Devin White: It’s crazy we were underdogs

NFL: FEB 07 Super Bowl LV - Chiefs v Buccaneers
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The Buccaneers won three straight road games to make themselves the first team to play a Super Bowl at home, but that advantage wasn’t enough to sway oddsmakers to install them as favorites over the Chiefs.

Kansas City was favored by three points heading into Sunday’s game, but the Bucs won 31-9 behind an efficient offensive outing and an overwhelming defensive performance. The latter wasn’t what many expected after the Chiefs gashed the Buccaneers during a regular season win, but linebacker Devin White said the unit “knew we wanted to blow them out” and accomplished their goal against a Chiefs team that wasn’t “physical enough” to live up to their favorite status.

“I mean, we didn’t take it personally, but it was crazy to us that we was still underdogs,” White said. “We defeated Drew Brees, we defeated Aaron Rodgers and then, like, he was the MVP and we still was underdogs. Man, we just knew we had . . . we just wanted to win the Super Bowl. We didn’t really care about what the media was saying because the media is not out there on the field. So, like I said, man, we don’t even keep score, we just run that s–t up and leave.”

White led the team with 12 tackles and added an interception of Patrick Mahomes to help seal the deal in the fourth quarter of a win that no one in Tampa will forget for a long, long time.

10 responses to “Devin White: It’s crazy we were underdogs

  1. The media was focused on Mahomes, as though the team was 1 individual.
    The Bucs played well on O & D, especially all 3 levels of the Defense.
    In all honesty, the MVP award should have gone to the entire D or the entire team – no one person was responsible for the win.

    That Bucs D though…. something fierce and a joy to watch.

  2. The worm turns pretty quick in the NFL White is lucky that his team got to play 3 games in a row where their opposition flopped. Saints game? Flop by the saints. Packers? Flop. Chiefs obviously played their worse game of the season.

  3. You were playing the defending Super Bowl champion who just looked fantastic in their previous game. Of course you should have been underdogs.
    But you should be proud that your team was clearly the best one on the field yesterday.

  4. The 2002 Bucs were underdogs too, so “Experts” should continue to doubt them. Bucs tend to take it personal and have something to prove when they are doubted.

    They had Tom’s back because it was constant Mahomes talk, he is great but media was acting like the defense couldn’t stop him and he was on Brady’s career level already.

  5. If you know football you would have known unless the Bucs completely choked they were going to win the SB. Games are won in the trenches and it was advantage Bucs on offensive line and defensive line.

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