Justin Herbert will reach out to Drew Brees, other veteran QBs this offseason

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Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert‘s first NFL season ended with the offensive rookie of the year award, so things are off to a fine start for the 2020 first-round pick.

Building off that start in Herbert’s first full offseason as a pro will focus on two things. One is learning the new offense being installed by offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi and the other is using the coming months most effectively.

Herbert plans to reach out to veteran quarterbacks on both front. He said in a Tuesday press conference that he’s talked to a couple already to pick their brains about the best way to manage offseason time and that he plans to get in touch with Drew Brees, who can shed some light on Lombardi since the new Chargers coordinator was the quarterbacks coach in New Orleans.

“I plan on doing that,” Herbert said. “I was fortunate enough to be able to watch Drew throw this past offseason and he trains with a lot of guys that I do. . . . Drew is definitely one of the guys I plan to reach out to because he’s been able to do it all and everything he’s been able to accomplish I definitely want to do.”

Herbert expects to have his playbook soon and that he believes the offense will have “bits and pieces” of what the Chargers did in 2020 alongside new things that Lombardi brings to the table.

10 responses to “Justin Herbert will reach out to Drew Brees, other veteran QBs this offseason

  1. I hope their new coaches work out, because changing every coach around him after one of the best first seasons by a QB in NFL history is arguably a crazy roll of the dice.

  2. Herbert is the most talented QB that has come
    Into the league in my lifetime. 6’6” 240 4.6 forty. Strongest arm in the league period. Throws like Marino, Moves like Elway, stronger arm than Favre. Oh, and he won the academic Heisman as 4.0 Biology major. He will take everything Mahomes has already been anointed for. The league is his now

  3. I don’t like to see a rookie QB have to learn a new system 2 years in a row, but in this case, it will be the entire offense learning a new system. Last year, everyone knew their routes and blocking assignments. Now they have to learn from scratch.

  4. I’m cautiously optimistic about this kid. Let’s see what he does after the league has film on him now. Also he is going to start in a new system which may or may not be a good fit.

  5. Man did my Dolphins screw this one up big time. Just as bad as Trubitsky over Mahomes/Watson.

  6. Don’t know if he will develop into a great pocket passer like Brady,Montana,Payton…but if he only becomes a good pocket passer, given his physical assets,poise and leadership skills, he’ll become like Farve and Elway, who weren’t great pocket passers, but we’re HOFers. Brains, body and the intangibles are a hard combo to achieve. Few have.

  7. Good for Justin! At this point he should be a sponge, ready and willing to soak up all the information he can get from veteran QBs and coaches who are willing to share. It looks like he is taking a page from Josh Allen’s book: never stop learning your craft.

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