Tom Brady texted teammates on a nightly basis: “We will win”

Super Bowl LV
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Tom Brady chewed out a teammate who was crying in the locker room after the NFC Championship. Brady spent the next two weeks setting the stage for crying about which he wouldn’t complain in the Super Bowl.

Via, running back Leonard Fournette said after the game the Brady had texted “we will win” every night to his teammates.

The message came at around 11:00 p.m. ET, which seems to be past Brady’s usual bedtime. Regardless, it came. And through repetition it reinforced a confidence that, by all appearances, morphed into something that made the 31-9 outcome a lot easier to achieve than anyone ever would have dreamed.

The failure of the Chiefs to match the focus and the intensity of the Buccaneers contributed to the outcome, and it became obvious as the game unfolded. It didn’t help that the offensive line had been ravaged by injuries. It didn’t help that the punter’s sphincter unexpectedly tightened in a big moment. It didn’t help that the defense picked a horrible time to become sloppy and undisciplined.

Regardless, Brady’s plan worked. His presence and confidence morphed into a mandate that his teammates executed and honored.

And, as he said after the game in a new three-word message that surely will echo throughout the offseason, “We’re coming back.”