Carlton Davis: We know we’re gravediggers and that’s what happened

Super Bowl LV
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Nicknames are funny in that some just seem to stick better than others.

That’s what happened with the Buccaneers’ defense this season, with the unit getting the moniker of “grave diggers.”

Tampa Bay’s Twitter feed has used it a few times and it came up in cornerback Carlton Davis‘ press conference following the 31-9 victory over the Chiefs in Super Bowl LV.

“I mean, I don’t got nothing to say. It speaks for itself,” Davis said. “If you watch the game, you’ll see that all the talk, all the outside noise, everything the media was saying, all week — never paid attention to it. We knew who we were. We knew that we some gravediggers and we dig graves. And tonight, that’s what happened.”

Davis and the rest of the Bucs secondary got torched by Tyreek Hill early on in the November meeting between the two teams. But Davis said it was never just about redemption for what happened with the speedy wideout.

“He’s a good player, really talented. But, it was always about us. It was never about them,” Davis said. “I know the media wanted to make it as if to stop Tyreek was the whole game plan, but we had to stop the whole offense. We had to stop the Chiefs, and he was definitely part of that game plan. But, it was so much more than just Tyreek that we had to do and we went out and did it.”

6 responses to “Carlton Davis: We know we’re gravediggers and that’s what happened

  1. The whole secondary woke up after week 12. It was nice to see since they were the “Weakest link” in the defense. Having Vea return and provide pressure was also helpful for the secondary.

  2. To give credit where credit is due, wasn’t Gilbert Brown of the Packers the original “gravedigger”?

  3. That makes zero sense! What were you called when the buried you the last time you played them.

  4. Richie Hebner (69-85) is the original “Gravedigger.” His dad owned seven cemetaries in Boston and he literally dug graves in the off season his entire career. Now he drives a hearse for his friend’s funeral home. He just can’t get away from stiffs! True story, search it.

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