Report: Eagles don’t feel they’ve received a fair offer for Carson Wentz

Philadelphia Eagles v Miami Dolphins
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The Eagles want a higher price to part with quarterback Carson Wentz.

Despite reports in recent days that a Wentz trade agreement is close, Mike Garafolo of NFL Network reports that the Eagles are still waiting for an offer that they feel is fair. So far, they haven’t gotten one.

What is fair? Some reports have indicated that the Colts or Bears may part with their first-round draft pick for Wentz, but there’s been no solid reporting about exactly what has been offered, and exactly what the Eagles are demanding.

So now we wait to see whether any team is willing to meet the Eagles’ asking price for a quarterback who was once an MVP candidate, but is now coming off a season in which he got benched. The Eagles want more than anyone has offered so far.

110 responses to “Report: Eagles don’t feel they’ve received a fair offer for Carson Wentz

  1. No surprise they haven’t received a “fair offer”; the Eagles have always over-valued Wentz.

    The rest of the league is telling them that with the offers they’re getting 😉

  2. You’re locked in for 2 years and $65 million if you make this trade before you can reasonably cut bait in 2023.

    If I’m the Bears, no way should you A. Give up your first rounder, and 2. Commit to him for that money, thinking he’s the missing to the SB.

    In that spirit, expect the Bears to give up their First Rounder and some extra high picks, have instant regret, and then just blow it up in 1-2 years like they should be doing now.

  3. Why would anybody trade for him?
    Late round pick or waiver pick up only value.
    Bag of rocks $5 at nearest store.

  4. If Wentz was coming off of an even average season you wouldn’t be trading him. I think it’s cap suicide to try to trade him this year.

    If you can’t get a 1st rnd+ for him you almost have to try to rehabilitate him. The problem is it seems Wentz doesn’t want to be helped which makes it bad for everyone involved except Carson’s checkbook.

  5. A second rounder, Foles and a bag of grain. I’d have said a first rounder and two bags but Wentz has an expensive contract.

  6. LOL, then they’re gonna keep waiting. GMs have watched the tape. Wentz was worse than any other starting QB last year (yes that includes Trubisky) and a number of QB2s as well. Teams that have gotten themselves into a pickle at QB don’t have the 2 or 3 years it will take to fix him, assuming he even can be salvaged into a serviceable starter at this point, and by then he’s on the wrong side of 30. If they can get a 2nd and a starting player they should jump on it and not look back.

  7. Carson wentz of a few years ago would of netted them a good 3 1st round picks. Carson Wentz of last season shouldn’t go for more than a 3rd round pick. The guy is injury prone to start with and after last season I wouldn’t even want this guy to be my back up

  8. I don’t blame the Eagles one bit. We’ve all seen what Wentz is capable of with a healthy line in front of him. We should the Eagles give up their franchise QB for a song?

  9. I would be surprised if anyone gave up a 1st for Wentz. If anything, the Eagles should have to give another team a pick to take him.

  10. This girl hopes he remains an eagle , hopefully has a great bounce back season . Unless the eagles grt 2 first round picks

  11. I would not be surprised to see Wentz traded to the Jets. I don’t think Darnold will go to the Eagles. However, the Jets will trade Darnold, and the compensation for Darnold will go to the Eagles.

  12. Among active QBs (more than 100 passes in 2020), Carson Wentz’s rating (72.8) was only above Sam Darnold’s (72.7). The next highest scoring QB was Dwayne Haskins (73).

    What do you think Haskins or Darnold would net in a trade? Here’s a hint: Haskins was waived.

  13. What is the trade value of a struggling QB with an enormous cap hit? Wentz is more like Goff than Stafford when compared to the recent trade. In a year with a shrinking salary cap, Eagles should be happy getting a used kicking tee in trade.

  14. Well of course they do! One mans trash is another mans treasure, and everyone believes their trash is worth a treasure. Funny how that works.

  15. Not satisfied with a first round pick?

    They should be glad they don’t have to give up a first round pick just to move him.

  16. I get it, having the same type problem trading my ‘93 Ford Explorer in for a brand new Mercedes Benz and the dealership actually wants me to kick in some cash also!

  17. The Eagles are trying to dump a mediocre QB who has a superstar salary cap number. They ought to be thrilled to get a 6th round pick and a box of athletic tape.

  18. If you feel a player is worth a landslide of picks – why are you getting rid of him?

    Especially since QB play was an issue for the team.

    Other teams know this and that’s why they hang up when you say “we need 2 firsts and…”

    You over valued him coming in and going out – which is why you’re struggling.

  19. The Colts could have had Brady last year with no compensation to the Pats but did not want to sign him for 2 years. It’s hard to believe that they are making a serious offer for Wentz.

  20. He isn’t worth a 1st round pick after last season I say a 3rd round pick is generous enough either that or the Eagles should just keep him

  21. Seriously by this insane logic (former no 2 and 2017 mvp finalist) is now getting traded because he was protected by the worst o line in the history of the game and a stubborn coach who refused to change strategy mid game or even mid season. “Let’s throw the ball 50 times a game with Jamon Brown as a o lineman!”

    By this logic when will hear the calls for Par Mahomes? Surely he needs to be traded after that horrible performance and Reid’s inability to adjust to a terrible o line.

    Mahomes game was a microcosm of Wents season. At first he scrambled made a little things happen. By the third quarter he was holdin the ball to long and eventually was takin sacks and giving up picks.

    It’s not that hard eagles, you have a franchise QB ….protect him and get him some weapons. Go see Tom Brady for an example of what a QB can be when he gets protected. It’s the only reason Tom played on Sunday. He NEVER EVER was asked to go compete with Jamon Brown!!!

  22. Thank God! I was certain the Bears would do anything to get this has-been. As I have stated many times, Ted Phillips and Ryan Pace are the two WORST President and GM in the NFL. Neither one of them has a clue as to how to build a winning football team.

  23. The Eagles went from champs to the biggest dumpster fire in the league.


    Hey, but, they’re still having fun!

  24. What team in their right mind would want to trash their cap space with that huge contract? I don’t understand the Eagles at all. They apparently run off their head coach because he wanted to go with a different direction at QB (among other things) and now they are trying to trade Wentz to get out from under that insane contract. They got drunk with elation after their Super Bowl win and right now are a dumpster fire.

  25. Went back last night and watched a few games of Carson Wentz last year- the awful year everyone talks about. Man, is that kid talented! Even when everything went wrong, the talent shows through clearly. If you are on here commenting that he’s not worth two first round picks, go watch a real game in which he plays. Carson Wentz is a force of nature. I was in favor of the trade- especially for Nick Foles! But that’s largely because of the disappointment of last season. Now I realize it would be a mistake for the Eagles to trade him. My price would start at two first rounders, maybe three. Watch him play and tell me where you’re going to find talent like that.

  26. Then keep him and his bloated contract while he sits on the bench. What can they expect to get for him because of that contract. Look at what the Rams did….they have to give away a boatload to get someone to take on Goof’s contract. If the Eagles expect to get anything of value in return they’re crazy. If they don’t like it then they should fire the guy who gave him that ridiculous contract.

  27. I have never understood the compensation value for a team to take a guy who is not working out who has a huge contract that will put a dent in your cap space and then that team gives up at least on first round draft pick if not two. Just does not make sense for a guy who has essentially failed in his present situation.

  28. Basically nobody is coming close to Chicago’s offer of a 1st round pick, a mid round pick, Anthony Miller and Nick Foles. The Colts backed out days ago. Ryan Pace is saying take it or leave it and the Eagles are frustrated they’re not getting a bigger return. I would take the Bears offer since now they’re calling about Darnold, Derek Carr, and Gardner Minshew.

  29. I’m an Eagles fan. In 2-3 years, I predict the Wentz apologists are going to be as quiet as the “Brady is a system quarterback!” people are after this season.

  30. realphan says:
    February 9, 2021 at 8:11 am
    Seriously by this insane logic (former no 2 and 2017 mvp finalist) is now getting traded because he was protected by the worst o line in the history of the game and a stubborn coach who refused to change strategy mid game or even mid season. “Let’s throw the ball 50 times a game with Jamon Brown as a o lineman!”

    By this logic when will hear the calls for Par Mahomes? Surely he needs to be traded after that horrible performance and Reid’s inability to adjust to a terrible o line.

    Mahomes game was a microcosm of Wents season. At first he scrambled made a little things happen. By the third quarter he was holdin the ball to long and eventually was takin sacks and giving up picks.

    It’s not that hard eagles, you have a franchise QB ….protect him and get him some weapons. Go see Tom Brady for an example of what a QB can be when he gets protected. It’s the only reason Tom played on Sunday. He NEVER EVER was asked to go compete with Jamon Brown!!!
    The OL play wasn’t good in Philly but that doesn’t explain Wentz throwing wounded ducks even when he had time . It doesn’t explain missing wide open receivers by yards not inches . It doesn’t explain having no clue what the defense is doing and throwing into coverage so often it looks like he’s doing it on purpose . Bottom line whatever Wentz had to begin his career the minute he signed his big money deal it left him before the ink was dry on the contract . Considering he’s actually been terrible longer then he was good I don’t think he’s the answer for any team looking for a QB they can win with . He’s at best a backup QB but at this point that’s not even a sure thing .

  31. If they were offered anything close to a second day pick for him, they are fleecing the team that would be dumb enough to take this overpriced headcase off their hands..

    This should be like a Brock Osweiler deal where they’re giving up a pick in exchange for someone taking this contract off their books…

  32. Wentz made this difficult for everyone but himself in the equation (he gets paid either way). And it’s not just because of his poor play–everyone has down years, even the great QBs—it’s because of his attitude. Tons of reports from both players and those inside the organization that he’s basically uncoachable and arrogant. It’s one thing to have a bad year, and it’s a whole different thing to be playing poorly with no self awareness or sense of accountability.

    It’s not like teams won’t recognize this–and adjust their offers accordingly.

  33. He wasn’t worth the first used to pick him. Why give up a first now? Like many have said he is equal to haskins who was straight cut during the season. Whiner Wentz should feel lucky that he is still in the league. Got coach fired. Quit on team. Terrible leadership. They have to trade him now or there will be a mutiny. This is all smoke. I can’t believe that either team is actually trying to trade for this fool. Don’t do it Colts. Please. Keep Brisett. Get Fitz. Anybody but this dud.

  34. A lot of snarky comments on here. Recency bias. Like Wentz has never been a good NFL QB a day in his life. I’m not an Eagles fan either. I just think this rationalization that Wentz is a JAG is emotional reasoning.

  35. The Philadelphia media is throwing around Went & Ertz to the Bears for 1st & 2nd round picks, Nick Foles, Tarik Cohen, & Robert Quinn.

  36. We are seeing in Mahomes exactly what has happened to Wentz. When they aren’t playing behind a great o-line then they are just average QB’s. This is Andy Reid’s secret sauce. Build the line and he will make any QB great.

  37. It’s a surprisingly good sign to see that Pace hasn’t offered to overpay for Wentz yet

  38. boogermcf said “We should the Eagles give up their franchise QB for a song?”

    Uh, because they benched him and he has a superstar’s contract? You don’t bench an actual franchise QB, much less trade him. It’s not the first time a team has shelled out big money to a player, only to see that player badly regress. Obviously, they’d love to pass that mistake on to a different team. But no GM is that stupid.

  39. The Bears are in such a bad place they might just do this stupid trade. Pace and Nagy know that if they don’t win this year its over for the both of them. We fans are the only ones to suffer through all this. Wentz is not the answer. They should blow the whole thing up when they go 3 and 13 next season. Apathy has set in with no reason for hope.

  40. Eagles just mad they misunderstood the initial trade proposals.

    “Yes, Howie. I appreciate the call. We’re very interested in adding Wentz if you’re indeed making him available. How does 3 first round picks sound?

    It’s just that Howie doesn’t understand that he’d be the one sending the picks to get out from under the weight of Wentz contract.

  41. Here in Indy they are reporting that the Eagles are asking for 2 first rounders
    Indy won’t even give up a first for him.

  42. Wentz had a half season where he was an MVP. That was years ago. He is
    Not the same player now for whatever reason.

    The market will tell you what he’s worth.

  43. Eagles also acting like all those trade calls for Wentz are inbound to them.

    80% are the Eagles calling outbound to teams to move the guy.

    It’s not like they’re sitting on prime Rodgers and Favre and one needs to go.

    Wentz is a trade option because he’s not a franchise QB, as diluted as the definition has become.

  44. Wentz clearly got thrown to the wolves with a poor offensive line that was made up of third string jourymen and the lineup changed every week. He had subpar running backs and receivers. But based on reports Wentz kept changing plays from what was called and was not listening to coaches. He also made some poor decisions and tried to do too much, and missed a lot of throws.

    He’s damaged goods with s huge contract. I just don’t see a team giving up multiple high draft picks for Wentz. At this point your better off waiting for the Eagles to cut him and then grab him. There are few teams that can even absorb his salary.

  45. I have been saying since this came out that all these rumors are coming from the Eagles to drum up interest.

    I bet the Colts and Bears are “interested,” but I bet they are offering a mid-round pick at best.

  46. Kind of like everything else in the world, nothing is worth what YOU think it is worth – it only worth what someone is willing to pay.

  47. There’s been a lot of articles in the past years that Wentz has leadership issues. I do respect how Wentz runs the ball. I don’t think Hurts is the answer. Hurts is just another Tyrod Taylor with the greatest work ethic and charismatic/leader but won’t take you to the promise land. I’m hope I’m wrong about Hurts. Lots of injuries on the Eagles. Lots of injuries on my 49ers.

  48. A fair offer would be for the Eagles to throw in a 1st round pick to get someone to eat that contract for this bum. The Eagles are 40 mil over the cap.

    They need to take the best offer on the table or suffer the cap consequences. They are not in the drivers seat.

  49. They should get creative with conditional picks. If Wentz makes a Pro Bowl as a non-injury replacement than the Eagles get two first round picks and a 2nd round pick, if he doesn’t, the Eagles get the second round pick.

    I’d rather sit through another dreadful Drew Lock season than trade a first and gamble on Wentz being good.

  50. A market exists when at least two people agree to transact. At this point, there is no market; only chatter.

    Its clear the Eagles are valuing Wentz by what they thought he’d become and how they paid him rather than by his recent performance. Parcells said it best: “You are what your record says you are.”

  51. Well, Garofalo just killed any leverage the Eagles might’ve had with this scoop.

    I wonder who the mole is that gave him this?

    It seems that the Eagles are having major internal problems.

  52. Wish our Vikings would get in on the sweepstakes for the big upgrade at quarterback!

  53. A broken QB with an elite contract. The Rams basically gave a first round pick to Detroit to take Goff’s contract, but the Eagles want at least a first round pick for Wentz. Whichever team takes that deal is being had.

  54. Wentz will be the comeback story of this coming season. He will get traded for whatever the Eagles can get, will start the season with the clipboard in his hands, at some point the starting QB will either get hurt or will get benched. Wentz will come in and surprised everybody doing a terrific job. People running other teams will be jumping from tall buildings when they realized they could’ve gotten him for a song. The end.

  55. Hmmm. Perhaps this whole thing was an effort to rile up Wentz’s ego by making him think “you’re worth so much more, man!” If so, it’s pretty sad that it’s come to this. Coddling is one thing, but this is something else.

  56. Our unqualified snake of a gm with a terrible track record desparately trying save face by recouping something of value for the “asset”
    That he spent two first rounders (both top
    12) plus second, third, and fourth round picks to acquire, and then foolishly extended for tens of millions of guranteed dollars that the Eagles must now eat. The Reality is that he’s desperately trying to find someone to take Wentz off of his hands. But he’s gm for life, because he is the owner’s pet.

  57. I always find these cases funny. A team gives up on a guy and practically screams out loud that they’re finished with him. Then they still have high expectations for his trade value. The Colts are the only team out there who has some people in place who were with Wentz when he was playing well and possibly still see great potential in him. The entire rest of the league see a guy who had opportunities and was frequently either hurt or struggling. So, unless the Colts decide to bid against themselves, he’s not going to bring a whole lot in a trade.

  58. No team should get into a bidding war for Wentz. Ballard hung up on them when they requested two No. 1s, as he should have… The Bears make a bit more sense because Philly could take a few high-priced assets (Foles etc…) of their books.
    DeFilippo and Reich may think they can fix Wentz, but I would want a psychiatrist to sit down with the guy before I’d offer anything of substance for him. He has struck me as a complete head case since Foles won the SB and the negative way he responded to them drafting Hurts shows traits that no team should want in a starting QB.

  59. Anything more than a box of Wheaties and a 7th is overpayment. Let the Eggles keep him. What will they do with him? Oh, I forgot. He will be the most highly paid backup QB in the league. The only problem will be when he has to actually play.

  60. Yes, the team is bad, but Wentz is bad too. You can tell if a QB is good even if he is on a bad team (Deshaun Watson, Justin Herbert, Joe Burrow). Wentz is far below those guys.

  61. They should be paying other teams to take Wentz’s contract off their books, just like the Rams did with Goff’s contract.

  62. $49 million over the cap……

    Need to dump Wentz or half the rest of the team……LOL…..

    Who are they kidding……a first…..LOL…..

    Maybe a third or fifth and taking Foles contract……

    They have to make the trade…..

    The Bears and Colts can sit back and wait for the Eagles to start graveling……

  63. Nobody gives a damn how much you bought that pick up for. Its leaking oil, needs a paint job and has a flat tire.

    Take the 3rd or eat that salary

  64. Teams want you to give them a 1st in order to take his contract off your hands, you don’t think you should pay more than a 2nd?

  65. Then don’t trade him! Why are the Eagles so desperate to unload Wentz just to take on the largest dead cap hit in NFL history. The undynamic duo of Roseman and Lurie are not nearly as smart as they think. The desperation is showing. Keep Wentz. He is better than Hurts. If Wentz doesn’t want to stay then too bad. He signed a contract.

  66. “We should the Eagles give up their franchise QB for a song?”

    When you bench your quarterback for a 2nd round rookie, I’m pretty sure that is the official end of them being considered your franchise QB.

  67. For a guy in the NFL for 5 years his footwork isn’t where you’d like it to be. Did the Eagles just never stress it for some reason? Or was Wentz resistant to working on it? That question right there would tell you a lot about how likely it will be that he succeeds elsewhere.

  68. Obviously this is just Roseman trying to get the Bears to outbid themselves, who already are reportedly ready and willing to part with a first-round pick, Foles and Cohen in exchange for Wentz, when it should be the Eagles offering a draft pick to absorb Wentz’s contract.

    But Ryan Pace has been throwing his first-round picks away for years, giving away his last two to pay Mack $26MM a year, and then there’s Kevin White (7th overall), Mitch Trubisky (2nd overall), Leonard Floyd (9th overall) – all no longer with the team. That leaves only Roquan Smith (8th overall) as the only not-yet-bust for the Bears since Pace became GM. Smith was the 17th ranked LB last year according to PFF. Not exactly a rich return for the 8th overall pick in his 3rd season.

    I’m amazed Pace hasn’t been fired yet.

  69. Schefter and Mort were both wrong. Bad reporting. The Eagles must have pulled one over on them.

  70. Everyone seems to have forgotten the dirty hit Wentz took from Clowney in the playoffs last year. That head injury clearly screwed up something inside Wentz, and then throw in a bad offensive line this year and he was completely lost. Could a change of scenery solve these issues? At best it’s a coin-flip, but staying with the Eagles probably won’t work.

  71. Couple comments
    People are saying that Colts are out of it. The GM today said that they are still talking. Doesn’t mean much other than the door is not shut.

    I think the eagles were going to do the trade with the Bears early this week and at the last minute the Bears wanted a high mid round pick in return. That’s the rumor circulating. I expect the Bears to back off and keep to original offer or back off on the pick to a much later round.

  72. Too bad Philly. Since you publically announced you were moving on from him, teams don’t have to make great offers. Your options are: 1) keep him and have a disgruntled QB leading your team, or 2) Take a Snickers and a pack of peanuts for him and be happy!

  73. Pederson wanted Wentz back as starter.

    It came out yesterday in a story that Pederson wanted to have Wentz as starter in 2021 and Howie wanted to go all in on Jalen Hurts. This difference in direction of the team supposedly got Pederson the boot.

    They say this goes against the Troy Aikman report. It doesn’t. If you read the report, Pederson told Troy that who he wanted as his starter in 2021 is what got him fired. Troy assumed that Pederson was backing Hurts and relayed that as the story.

  74. I think you have to throw out the 2020 season. He’s still young. He was a huge part of the Eagles in 2017-18. And in 2019 He single-handedly carried his team to the playoffs With the third string offense. The Eagles really have not given him much in the way of Protection or offensive weapons. Give the man a decent OL and WR’s And watch him rise to the top again. Not worried about his age. Still not 30. Look at Brady and Brees playing to their early 40s.

  75. I think a big trade will be coming soon, with Wentz, Ertz & Hargraves going to IND for 2 1sts & a 3rd/4th

    Then Jalen Hurts, Jalen Reagor, Andre Dillard & Darius Slay + 1 of Colts 1sts to HOU for Deshaun Watson and Laremy Tunsil.

    It gives the Colts a QB, TE and DT that can help them win now.

    It gives HOU a young talented QB who is not taking up cap space, Dillard @ potential starting LT for a fee years. 1 young WR who they can try to build aroud and a #1 CB.

    The Eagles get Watson and Tunsil, and the 21st pick to go with the 6th pick. Add J’Marr Chase, Rondale Moore, and come CBs, and they are right back in utm

  76. the eagles best hope is that some team with high hopes loses their starting qb early in training camp.

  77. They don’t realize this is the worst possible time to be in this situation. The salary cap is about to drop by $18 million, alot of teams are going to have to cut someone with s salary in the franchise player range, and the Eagles are trying to convince a team to give up a first round pick to take on a quarterback with a $30+ million cap hit that had a very low passer rating last year? I think most teams are willing to just wait & see what they do to clear cap space since they’re currently over by $49 million.

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