Brandon Marshall says Russell Wilson is “beyond frustrated” with Seahawks

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Former Seahawks wide receiver Brandon Marshall poured some more gasoline on the fire that has suddenly roared to life involving the Seahawks and quarterback Russell Wilson.

Wilson’s cohorts behind the scenes, and Wilson himself, have made it clear in recent days that they are not happy with aspects of the relationship with the team he quarterbacked for the last nine seasons. Wilson has said he’s tired of getting hit and sacked. He wants to be more involved in personnel decisions and wanted to have a hand in selecting the team’s new offensive coordinator as well. And Wilson has left open the door of possibility that if he’s not satisfied with the way things move going forward, he could end up elsewhere.

Marshall, meanwhile, indicated the rift between the two sides may be even more significant than Wilson is letting on. In an appearance on First Things First on FOX Sports, Marshall said that Wilson is not happy and, he believes, is trying to find a way to move on from Seattle.

Russell Wilson is beyond frustrated. I think Russell Wilson is trying to figure out how to move on in a classy way. That’s what I truly believe.,” Marshall said. “… He’s trying to leave the legacy that he did things the right way so other guys can follow that same blueprint. So I think he struggles with how to move on in a classy way, in a way where people can look at him and say you know what, he still did it the right way. Because that’s important for Russ.”

Marshall spent seven games with Seattle in 2018. He caught 11 passes for 136 yards and a touchdown in the final stop of his 13-year career. While his time with the Seahawks was short, Marshall did strike up a relationship with Wilson that makes his comments notable. Marshall said there’s multiple issues at play.

“The problem, and everybody’s talking about it, you got Jason La Canfora talking about ‘Oh, they need to protect him,'” Marshall said. “Well they drafted one guy, one offensive lineman since they had Russell Wilson. They’re always trying to figure out who’s still out there in free agency or who’s the guy that, you know, should have a bounce back year, and they never really go out there and and solidify that offensive line. Now, a lot of people are like well Russell Wilson you’re holding on to the ball a little long. Well, Pete Carroll, the offense that you put in place is we’re going to run on first, we’re going to run on second, and if it’s third and manageable, we’re probably going to run on third down, and then we’re going to take shots. I was there. We had no quick game. There wasn’t an established game outside of Doug Baldwin, and then you had Tyler Lockett where it’s like you had an option route. You either break in, or you break out. That was it. So Russell Wilson, if the deep ball is not there, of course he’s going to hold on to the ball, definitely when you have that type of offensive line in front of you. So that is the problem.”

Marshall’s comments aren’t quite factually accurate when it comes to the offensive line. In the nine years of Wilson’s career, the Seahawks have drafted 15 offensive linemen. Five of those selections have come in the first three rounds of the draft and a second-round pick was included as part of the trade that brought Duane Brown to Seattle from the Houston Texans. And the Seahawks were far from a run-heavy team in 2020. They ran 1,022 offensive plays this season. Wilson had 558 passing attempts, 47 sacks, and 83 rushes. Since Wilson doesn’t have many designed runs anymore, most of those plays were scrambles on called pass plays. That leaves Seattle having about a 66-34 called pass-to-run ratio this season.

So while Marshall’s comments may not be perfectly on the money for what the situation has become in Seattle, if Wilson feels these are real issues that’s still important for the state of the relationship.

Marshall said he thinks the team still doesn’t fully trust Wilson.

“But at the end of the day, you need to decide if you believe in Russ to drop back and throw it 30-40 times, and I don’t think they believe in Russ. Well, actually, I know they don’t believe in Russ because I was there,” Marshall said.

“And I think Russ wants to stay there but he knows that Pete Carroll is going to continue to give him the runaround. You know, when it comes down to the offensive coordinator, did I really have a seat at the table? When it comes down to how we approach our offense, are you going to listen? When it comes to, you know, building around the best player on our team, me, are you going to draft an offensive lineman, a center? Are you going to do those things? And I just think it’s getting to a point where Russ just doesn’t believe.”

There certainly seems to be a fire burning when it comes to Wilson’s relationship to the Seahawks. And if that fire is sufficiently big enough to where it can’t be put out in 2021, it might end up razing the relationship to the ground.

“I think that’s what he needs to do here is tell Pete Carroll exactly what he needs and what he wants. And if the two can’t come to an agreement, then it’s time for Russ to move on,” Marshall said.

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  1. Just like Rodgers found out and Mahomes will too here very soon, it is a lot harder to win after they pay you top dollar and you have to draft at 26 or later year after year. It isn’t the Seahawks, it is just every team outside the Pats.

  2. With that O line Seattle can’t run either
    Only time recently they could run was with Beastmode Lynch

  3. Curtis Crabtree shame on you, your math skills or something is wrong. The ratio is 54-46 pass to run ratio and not 66 to 34 for 2020. The Packers have only drafted 2 OL in the top 3 rounds in the last 9 years. The Colts have drafted 6 in the same period,the Browns 6. So the Seahawks 6 is on par with the better offensive lines in the league. Just the facts!

  4. it’s not brain surgery that if a multi-millionair needs to drain the organization for 30% of money the 21 other starters, 25 other players slices of the pie are thin. If 50% is now spent on 5 TOP off. linemen to keep the star happy there’s nothing left for top running backs, great tight ends or wide outs let alone a top defense. Trade him now while he has value. He is 2 years from a basic pocket QB wanting another 25-30 mil. per year An 8 win season in 2021 with no playoffs.

  5. “But at the end of the day, you need to decide if you believe in Russ to drop back and throw it 30-40 times, and I don’t think they believe in Russ.” – Brandon Marshall

    Let me grab my abacus real quick. Wilson had 558 passing attempts, and 47 sacks, so that’s 605 definite passing plays. Russell Wilson played in 16 games.

    605 / 16 = 37.8 attempts per game. That’s on the high end of Brandon’s 30-40.

    While I do believe in the argument that the Seahawks have not wisely invested in their offensive line over the years, maybe, just maybe, Russell should tell Brandon to keep quiet.

  6. 558 pass attempts + 47 sacks + let’s say 70 runs on scrambles with 13 designed runs, give or take. Don’t have the actual number but he doesn’t run read-option or keepers much anymore. Most all of his runs are on scrambles. That’s 675 pass calls out of 1,022 offensive plays. 675/1,022 is 66.05 percent.

    Attempts to total plays is 54 percent. Called passes is ≈65-66 percent.

    If they’re calling passes 2/3rds of the time, that’s not exactly a run-first approach.

  7. Are the new breed of QB’s all going to want to manage the salary cap too? Get involved in other player’s contract negotiations? Make cuts?

  8. Every team paying the ransom for a top tier QB suffers the same fate. There’s only so much to go around. And it’s always the same tune. They sell the team on how great they are … then complain about the supporting cast. Remember “let Russell cook”. That worked well. Now he wants roster control. Let me guess … sign/draft to the OL. Anything to make him happy. Change the name to the Seattle Wilsons please and make it official.

  9. The problems are:
    Their roster is Top Heavy where lile 4 or 5 guys make morr than half the cap.
    They whiff on too many high picks
    They go “quantity” over “quality” for free agents.
    The GM keeps trading picks, forcing him to have to constantly trade down and pick from a less talented group.
    Emphasizing RUN blockers over PASS blockers.

  10. It’s not two hand touch, it’s tackle football!! If you don’t want to be knocked around, give some of that enormous salary back and ……………….retire !!!

  11. It’s really none of Marshalls business to comment on this publicly what Wilson’s stance is, it’s up to Wilson or his representation

  12. What is it with these players anymore? I want, give me… I want to decide who they hire, I want to decide who plays.. I’d love to see people go to work and demand their bosses let them make these decisions. You are getting paid MILLIONS to play a game…just play.

  13. He’s a fraud, everything is scripted so that he comes off as this sincere, good guy – but, in reality he’s all about himself and his stats. Most overrated QB in years

  14. Some of these guys like Watson and Russ are great athletes but obviously too soft for the NFL.

  15. So what the league average last yr? Saying 66% passes doesnt really say much without context. If everyone else is passing 70% of the time then 66% would be considered a run heavy offense.

  16. He probably knows that metcalf is going to be a problem wr his whole career and how good wrs are now, theres no reason to have to be forcing balls to a guy who is going to sulk and moan on the sidelines when there is a stud or 2 on almost every team.

  17. “… He’s trying to leave the legacy that he did things the right way so other guys can follow that same blueprint. So I think he struggles with how to move on in a classy way, in a way where people can look at him and say you know what, he still did it the right way.”


    ehhh too late. should have started by going thru ownership – not complaining thru the media.

  18. Bottom line is that their best success was with a running game and a great defense. They need to get back to that. If they don’t, they will continue to lose early in the playoffs. This last year, their defense was worse than the Cowboys and Raiders at one point. That’s kind of hard to do because those two defenses were atrocious.

  19. Tom Brady took less money in New England and the team invested in the offensive line. As a result Brady took very few sacks and when he did they were low-impact, slow-motions falls to the ground. Brady also throws the ball away a lot. Russ could learn a lot from the GOAT.

  20. I wasn’t aware the Seahawks are paying Russell Wilson to cry incessantly. The best QB in football by far wouldn’t cry like Wilson

  21. This is what comes along with taking the top dollar. Wilson had success on his rookie contract. After the rookie contract you can find out if you’re qb is elite. I believe he had a good running game and some very talented receivers. If you want to blame the defense you can but it’s not like they lose in shootouts. The O line has just been bad draft picks. You can’t afford to have bad draft picks when you give your qb all of that money. The elite however will overcome it. If you’re not an elite talent that can take your team over the hump on your own amazing talent then you can’t be paid like you are. A good example is Dak Prescott. They were a very bad team before his injury. The win/loss record doesn’t favor him getting paid like the elite.

  22. I wish teams had more courage and weren’t such copy cats. Paying 1 guy 40 million with that number rising isn’t sustainable if you want to be in the final 4 every year. Teams need to treat QBs like cars….get your 5-6 years and then move on. 40 million would buy you an elite WR and a couple of top OLmen. Watson Wilson Favre Rodgers they all end up divas who cry when they have to win with a gimped roster. Teams are so scared they won’t find another QB. Thing is if you build a top 5 defense and a top 5-7 OL you don’t necessarily need a top 5 QB. And teams need to stop giving stupid money to QBs who aren’t worth it. Goff etc. Just stop. Say no and move on. Now is the perfect time to cash out on Wilson. He won’t get better and with SF TB and LA all getting better or straying the same I can’t see Seattle in a SB any time soon.

  23. A lot of Russel Wilson hate on this thread. No one seems to point out that a lot of the veterans on the Seahawks seem to get this way after a certain period of time. I think they just get sick of Pete Carroll. He treats his players like college kids as opposed to professionals. This situation seems to mirror what happened with Sherman, Bennett, Chancllor, etc.

  24. Is there a single QB in the NFL happy with their team other than the 2 that just played the Super Bowl?


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