Tom Brady doesn’t want to rank his Super Bowl wins

Super Bowl LV
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Tom Brady has been to 10 Super Bowls. He’s now won seven of them.

Asking Brady where he’d rank last night’s 31-9 victory over the Chiefs in his collection of championships might be like asking someone to rank their children. Brady’s often said his favorite ring is “the next one.” But he didn’t even provide that satisfying soundbite when he got asked the question during his Monday morning press conference.

“I said last night that every year is different. This year has been incredible for me. it’s just been incredible. It’s great, that’s where I rank it,” Brady said. “I think in a unique way, it’s kind of like with the coronavirus situation and all the protocols, it was really like football for junkies. There was not really a lot of other things to do other than show up to work and play football. Normally, there’s a lot of other things that go along with playing football. So if you love football, this was the year to be a player in the NFL because that’s all it was. It was like football camp with all your buddies year round. So I really enjoyed that part.”

So Brady, as expected, didn’t say he liked winning this Super Bowl more than the six he won with the Patriots. But for a 43-year-old quarterback performing at an unprecedented level, there’s little doubt this victory tastes at least as sweet as the others.

4 responses to “Tom Brady doesn’t want to rank his Super Bowl wins

  1. While everyone was tripping over themselves to proclaim KC and Mahomes the next “Dynasty”, Brady created further distance between him and Mahomes to permanently squash this whole notion that Mahomes could ever remotely achieve Brady’s career accomplishments. Not possible.

    Would be “dynasties” relegated to the rubbish bin because of Brady:
    Rams, Pittsburgh, Indy, Seattle, and now the Chiefs. (I’m sure I left a few out, but these were the ones that prematurely puffed their chests out before the games were played.)

    They all got humbled. And by the “Aw shucks” guy who is unfailingly polite, yet a killer on the field. Who was an underdog in this game. That alone was funny.

    Congrats to all the Tampa Bay Bucs that got a ring with him. You deserve it.

  2. So Happy for my Ex QB, my Ex TE and ex. WR…. sad that they are no longer on my team.

    Proud of what they accomplished for Tampa Fans.

    And I look forward to Them all playing football again in the upcoming 2021 season.

    Congratulations to Tom Brady….. I saw all your super bowls and I truly believe that you are the best QB of all time (sorry Johnny Unitas) and you will always be admired by me for you professional ability’s and your on field and off field endeavors and all the glory you brought to the New England Patriots…. god Bless your family and good luck in the future… (except when you play my team.. 🙂

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