Texans claim they’re holding firm on Deshaun Watson

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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When on the record 10 days ago, the Texans said nothing to suggest that the door is slammed shut on a possible trade of quarterback Deshaun Watson. More recently, they’ve said something else under the guise of anonymity.

The goal is to get him back, period,” an unnamed person with knowledge of the team’s thinking said, via NFL Media.

The goal may be to get him back, but that ship by all appearances has sailed. It’s over. He’s done. He waited to ask for a trade because he knew that, one he did, there was no going back.

And while it’s entirely possible that, instead of holding out, he’ll choose to hold in (not practicing or playing due to actual, embellished, and/or fabricated injuries), Watson doesn’t seem to be wired that way. He’s either all in or all out. And if he all out, he’s not showing up — no matter the fine, the bonus repayment, or the salary forfeiture.

The Texans surely are smart enough to know this. Are they smart enough to make the right decisions in the face of it? That’s really the question.

Some teams simply don’t know enough to know what’s good for them. G.M. Nick Caserio likely does. But he’s the new guy. Owner Cal McNair and/or executive V.P. of football operations Jack Easterby may give Caserio marching orders that conflict with good, sound, sensible decisions.

Of course, it’s possible that the Texans have decided to take the position that the goal is to get Watson back, with the goal of driving up the price for a trade.

However it plays out, recent events involving the Texans justify a plausible conclusion that, whatever the team chooses to do, it will choose wrong.

25 responses to “Texans claim they’re holding firm on Deshaun Watson

  1. Or the other owners have called Cal and said under no circumstances do you trade him…we are not the nba.

  2. The team won’t trade him and doesn’t have too, play or sit. That is a lot of money too pass on, just too make a point. It’s not like it’s minimum wage at the local Walmart!

  3. How do we know he wants a trade? I’ve yet to hear anything from Watson. And besides he signed a contract this past year.
    Do not trade him Houston

  4. Jack Easterby will pray on it. That’s how the Texans will be making all their important decisions from now on.

  5. The Houston Rockets were in a similar situation with Hakeem Olajuwon in 1992. Hakeem demanded a trade, but the Rockets refused to trade him. In 1994 and 1995, the Rockets won back-to-back championships with Hakeem leading the way. Rockets fans are forever thankful that the team didn’t trade Hakeem. Hopefully, the Texans will be equally wise.

  6. The Texans surely are smart enough to know this. Are they smart enough to make the right decisions in the face of it? That’s really the question.

    Really Mr. Florio???
    Saying ‘Texans’ and ‘Smart’ in the same sentence surely has to be a joke…..

  7. I see a long term, nagging back sprain in Watson’s future if the Texans don’t trade him.

  8. Mike you seem to be so certain of all of the moving parts.
    No one knows how this will end at this point.
    You are critical of anything the Texans do.
    Bill O’Brien was the main culprit as the coach/GM. He is now gone.
    Let’s give the Texans an entire off season before we draw certainty to the conclusions.

  9. That’s great.. prove to every player in the NFL you are exactly what Watson said you were lol…. Their gonna end up having to trade JJ Watt and just tank at the end of this. If they wait until after the draft.. they will have only done themselves further damage. As a long time Marlins fan… I feel a lot of sympathy to Texans fans right now.

  10. If you have faith in your GM? Why not ship Watson off for three first round picks and a defensive player? You will also get a few later round picks too I am sure.
    Seems just what the Texans need to start a rebuild.
    But then again that is probably why they won’t do it. Why try to strong arm a guy who does not want to be there?

  11. If Watson forces the trade ….
    You need a QB more than you need the draft picks
    You Don’t want a Darnold or other reject.
    So who is the best trade partner?
    Watson fits what Urban Meyer wants in a QB Would you straight up trade Watson for Trevor Lawrence? Or would you rather get a bunch of picks and live with out a QB for a few years?
    I’d take Lawrence now (Rookie Contract 5 Yrs.less Watson big bucks) and use the extra cap space to add a few proven veterans

  12. Whatever the team chooses to do they will choose wrong……
    Well, that’s just a sad outlook….so do nothing?…. that would also be wrong wouldn’t it???

  13. FACT: He has not been traded. Until it happens, then you can report it. All this sliming of Texans or NFL Media is disguisting.

  14. Texans can’t say so publicly, but they know they have to move him. Then the question becomes what a trading partner is willing to offer. Don’t know that anyone will be willing to part with 3 or more Rd1 picks, so they might offer starting players at a couple different positions – including a starting QB … but that severely limits potential trade partners, too.

  15. I am a Texans fan. The only trade I would take is with the Jags. The Jags (2) 1st’s and (2) 2nd’s this coming draft, + RB James Robinson.

    The Texans would get Lawrance with the 1st overall pic, then address the defense with the 2nd 1st round pick and the (2) 2nd round picks. Pick up WR and OL from the 3rd round through the end of the draft.

    The Jags would get Watson and have all of their picks from the 3rd round this year and all of next years draft.

  16. History has shown if you don’t trade a permanently disgruntled qb, you can’t move forward. By all accounts, Watson is not going to “come around”. Her the best offer you can and take it.

    Caserio must know this, and Easterby clearly doesn’t.

    Easterby has to go in order for this organization to grow any respect and move towards a semblance of a professional operation. Until then, they will continue to flounder. The main problem is that he would never voluntarily step down for the betterment of the organization because he would never work at the VP level (or probably any other) in the NFL again. He’s just not qualified to do so. He knows that better than anyone. He knows his next gig would be teaching typewriter maintenance at the Rocco Clubbo School for Women.

  17. The NFL draft value chart shows the pick for Trevor Lawrence is worth 3 #1’s
    The Stafford trade brought 2 #1’s and a 3rd rounder + Goff
    Jags should only give up next years 2nd.
    Both teams win this trade

  18. Surprise. Nobody wants your contract. Surprise nobody wants to trade the future for a guy who cant win. If Watson is smart he would be calling teammates and putting his best foot forward. Instead the silence is a sign of poor leadership. What are you going to do Watson? Hold your current and only team hostage?

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