Patrick Mahomes: Falling short will motivate you for the rest of your career

Super Bowl LV
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Patrick Mahomes had never really experienced a bad game before Sunday’s loss to the Buccaneers.

He finished Super Bowl LV 25-of-49 passing for 270 yards with a pair of interceptions, reaching a passer rating of only 52.3. His previous career low was a 62.7 rating back in a win over the Jaguars in Week 5 of 2018. His postseason low was his 78.1 rating in Super Bowl LIV — and he was named the MVP of that win.

Mahomes was far from Kansas City’s only problem in the final game of the season. But he doesn’t want the loss to be in vain.

“It will definitely motivate us. When you’re a competitor and get so close to your ultimate goal and fall short, it’s something that will motivate you for the rest of your career,” Mahomes said Monday, via Matt McMullen of the Chiefs website. “We’ll set the tone from the beginning [of next year] that we have to be better.”

Mahomes has already won a Super Bowl and has now been to two of them in just three years as a starter. But he wants to get back to feeling victory in 2021 and beyond.

13 responses to “Patrick Mahomes: Falling short will motivate you for the rest of your career

  1. It’ll be interesting to see if Brady broke the Chiefs the same way he broke the Falcons and Seahawks. I doubt it, but time will tell.

  2. Yep… Marino thought he would get back too… never happened. It takes more than a great QB to get to the big dance and win.

  3. Falling short is Tom brady or Aaron Roger putting up TDs but not enough!

    That Super Bowl 55 was Pat flatout choking… Tom and Rogers get TDs even with bad olines before!

  4. Really hard to win when you don’t have an eternity to throw to wide open receivers as usual. Welcome back to Earth, pal.

  5. I’m sure Jared Goff and Matt Ryan say the same thing every year. The difference is that Mahomes already has a ring, but the pressure is on for the first time. Is he Aaron Rodgers who only has one ring? Time will tell. Reid is overrated as a coach. He’s lost more big games than he’s won by a country mile. Bienemy saved his bacon last year by taking the reins away from Reid and running the ball in crunch time. It couldn’t work this time because the game got away from Reid too early. Obviously, the issues with the O-line played a huge role.

  6. He’s the new Russell Wilson. Two super bowl appearances on his rookie contract. Mahomes will eat $20M more of the cap than he did last year and that defense that needs help won’t get it.

  7. It’s crazy to think that if somehow the Browns got past the Chiefs and the Bills, they would have matched up better against the Bucs. They have a great offensive line to deal with the Bucs defensive line and can run the football to keep Brady on the sideline. The Colts could have done it too.

  8. I didn’t watch the whole game I had an early conference call on Monday morning so I went to bed before halftime. But I saw enough in that time to see a team FULL of choke artists. What I don’t understand is, this is basically the same team that won it all last year so why the stage fright?

    Really, really, stupid penalties on D and ST’s. Are you kidding me? Isn’t staying on your side of the LOS BEFORE the snap sort of a basic tenet of the game? Yes the officials were very penny ante on a few of those defensive holding plays, especially on that INT. Give me a break I’ve seen that style of D play year in and year out where 99% of the time it’s not called.

    What finally convinced me to go to bed was the second shanked punt in a row. I was a punter when I played, there is NO excuse to choke twice in a row. He’s played this game before, he knows he has a job to do, so what does he do? He fumbles the snap on one attempt, his next attempt he has all the time in the world so he rushes himself and fails to properly present the ball to his kicking foot.

    A right footed punter should NEVER shank a punt to his left, that’s just flat out amateur level performance. I’m surprised Andy Reid didn’t fire him on the spot and made the placekicker replace him. I would have.

  9. They got out coached and out played. The replacement lineman weren’t ready, the wide receivers weren’t on the same page and Mahomes was a little off. Mahomes and Reid said all this in their post game interviews. I thought the Bucs defense had the edge in this game but I didn’t believe they could hold the Chiefs to 9 points. My guess was that the Chiefs would get 24 or 31 points. It was just great coaching by the Bucs and great execution by the Bucs players. As expected Clyde (RB) and Kelce were great. I thought the Chiefs would run more and Clyde would get some TDS rushing and a lot of yards receiving. I was wrong again.

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