Justin Herbert: Just being in the conversation with Justin Jefferson was an honor

New England Patriots v Los Angeles Chargers
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Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert won AP Offensive Rookie of the Year by an overwhelming margin, receiving 41 of the 50 votes.

Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson got the remaining nine.

Reasonable arguments could be made for both players for the honor, with Jefferson setting a Super Bowl-era record for rookie receiving yards at 1,400.

But Herbert plays quarterback, and was also deserving after setting several rookie passing records.

During his Tuesday press conference, Herbert was humble when asked how he felt about winning the award over Jefferson by such a wide gap.

“For me, to be even in the conversation was pretty special,” Herbert said. “And I know how special Justin Jefferson is and just being able to watch what he’s been able to do was incredible. So just to be in the same conversation as him was a huge honor to me.”

When the award was announced on Saturday, Jefferson tweeted, “See ya next season.”

Regardless of who won the offensive rookie of the year, both Herbert and Jefferson are poised to be major contributors on their respective teams for years to come.

17 responses to “Justin Herbert: Just being in the conversation with Justin Jefferson was an honor

  1. When you read some of the reaction to this you got to hate some media outlets say things like “Jefferson got snubbed” “Jefferson not wining the ROY a travesty” give me a break. You had 2 players have great years, it can happen. To be honest a travesty would have been Herbert not winning it. He had a record breaking year playing the toughest and most important position in sport. Just wondering did Jefferson show class like Herbert did. Not sure because all I saw was see you next year and then people translated that for him.

  2. Notice that the packers have no rookies who contributed to anything of value this season? I sure did! Zip! Baaaaam! Boom!

  3. It’s a qb league so it makes sense. Both were worthy. Herbert saying all the right things along the way. This kid is easy to like and root for.

  4. Didn’t packers pick players to help arron win a super bowl?? Oh I guess not……

  5. Notice that the packers have no rookies who contributed to anything of value this season? I sure did! Zip! Baaaaam! Boom!

    Real proud of that 3rd place finish aren’t you bud…

  6. Herbert deserved it more than Jefferson, although it would be nice if QBs just had their own awards NFL-wide so position players get a shot. Position players dang near need to have once in an NFL lifetime year to beat out QBs who had very good years for the same year-end awards.

  7. Jefferson’s work and season were marvelous. But the job of a receiver is drastically simpler than that of a QB. They have a very narrow set of responsibilities and far less impact on the success of every play.

    Jefferson is great and looks like he will have a high-level career. Herbert’s season was all-time remarkable for a rookie QB. There’s nothing anywhere close to the value of a good QB.

  8. OROY would have been a nice new banner to proudly display at our Vikings’ offseason championship parade!

  9. Jefferson is WAY more worthy of this award, he did what he did with Kirk Cousins throwin’ him the ball!
    Yes, it’s a “love him not” day!

  10. Jefferson got robbed , they shouldve been co-ROY. Both played lights out, however, Jefferson was a top-5 Wide received . Herbert was not a top-5 quarterback. Both positions are difficult transitions, but Jefferson’s highlight reel is insane . He’s got the routes, he’s got the speed, he’s got the hands, he’s got the power, and he’s got moves. He’s the one of the best overall wide receivers I’ve ever seen, much in the mold of TO

  11. Jefferson was a top 5 player in his position overall in the league. Herbert was good but certainly not top 5 for a QB this year. Just saying.

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