262 players, 464 other personnel tested positive for COVID-19 this season

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The NFL wrapped up a season that began with many questions about whether they could successfully navigate the COVID-19 pandemic by playing Super Bowl LV as originally scheduled.

Some regular season games did had to be rescheduled for things to remain on track as a result of positive tests for the coronavirus. On Tuesday, the NFL and NFL Players Association released the final testing numbers for the season.

Daily tests for players, coaches, and other team personnel began on August 1 and there were 262 players who tested positive from that date to February 6. There were also 464 positives among other personnel, including one positive test last week.

Those 726 overall positives came on approximately 959,860 tests administered around the league over the last six months.

6 responses to “262 players, 464 other personnel tested positive for COVID-19 this season

  1. I wonder how many got it from being on the field vs out in social type settings. If we could know the truth on this, it could help in deciding to open up sports at all levels

  2. How many were false positives ?
    Buffalo had a day that a high number of players tested positive. The team called BS, were retested and they all came back negative.

  3. Nobody died, The guys that sat out probably regret losing all that money for no reason.

  4. For anyone that believes covid is the worst thing to ever hit this planet, here is all u need to know about how serious and worried all these woke people in the nfl/ reporters truly are concerned about it.

    whenever we heard of a player testing positive or a game being ppd due to that, the first concern wasn’t will the player survive or not or be hospitalized, but it was when will that player be eligible to play again or when can the game be made up.

    somehow i think if a player was diagnosed with cancer, the last thing on anyone’s mind would be when will he be able to play again.

  5. I’m happy they played the entire season, and I hope and pray for all those infected. A virus like this one gets into your system and will cause long term health affects for a lot of people. It could even be 10-20 years from now. Hopefully not too devastating for these NFL people.

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