be in cap trouble.

    That being said, if those players were smart they’d sign a one-year deal and go after another ring next year while TB is there.

  8. The NFL stands for “not for long” when it comes to the average player’s tenure in the League, and certainly, earnings leverage. They busted their butts to win the SB. They will bust their butts again, when they are on a contract year. But right now, they want to be paid for winning the SB. Keeping the team together is almost impossible. Saying you’re confident you will be able to do so, foolishness.

  9. I’m, those guys are not the core of the team. The core is Brady, Godwin, the OLine, Vita, DW, AWII, Davis, Dean, SMB, and maybe JPP.

  10. These players now have their ring and are upcoming free agents. it’s time for their big payday (for most of them). They’ve earned it. Hometown discounts are actually rare. Of course if they wanted to, Tampa Bay could resign all of them and push the money down the road. Licht is too smart to do that. Some will be gone, Licht will likely continue to draft well.

  11. Think the only one Tampa can’t keep is Chris Godwin. He’s young star and the WR position is a high pay position. He’s going to sign somewhere for 18-20M/year for 4-5 years. It’s going to be too rich for Tampa. The other players are older and likely would play for less (not too much below market).

  12. You’re dreaming, Bruce.

    There isn’t anything this League loves more than overpaying Super Bowl winners.

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