Darren Waller doesn’t see big gap between Raiders, Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders
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The Chiefs have gone to two straight Super Bowls and may be on a three-year streak if not for a Dee Ford offside penalty in an AFC Championship Game loss to the Patriots after the 2018 season.

The Raiders have gone 19-29 without a winning record or playoff berth over the last three seasons, but their tight end Darren Waller doesn’t think there’s a major gulf between the two teams. The Raiders beat the Chiefs in their first meeting of the 2020 season, lost the second with four points, and Waller made those results central to his argument.

“I really don’t think there’s much because the first game we won, the second game they score at the end and if you ask people on defense, they say we can’t happen but those are two games that we feel like we should have won,” Waller said, via NBCSportsBayArea.com. “We don’t feel like the gap is that big, honestly. It’s easy to show up and play them because they are so good and so talented that you naturally want to play your best. We feel like our best is right there with theirs.”

Waller identified the difference between the two teams. The Raiders started 6-4 in 2019 before losing five of their final six games and they were 6-3 in 2020 before going 2-5 down the stretch.

Waller said they “have to be a more locked in team” than they have been because good teams like the Chiefs get better as the season progresses. He added a need to make sure details and fundamentals don’t slide as the season grinds toward its conclusion. It will be quite a while before we know if they improve on that front and whether things will be tighter in the AFC West the next time around.

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  1. Sorry Darren, but the advantage that KC has at QB is huge. Your team may be able to occasionally beat the Chiefs. That’s not enough. The Chiefs, with Mahomes, can consistently beat just about any team. The Raiders, with Carr, just don’t have that ability.

  2. Waller “thinks” he identified the difference between to the two teams. He was almost there. The Raiders start strong but falter down the stretch because opposing teams figure them out. That’s poor coaching.

  3. If Waller truly doesn’t see the gap then he’s the greatest athlete ever becoming a Pro Bowl TE while being completely blind .

  4. Gap may be less but that does not necessarily translate to Raiders beating or owning Chiefs this year… Each year is different and there are a lots of ifs. It does not also mean winning the division currently owned by Chiefs…Each team is bound to make adjustments to close or increase the gap!! It is a team sport and goal should be to win SB every year and not closing some gap between each teams…. It is year by year and requires whole body of work for entire year and requires consistent great performance at full strength..

  5. Load up on defense.

    And maybe Gruden can tamper with Aaron Rodgers instead of Richard Sherman.

  6. Of course there isn’t a big gap between the Raiders and Chiefs , if our secondary had covered them in Vegas you wouldve swept them!

  7. The biggest gap the Raiders have with any contender (i.e. not just the Chiefs) is the HC. Gruden is more of celebrity/politician than a legitimate HC and as such that puts the Raiders at a handicap when game-planning against the good HCs. The evidence is that in many games the Raiders blow leads (after halftime adjustments made by opponents) and wind up losing and for the last 2 seasons the Raiders were in the middle of the playoff hunt at the 10 game mark but wound up taking a nosedive and eliminating themselves from contention.

  8. The raiders have only been over .500 once in 20 years. And even when they expand they playoffs to include more teams they can’t get in.

  9. The Chargers are the Chiefs main challengers for the division title. They have a good team and a promising young QB. The only question mark is coaching.

  10. I can respect what he’s saying but here’s the difference…..There’s a difference in “getting up” for a big game against KC and winning all the rest of the games you should have won. KC wins the rest of their games. Your team lost to the Falcons, Chargers, and a bad Pats team. They literally controlled their destiny to the playoffs and ended up losing 2 straight at the end of the season to the Chargers and the Dolphins.

    I will give them credit, they had a tough schedule with the Chiefs x2, Saints, Buccaneers, and Bills though.

  11. All i have heard since the super bowl from chiefs fan is how the refs influenced the outcome of that game….REALLY NOW……LOL Go Raiders, Beat the Refs, and close the gap.

  12. Have you checked the record against the Chiefs, your coach and front office as opposed to theirs lately? Oh yeah, and the qb. Me thinks he’s been out in that Vegas sun just a bit too much.

  13. 68-54-2

    That record’s going to continue to grow like the Chief’s shank-punter’s hair over the next decade.

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