Report: Tom Brady texted Tyrann Mathieu to apologize for trash talk

Super Bowl LV
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Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu and Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady got in each others’ faces during Super Bowl LV, in an exchange that Brady appeared to instigate but Mathieu got penalized for. Afterward, Brady reached out to Mathieu to apologize.

Brady texted Mathieu to say he was sorry for the incident and considers Mathieu a “class act” and a “great leader,” according to Jenna Laine of ESPN.

Mathieu said after the game, “Listen, Tom Brady’s a great quarterback. I never really saw that side of Tom Brady, to be honest. But whatever. No comment. It’s over with. I’m done with it.”

Super Bowl LV was the fourth time Brady and Mathieu have squared off. There have been no previous incidents between the two.

27 responses to “Report: Tom Brady texted Tyrann Mathieu to apologize for trash talk

  1. Who publicized that Brady sent a text to him? Strange. The question remains what word did Brady use toward Mathieu that caused this. Mathieu said he’s not going to repeat it.

  2. Mathieu looked pretty flummoxed in this game, like he was in a whole different space than his comfort zone. He comes across as a guy who doesn’t spend much time being schooled, but he got schooled, big time.

  3. Brady has always been a particularly classy winner. You think MJ or Bird ever apologized?

  4. Honey Badger and TB12 taunting each other is just two competitors expressing themselves. It means they give a crap. Anyone who thinks it’s “not classy” or whatever needs to grow up.

  5. Maybe it’s just me but on the replay it looked like TM started it? He chirped something at Brady and them Tom got in his face. Looked pretty normal though considering the game situation.

  6. Looks like Brady started it, but Mathieu got the flag. Brady knows what he was doing and very aware of his exempt status knowing the referees would never flag him for his actions.

  7. They never throw a flag for two guys jawing at each other, but when TM did the finger wag in Brady’s face it drew the penalty.

  8. Brady, the ultimate competitor, knows Matthieu has a temper and a short fuse, so he exploited and got him off his game.

  9. “an exchange that Brady appeared to instigate but Mathieu got penalized for.”

    The other guy always gets the flag. Always!!

  10. Mathieu is a good player if he is free to do what he wants. I noticed that every time Tampa got him in one on one coverage they went right at him.

  11. My guess is a frustrated TM, said something nasty to Brady who in return asked him to ‘Check the scoreboard.’

  12. Mathieu was penalised for going up to Brady and sticking his finger near Brady’s eyes.

    Like Hockey that is a penalty everytime – You never attack or get in the face of the other Teams Goalie.

  13. It was very interesting to watch the entire Chiefs roster follow suit and lose its center in the wake of Mathieu blowing a stack. Brady is a master of the mind game, and it sunk the Chiefs.

  14. I’m more interested in his apology for purchasing a multi-million-dollar boat after his company received $960K PPP loan meant for struggling small businesses.

  15. Honey Badger instigated it. He lost his cool on plays leading up to the jawing incident and was all worked up. He said something to Brady at the sideline and Brady took exception to it.

  16. I like Tyrann – he rarely publicly says anything that I consider really irritating.
    What players say to each other on the field is their business – it is not worthwhile for me to distinguish yapping, trash talking, baiting the other side to a penalty or to losing concentration, or whatever else.

  17. What Brady might have said wasn’t nearly as hurtful as that move Antonio Brown put on him to break free for his TD.

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