More than $300,000 in donations emerge for victim of Britt Reid crash

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On Thursday night, Chiefs outside linebacker coach Britt Reid crashed his truck into a pair of cars that had been pulled over to the side of the road. A five-year-old girl suffered serious injuries.

A GoFundMe account has been established to raise money for the ongoing care of Ariel. To date, it has raised nearly $310,000.

“Ariel remains in the hospital in critical condition and is not awake,” said the message posted Sunday at the fundraising page. “No progress updates as of right now.”

Britt Reid reportedly remains hospitalized. He told police that he had consumed two or three drinks.

The incident has raised many questions like, for now, likely will remain unanswered. We extend ongoing best wishes to Ariel, her family, and all others impacted by this incident.

11 responses to “More than $300,000 in donations emerge for victim of Britt Reid crash

  1. Britt should sever some serious time here. Anyone without money would be doing 15 years min.

  2. A tragedy for the little girl and her family. Hopefully she will recover fully in time, not that that will save her the pain or her family.
    A tragedy that should’ve been prevented, preventable, and never happened.
    Serious repercussions should follow for Mr. Reid.

  3. We all are behind you little lady! and we all pray for both parties involved. this is just a sad mess that should have never happened.

  4. I hope that little girl fully recovers.

    One wonders how after all of the DUIs, road rage and weapons charges, he still had a valid drivers license. He heeds to be in prison.

  5. Hope and Prayers for the little girl’s recovery.

    This family will be set for life, financially, with the lawsuit, because of who it was that caused the accident.

    I was in a bad accident where a young kid ran a Red Light and T-Boned me at 50mph directly into my driver door. Air bags saved my life. Because NJ lawyers are in bed with the Insurance companies I barely covered my medical expenses and that was it. They said I was fine with a concussion, tears in my shoulder and a tear in my hip.

    I would rather have health then all the money in the world, but when health is not available money is absolutely essential.

    Everyday I am in pain.

  6. If there is anything positive about this its that a young brain can handle much more trauma than an older one. I’ve witnessed first hand a 3 yr old recover from severe head trauma in a car accident and I hope an pray for the same result here.

  7. “Anyone without money would be doing 15 years min.”

    Anyone without money/fame would’ve been arrested on the spot and taken immediately to jail where they’d have stayed until they were able to bond out. Instead he still hasn’t been charged with anything at all despite running into two cars and admitting he’d been drinking.

  8. I keep on waiting for a headline that says Reid has been arrested and arraigned from his hospital bed. I don’t know how much more info they need after all the police got at the scene. Put a RUSH on those blood tests.

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