Patrick Peterson: Report of parting ways with Cardinals was a “dirty rumor”

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Patrick Peterson has spent the entirety of his 10-year career with the Cardinals, but he’s about to hit free agency for the first time in March.

On Monday morning, a report emerged that the Cardinals and Peterson would part ways “barring a significant change in stances.”

But in his “All Things Covered” podcast released on Tuesday, Peterson dismissed that as nothing more than a “dirty rumor.”

“Honestly, there’s no real update,” Peterson said. “Me and the team haven’t talked anything about contracts, haven’t talked about parting ways. So that’s just what it is, it’s a dirty rumor.”

Peterson has started 154 games for the Cardinals since they selected him at No. 5 overall in the 2011 draft. He has 28 career interceptions and 91 career passes defensed. At age 30 in 2020, he started all 16 games and recorded three interceptions and eight passes defensed.

10 responses to “Patrick Peterson: Report of parting ways with Cardinals was a “dirty rumor”

  1. It’s not from his end, it’s from the team. They’re telling him he’s not getting anywhere close to what he thinks he’s going to get. And Florio has said, with the significant drop in the salary cap there will be many players in the same position.

  2. “One of the most absurdly overrated players of this era.” Certainly not. At one point he was absolutely the best CB in the game. The shelf life at that position is short though because as they keep getting older, the WR’s keep getting younger every year. Asomugha, Revis, Talib, Sherman, and Peterson have all spent time being talked about as the flashy cover corner of the moment. Ramsey’s a year or two away from being replaced by the next young fast cover CB.

    Father time is undefeated, even when we’re only talking about 30 years old which by most standards is very young, but trying to out-run a 23-24 year old every year gets harder and harder

  3. He would be quite an upgrade for a lot of teams and there are teams that will be in salary cap heaven(Jags, Colts, Jets, Pats) for 2021 and then those that will be in salary cap hell(Saints, Eagles,Falcons, Steelers, Packers)!

    @ jtgush, I believe just because of their salary cap position($28.2mil over the cap as of now) there isn’t any chance of that happening!

  4. Welcome to green Bay patrick!………………….The Packers should tracer their #1 this year and a 3rd next year for him.

  5. Good riddance. Was dynamic his first 4 seasons plus kick returning his rookie year. Has been overrated for a while now unless you only listen to announcers and media speak like he’s still lock down. Someone will probably overpay him. Hope it isn’t AZ.

  6. When you have a player who thinks his value to his team is higher than the team thinks, maybe it is time to let him see his value around the league. It not necessarily a bad thing. It doesn’t mean he is leaving the Phoenix. It gives both the Cardinals and Peterson a chance to access his real value.

  7. Hey Green Bay guy, we in AZ will gladly take a 1st and a 3rd for you to sign the player we don’t have under contract.

    And I thought the DHop trade was a steal!

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