Reports: Raiders receiving trade interest in Marcus Mariota

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A report from on Monday indicated the Raiders would rather trade Marcus Mariota than Derek Carr. That was followed by Ian Rapoport of NFL Media on Monday who reports the Raiders are receiving “legitimate and real” trade interest in Mariota.

Mariota has a $10.63 million salary-cap hit, which is what the Raiders can save — with no dead money — if they trade him.

Mariota, 27, played one game for the Raiders last season, a 30-27 loss to the Chargers in Week 15. He went 17-of-28 for 226 yards with a touchdown, while rushing for 88 yards and a score on nine carries in relief of the injured Carr.

The Titans made Mariota the No. 2 overall choice in 2015, and he played five seasons in Tennessee before losing his job to Ryan Tannehill last season. He went 29-32 as a starter, passing for 13,207 yards with 76 touchdowns and 44 interceptions with the Titans.

The Raiders also are getting calls about Carr, according to Rapoport, but Mariota seems the likelier trade candidate. “It didn’t sound like [the Raiders have] hung up the phone, but I don’t get the sense they want to deal [Carr], either,” Rapoport reports.

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  1. Mariota had like 4 or 5 different coordinators in five seasons in Tennessee. That not only means he was learning a new system, but that everyone on offense was too. It’s hard to develop timing when receivers aren’t real sure of their routes. It’s hard to get comfortable in the pocket when linemen and RB’s are missing blocking assignments due to unfamiliarity. I thought Mariota showed more in 3 quarters with the Raiders, than I’ve seen in 3 years from Carr. There’s a long history of NFL quarterbacks winning Super Bowls after their original teams gave up on them. If Mariota was coming out of college this year, he’d be the #2 pick behind Trevor Lawrence. This year was weird because of covid. No pre-season. Mariota was nursing a few injuries. If he checks out physically, I’d trade for him in a heartbeat. He’s better than half the starting QB’s in the league.

  2. So…………………..the Raiders are receiving calls on a player that can’t take over their QB job and couldn’t do the job in Tennessee and was replaced by Tannehill? Me thinks Jon is wishful thinking.

  3. Based on their performances in the NFL this year — I think Mariota would be worth MORE than Wentz, at this point. Mariota shined in his lone prime time fill-in duty for an injured Derek Carr while Wentz was a disaster in a dozen starts.
    Both were drafted second overall in their respective drafts. Raiders should wait on this and get as much as they can.

  4. I am a Vikings fan who is confident that Cousins is a top tier QB who can get the job done if the O-line is decent. He led the number 4 offense this year with a TERRIBLE line in terms of pass blocking.

    That being said, I’d love to see Mariota brought in as a backup. If Cousins were to go down, they really do NOT have anyone on the roster who could play at a starter level, much less sling it like Cousins can.

    Mariota would be a true backup capable of giving you a chance if needed.

    It might have been a one-off, but that relief of Carr in that game this year looked great. He might be another Tanehill, having had time to sit/watch and finally “getting” it and ready to be the talent he has shown he can be.

  5. Heard some call-in listener guy on my local sports radio station this morning saying my hometown team should take it easy and play it safe by acquiring Mariota. I got so upset by that comment that I changed the station. I don’t want that to happen.

  6. I would love to see him on the Patriots. I think he needs some stability and confidence. I saw him play his first couple of years and really liked the kid. Reasonable salary and you probably don’t have to give up too much draft capital.

  7. Mariota is one of the more interesting prospects available this next season… If he gets brought into the right system because he just didn’t seem to mesh with what the Titans wanted him to do…

  8. I’m a little surprised by Gruden wanting to keep Derek Carr. Gruden problem in Tampa was he always seen to be looking to pull the QB and move to someone else. Gruden seemed to always be looking for something better than he had. Now it the reverse. Gruden refused to move on from Carr. To me Carr is too inconsistent to be a winner at the NFL level. I would have made the move to Marriota just to see what I had. I think it’s telling that it appears Marriota is drawing more interest than Carr. What does that tell you? Once again Gruden see the world differently. Gruden only see what he wants to see.

  9. send him to Miami! He could teach Tua how to be a career backup! They are like clones! Or, when Tua gets hurt week 2, they could put Mariotta in and be good for like 2 more games!

  10. The issue with Mariota is accuracy on deep passes. I’m not in love with Carr, but he’s good enough.

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