Report: Washington pauses cheerleader program, will rebrand and have new director

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The Washington Football Team has halted its cheerleading program and will rebrand the group under a new director, according to Darren Haynes and Nick Boykin of WUSA9.

The operation has been heavily scrutinized with a group of former cheerleaders filing a lawsuit against the team for unauthorized videos filmed by the team. Additionally, a 2013 photo shoot in Costa Rica allegedly had male sponsors of the team invited to attend as cheerleaders had their pictures taken in various levels of undress.

The Washington Football Team has dismissed director Jamilla Keene from her position running the unit.

The time is right to reimagine our entire gameday experience to reinvent it in a way that reflects our modern identity and aligns with what today’s fan seeks. Coach Rivera has done an incredible job on the field. We will elevate our off-the-field product to match,” team president Jason Wright said in a statement on Monday.

The team has hired Code and Theory to help with their rebranding efforts.

The NFL is nearing the completion of an investigation of sexual harassment allegations into the team that led to the dismissal of three member of the front office, Alex Santos, Richard Mann III and play-by-play voice Larry Michael last summer.

8 responses to “Report: Washington pauses cheerleader program, will rebrand and have new director

  1. I thought the Cowboys were the only pro team still doing the “cheerleader” thing.
    Times have changed. Besides, it’s become known that they don’t pay those women enough money to buy a decent meal.
    No one misses pro cheerleaders. They need to just give them up entirely.

  2. “Rebranding” a cheerleading squad? What exactly does that mean? Sounds like that marketing agency found a sucker and the amount of corpspeak gibberish and buzzwords in Wright’s statement tells me that was their first deliverable.

  3. NFL Cheerleaders are wholly unnecessary. They add nothing to the game experience and teams seem to be unable to avoid treating them poorly.

  4. Lots of dudes out there out of touch with women. You may not have any need for cheerleaders, but for a lot of athletic women, it’s a job and an avenue to stay in shape after college. So as long as there are women trying out for NFL cheerleading jobs, there is a place for it.

  5. A friend of mine was an NFL cheerleader. She made about $3k/season for games, rehearsals and public events.

  6. Washington needs to concentrate on getting a valid team name. It should be Washington Sentinels. They can create a burgundy/gold version of the uniforms from “The Replacements.” The Washington Sentinels will be created!!!

  7. If they want to use their body to make money they should go become a Hooters waitress. They would make more in tips than being a cheerleader.

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