Tom Brady’s final 2020 earnings: $28.375 million

Super Bowl LV
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The dust has settled on Tom Brady‘s first-year compensation in Tampa Bay. And Brady ended up doing pretty well.

Winning the Super Bowl unlocked one final $500,000 payment for Brady, pushing his total compensation for 2020 to $28.625 million.

Qualifying for the playoffs and winning the Super Bowl resulted in $2.25 million for Brady. Brady also has added $1.125 million by finishing in the top five in touchdown passes and passing yards.

His salary for 2020 was $15 million, with a $10 million roster bonus paid in March.

Brady has the same compensation package and incentives for 2021, the last year of his current contract. With Brady showing no sign of slowing down, it could be prudent for the Bucs to extend the contract, convert a large chunk of the $25 million salary/roster bonus to a signing bonus, which would knock down his cap number in what will most likely be a depressed cap year.

5 responses to “Tom Brady’s final 2020 earnings: $28.375 million

  1. If this is the cost of winning the Super Bowl, why are quarterbacks receiving 1/5, and in one particular case, over 1/4 of the teams salary cap?? For being a team game, with 53 members per team, this is way out of hand.

  2. It’s crazy what Brady gets paid having won 7 Super Bowls, then you have other QB’s wanting to be paid over 35 million a year without having a ring to their name.

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