Patrick Mahomes: We have to find ways to combat what Bucs did to us

Super Bowl LV
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Everyone in the NFL saw the Bucs hold the Chiefs to three field goals in Super Bowl LV and Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes thinks that’s going to influence their future opponents.

Mahomes said on Monday that the Bucs “did a good job of kind of taking away our easy stuff” and limiting opportunities to get the ball to wide receiver Tyreek Hill and tight end Travis Kelce. That effort was helped by a relentless pass rush that a makeshift Chiefs line struggled to slow down.

With the Chiefs’ season now over, Mahomes said he’s ready to look ahead to the next one and studying the 31-9 loss to the Bucs will play a big part of that.

“As of today, I’m going to do whatever I can to try and look at the film and try to find ways to get better,” Mahomes said, via Charles Goldman of “Obviously, with our offense and the success that we’ve had. When teams see the defensive plan that they had and how well that it worked, they’re going to try and do the same thing. [I’m going to] try to find ways to combat that and kind of the evolution of our offense. We’re going to have to do better things and be more efficient. That really goes with me and not always looking for the big play, but finding ways to move the ball down the field.”

Every defense would like to mimic what the Bucs did on Sunday night, but few have the same talent on hand. Better health on the line should help the Chiefs deal with those who do and other tweaks will surely follow after their offense was grounded in the biggest game of the season.

22 responses to “Patrick Mahomes: We have to find ways to combat what Bucs did to us

  1. Basically….KC finally didn’t get away with their defensive holding…I mean accosting…
    The Refs were on to it after they mugged Buffalo on every play..

  2. Did you not see last years superbowl? 20-10 less than 7 minutes left. SF gets half of those flags called especially against Bosa …

  3. Mahoney is great. I hope to watch him for many years.

    But in this game, he was up against the goat.

    The difference in play was remarkable.

    I know the defense had something to do with that but still.

  4. If Mahomes follows through with that ethic he and the Chiefs will remain a top contender.

  5. Maybe if he had time to throw the ball? Maybe a few less drops. Love the Chiefs though! See you next year.

  6. Chiefs had a bad game and their line was missing 3 starters. Health has more to do with last nights game than game planning. The Bucs health was down when KC dominated them in the 1st game, and the opposite was in place last night. The Bucs won, good for them, they earned it. KC wasn’t themselves, they were off, and they lost. I’d say if they played 10 times and both teams were healthy, they’d probably split. Great coaches and great players on both teams. KC is fine and Tampa looks to be fine until the ageless one becomes old.

  7. I think the strategy might include “catching the football”. Mahomes may not have played his best game and his OL might have been bad, but the man tripped and threw the ball 30 yards to hit one of his receivers in the head and he still dropped it.

    Even Superman couldn’t win with the way the Chiefs’ skill players played.

  8. The game reminded me a lot of how the Patriots beat the Rams a couple years back with a great pass rush and the Rams failing to make adjustments. Chiefs seemed to do very little differently as the game went on. Mahomes was running for his life every play and it seemed like there were very few quick routes where he could get rid of the ball before the rush was to him.

  9. Might want to work on stopping what the Browns did to him first. They only got past the divisional round because the refs missed a helmet to helmet. After that horrible first quarter Cleveland had no problem keeping Mahomes out the end zone. Tampa just did the same thing defensively and got the same results which was watching Pat run for his life the entire game.

  10. Refs didn’t beat KC, the Bucs beat KC. Penalties played a factor for sure but if you don’t want to be flagged then stop holding and committing DPI so dang much. Like are people forgetting the Chiefs were the 4th most penalized team this year? Just caught up to them at the most inopportune time.

  11. Wow that old white washed up Qb as ppl called Brady, he really put it on the KC boys and showed why he is the GOAT lol

  12. Yeah, great idea. How about committing to running the ball and playing the short game, especially if your OL is banged up. C’mon Bieniemy – how about some halftime adjustments!

  13. I saw where KC only had a 5-man protection (i.e. no extra blockers) on 92% of the plays. Maybe Coach Reid and his highly touted OC should have made some adjustments with their protection.

  14. You’ve got the great Eric Bieniemy. I don’t understand how between your great arm, the genius of Andy Reid & Eric you guys couldn’t even get in the end zone.

  15. The Chiefs’ arrogance showed.

    They forgot Brady, who’s played Mahomes tough every game, was on the other side.

    Not ready to contend with the Bucs defense, which had just beaten Brees & Rodgers. Failed to scheme for the loss of their starting tackles or to make adjustments once Bucs’ pressure got to Mahomes.

    Mahomes is great but his inexperience showed a bit. He continued to go for the splashy throws instead of just driving the ball down the field in shorter chunks.

  16. “I regret eating that bowl of extra greasy buffalo wings before the game” – Travis Kelce

  17. How mistakes, not Mahomes, cost Chiefs in SB LV

    NAH it was Mahomes, he was 26/49 53% 270yds 0TD 2INT

    Those kinds of numbers aren’t winning many games or any SBs.

  18. Like I’ve been telling my my Chief’s fan friends…I was just hoping to god we got home with rushing four. And even then he throws a 30+yd sideways rope with a 250lb dude hanging off him that hits his guy in the facemask/hands. That’s not a blueprint, that’s a prayer. I’m just happy Tawm has a direct line upstairs…and we have a bunch of murderers on the front seven. Go Bucs!

  19. In 2010, Michael Vick was having an MVP season with the Eagles, then in that great comeback game against the Giants, the Giants had a lot of success blitzing Vick from the blind side. Other teams picked up on it on film and started doing it, and Andy Reid never adjusted and the Eagles didn’t win another game all year. Andy Reid is a very good coach, but he can also be a stubborn SOB who makes you want to punch the TV. Chiefs fans are now getting the full Andy Reid experience.

  20. He also did’nt play well last year in SB against niners, QB rating 72, this year 53. I think he gets more praise than what he deserves, also he was lucky not to have 3 or 4 interceptions Sunday, some of those passes that hit the receivers in the helmet went first through the hands of defenders.He is a good player but not unstoppable like the media wants to tell us.

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