Russell Wilson: I’m frustrated with getting hit too much

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks
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The Ravens are focused on improving the pass protection for Lamar Jackson, General Manager Eric DeCosta said Tuesday, and it sounds as if the Seahawks better do the same for Russell Wilson this offseason.

The Seahawks quarterback confirmed a report over the weekend that he has “grown increasingly frustrated” by the team’s inability to protect him.

“I’m frustrated at getting hit too much,” Wilson said Tuesday on a video call, via Curtis Crabtree of PFT and Sports Radio KJR. “I’m frustrated with that. At the end of the day, man, you want to win, you know.”

Wilson has taken 394 sacks in his nine seasons, including 47 in 2020. He was sacked a league-high 48 times in 2019 and took a career-high 51 in 2018.

“You never want to get hit. That’s just, that’s the reality of playing this position,” Wilson said. “Ask any quarterback who wants to play this game, and I think, at the same time, it’s part of the job and everything else. I think that the reality is is that I’ve definitely been hit, been sacked, I don’t know, almost 400 times. And so we’ve got to get better. I’ve got to find ways to get better, too. And so just continue to try to find that. But I think that as we continue to go along the process, and I think about my career and what I want to be able to do, I think it always starts up front — offensively, defensively. It always does. And I think ultimately I’m grateful for the time that I’ve been able to put in every day into the process, and I love this game. I came to play this game to win championships. So if you asked me about the trust factor of it all, I mean, I’ve always put my trust in the Seahawks and trying to do whatever it takes to win and hopefully that will continue. I think that’s a key part and so I think part of that is how we go about the protection part of it and figuring those little things out like that. Those are those are important things.”

Wilson said earlier Tuesday on The Dan Patrick Show he wasn’t sure whether he’s available in a trade or not, adding, “That’s a Seahawks question.” Like Tom Brady, Wilson also wants a voice in the makeup of the roster.

It sounds like improving the roster, for Wilson, begins in the offensive line.

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  1. Then maybe he should pass the ball instead of trying to be a RB like Lamar Jackson. They have good WRs and good RBs yet Russ stands around and won’t throw it preferring to run. You never heard Brady say that because he gets rid of the ball quickly and avoids getting hit. But then again, nobody ever confused Russ with Brady so there you go. Russ is a lousy cook.

  2. Every team in the league know what Russ is cooking and what it tastes like. The same Sunday meal gets old fast………..

  3. Here’s a suggestion, take a page out of the Brady playbook and reduce your salary so they can devote that cap space to better offensive lineman. Also, continuity plays a huge role in that personnel group. Find a great ol coach and stick with him.

  4. Hard to pay for quality free agent linemen when the QB is taking up 17.6% of the upcoming salary cap… Sometimes less is more, in the grand scheme of things

  5. One quick read and take off scrambling – you’re not helping your line too much. They don’t know where you are behind them.

    Maybe spend a touch more time working reads and throwing guys open instead of running around /5 seconds after the ball is snapped so a lineman knows “I block this guy to the outside, I’m okay because Russ is inside”.

    Call the right protection, do your route tree, make some reads and throws and you’ll get hit less.

  6. He has a point, and that O-line has been mostly CRAP since he’s been there. Having said that, he covered this up in the past by being extremely mobile and made plays on the run. Can/or should he get the ball out quicker moving forward….absolutely. The Seahawks NEED to make pass blocking a priority, especially when you have AWESOME receivers like Metcalf and Lockett.

  7. He’s playing with fire if his offensive line feels like they’re being thrown under the bus. For a few years, it’s true that Seattle had one of the weakest offensive lines in the league, but the last couple years it has looked significantly better to me.

    Wilson is a great quarterback, but he needs to get the ball out of his hand more quickly if he doesn’t want to get hit as much, and the playcaller/gameplanners need to help him with that. And sure it’s true that they could still stand to improve up front.

  8. For the love of Pete.

    Brady is the GOAT. This untouchable, unapproachable deity. The second coming. Nobody compares to him. No one comes near him.

    …. yet everybody and their mother compares other QBs with him.

    So which is it? You don’t get to have it both ways.

  9. Try throwing the ball quicker then or throw it away. Stop trying to make the big play every snap. That’d be a start.

  10. Maybe if you didn’t have to pay your Qb 30 to 40 mill you could spend some on o lineman. No sympathy here cry baby!

  11. Although I will hamstring my team’s salary cap by wanting 40 mil per season (25% of the total cap), I still expect them to be able to pay for quality O-Lineman to protect me. Oh, and also pay for WR’s, and a defence. (we don’t need a RB, I’m good enough to just pass on every single down).

  12. Maybe you shouldn’t take a max contract and save some money for other players around you. What a whiner.

    If you and your agent can’t make that money up in endorsements, then that’s your problem.


  13. Does he want to make $35 million a year or does he want to win more games and take fewer hits? It’s kind of an either/or question.

  14. Wilson may take off and run at times but his ability to escape pressure ever since his leg injuries has not been there. Unfortunately, he still plays as if he can buy time with his legs when he just cannot anymore. I don’t know how much is scheme and how much is Russ being indecisive/trying to buy time for downfield shots.

    Seattle’s offensive line was close to average this year. It’s hard to expect them to spend on the line when you’re making $35M/yr. Tired of getting hit so much?…try taking a pay cut so they can afford the Jack Conklin types in Free Agency.

  15. It all starts and ends with the fat ugliess up front. Make sure your guys are taken care of, Russell.

  16. I have only seen a handful of Wilson’s games the last couple years, but when I have watched, I’ve seen a guy who throws a lot of his passes behind the receivers – as in, they turn around and come back for the ball, facing Wilson when they catch it.

    Maybe my sample size is too small, but it feels like all his improvising is taking a lot more time (and work for his receivers) than timing-based plays where he is throwing guys open or throwing to where they are going to be.

    Hard to block for someone when you don’t know where they are and how long they need it. Watching someone like Brady play, you see the advantage of a tight, timing-based offense. Plays are crisp and fewer ways for things to go wrong (like sacks).

  17. Always been a fan of Russ since he was battling Matt Flynn for the starting job in 2012. But if he still had his 2012-2014 period wheels, he’d have the luxury of waiting 5-7 seconds back there to let long-developing plays come to fruition. And he doesn’t. That’s the biggest problem.

  18. “You never want to get hit”

    Not necessarily. Josh Allen has said that he enjoys getting hit and that it helps him find his rhythm

  19. You play in the same division as Aaron Donald, Nick Bosa, and Chandler Jones. Tough luck.

  20. This poor dude has run around his entire career. Get the man an O-Line already and watch Russ Cook!

  21. Maybe Russ should get rid of the ball quicker and he wouldn’t get sacked so much. I thought this guy was MR UNLIMITED ?

  22. I don’t think Russell is as dissatisfied as it seems he is being portrayed, recently. He is, however, definitely trying to exert pressure & influence on the team’s overall direction.

    I’m glad he admitted he needed to improve, too. He does hold onto the ball in attempt to extend the play, often resulting in the hit he takes. That’s part of his success as he and Mahomes actually do better then everyone else in extending broken plays. He can eliminate much of the sacks/hits by speeding up his reads/decision to get rid of the ball. That said; I hope the O-line continues to improve, without putting too much increased $$ into it. The freed up dollars need to go into the Defensive side and retaining current free agents.

  23. Considering the Seahawks have NEVER put a premium on protecting Wilson, he’s had an amazing career

    Wilson has won more games in his first 9 seasons THAN ANY OTHER QB IN HISTORY. In every QB stat that matters, he’s top 10 all time, and usually much higher

    It started when the Seahawks traded away Unger for Jimmy Graham. They traded down instead of taking Ryan Ramczyk, who the Saints took on the next pick. Over and over, it’s almost as though they WANT Wilson to have to fend for himself.

    I’m done with the Seahawks. You don’t use your HOF QB properly, you don’t protect him, trade him away to a team that will.

  24. Meant to say when they traded down instead of taking Ryan Ramczyk, they drafted Malik McDowell who never played a snap.

    Schneider has a reputation as a genius, largely based on picking up Wilson in the third round. He’s whiffed ever since

    And Carroll is an absolute disaster as a game day coach. Keep him around during the week, but lock him in a closet on game day before he makes yet another awful decision on time management or whether to go for it on 4th down

  25. This all smacks of a media-fueled effort to make football relevant in NY again. Somehow Russell saying something about Seattle’s annual o-line debacle needs to evolve into a scheme to pry him out of Seattle and move him to NY. There are $39 million reasons why this will not happen, no matter how much the NFL wants relevant football in NY again. They’ll need to find another patsy franchise to cater to this whim. This is along the same lines of credibility as “Tom Brady is a racist for winning the super bowl during black history month” level trolling… as in not credible at all. Not a story. #3 is a hawk fore life, no matter how important NY thinks it is. Move on.

  26. He’s all about being soft and pampered. Before games, he’s primping in the mirror and making sure he puts on his cute eyeblack strips just right. And he’s putting gel in his hair and sipping on a kiwi smoothie, all while making kissy kiss sounds to Ciara by phone at his locker.

  27. Lots of negativity toward Wilson expressed above. Reminds me of expression towards President Obama. You do the math…

    Wilson has a higher career QBR than Brady. That’s because coaches can’t actually throw the ball.

    PREDICTION: By 2024 Wilson will be the player – offensive coordinator of whichever team he is with.

  28. Lol, all you haters…just be honest, you’re all jealous cause he’s married to Ciara.

    Truth is he has had NO o line since 2014.

    So he should shut up and take it cause he’s the highest paid player on the team? What a slave owner mentality a lot of you still have, SMH.

    I know a lot of you haters will thumbs down this and that’s fine…cause you’re proving my point, that you haters are just jealous, hahahaha

  29. I don’t have an issue with Russell getting the kind of money the market is paying. That’s what it is and that’s what teams have to pay, if they dont have a franchise QB on a rookie deal. But I agree with everyone else, he has got to make better decisions and help out his line. Not only does he hold onto the the ball for far too long, his ducking and weaving moves him into areas where his linemen have blocked their man. If you notice he runs into sacks more than he gets chased down.

  30. Can’t imagine Brady or Mahomes ever throwing their O line under the bus like that. Maybe he better look at how long he’s holding the ball.

  31. The inevitable cycle

    Takes money, can’t pay others
    Sick of getting hit.
    Get linemen at expense of other
    Sick of no defense and having to score 35
    Takes even more money, still can’t pay others
    Get defense, but lets skill offense leave
    Sick of no one to throw to.

    He can either shut up or take less money.
    Talking, while his right, looks stupid when he’s a large reason he doesn’t have the other things.

    If he wants more help, take less. Restructure your contract.

    You can’t have all the money and all the help. Not realistically.

    In his case, schneider has sold the future time and again (picks for players) to service the now. But those were attempts to help the squad, which in turn helps him.

    Paying him and the LOB and others from the 2012 season took them down this path.

    It’s not slave owner mentality to know the limits of reality.

    Tom Brady was in the same boat. He resturctured, and it helped extend some years, but in the end, the Patriots had to pay the piper. Brady’s now gone and Wilson likely will too.

    He will find it favorable to go to a team that isn’t cap displaced because of a large QB, but has found luck in acquiring the right set of talent on the cheap so that they can fit him in and make a run.

    Until then he should shut or risk looking foolish about complaining and hope the Seahawks can get lucky in the draft and the right acquisition or two to make another run.

    Maybe if the hits are starting to get to him… and they are, he’s really telling us his future success is more about needing protection and the mental aspect then raw athleticism. He’s clearly not quite the same as he once was.

  32. Patriot fans have always complained about not having enough “weapons” for Tom Brady. However, Belichick always emphasized protection by having a strong line, plus receivers who could get open in a hurry -Brown, Welker, Edelman, Faulk, Vereen, White, etc. We have seen Andrew Luck battered into an early retirement; Patrick Mahomes running for his life (yes some injuries, but also lack of depth); and Russell Wilson could be another casualty. Drafting a tackle or a guard in the earlier rounds certainly isn’t a glamorous pick, but if you can’t protect the QB, he’s going to be in for a shortened career.

  33. He laughed when he said he was frustrated and also said this…about himself also needing to get better

    That’s the reality of playing this position; ask any quarterback who wants to play this game. But at the same time, it’s part of the job and everything else. I think that the reality is that I’ve definitely been hit. I’ve been sacked almost 400 times, so we’ve got to get better. I’ve got to find ways to get better too.”

  34. $35 million diva. Brady never insisted on being the top paid player to soothe his ego and now he wears 7 rings. If Wilson and other QB’s stopped insisting on these ego-boosting, astronomical Multi million dollar salaries, maybe teams could put other quality players around them. How many millions do you need Russell?

  35. Poor Russ. He wants to be the man and have organizational power like Brady. Well Russ how about you take a paycut first, that’s how Brady is able to help the team around him. I guess he wants to be protected somehow.

  36. Is it too early to take the man of the year award away? I never understand why a QB who eats up so much of the salary cap and runs around back there thinks that it is always the line’s fault. Stay in the pocket more. Read your progressions. Get the ball out quicker. Structure your contract so you get paid, but the team has money for quality O line and depth. These aren’t hard things.

  37. Russ is making $35 million a year in a league with a hard salary cap. I love Russ and I would never fault a man for making as much honest money as he can. But that much going to one guy is going to mean less to pay other players around him. Brady was playing for less than half of that in New England because he valued winning above all else and probably didn’t enjoy getting tackled any more than Russ does. Can’t have your cake and eat it, too.

  38. Bottom line Russell… you’re just not that good. You’re certainly not good enough to pick up those extra $10 mil per year and translate it to better play on the field like some of your contemporaries do. Shed some salary and help invest in YOUR success.

  39. Hawks can’t afford to protect him with his salary taking up so much of the cap.. you are your own line Russ. Suck it up

  40. His oline SEEMS to stink because they never know where he is.

    Imagine protecting him. You spend an eternity trying to hold off your man while Russ runs around you know not where, then he flings a prayer into the endzone, Lockett makes a miracle grab and everyone goes on about how good Russ is.

    Then the next time it looks like you got beat because you think you’ve got to send your guy outside but that is right where Russ has twisted and turned to. He takes a sack and you get blamed.

    It’s never you when Russ pulls out a miracle, but it’s always you when he takes a hit. Then he complains about you in the offseason. Why would you want to block for him?

  41. hellooooooooooobrooklyn says:
    February 9, 2021 at 4:21 pm
    “You never want to get hit”

    Not necessarily. Josh Allen has said that he enjoys getting hit and that it helps him find his rhythm

    Josh has been a qb for about 15 minutes. Let’s not take advice from him about what’s good for a qb.

  42. If he would open his eyes and read coverage he’d have more of a chance. One look and run. The. Then the play is busted and he take off. Doesn’t help that he takes a big chunk of moneys. That is why the D had to suffer cuts. Silly Russell still thinks he is elite. Come and gone buddy.

  43. Russell is a good QB with bursts of greatness that is a fact

    He also is a super bowl winning QB, That is a fact.

    He is also a losing super bowl QB, and that is a fact.

    He also has the longest hold time with the ball when it is snapped., That is a fact.

    He has 47 sacks this past season. That is a fact

    With the exception of his first year (33 sacks) he has averaged 40 sacks a year.

    Tom Brady over the last 20 years has averaged 26 sacks a year

    Aaron Rodgers over the last 12 years (as a starter) has averaged 38 sacks a year

    Matt Ryan over the last 12 years has averaged 34 sacks a year

    Drew Brees over the last 18 years has averaged 22 sacks a year

    Deshaun Watson over the last 4 years has averaged 43 sacks a year

    Carson Wentz over the last 5 years has averaged 35 sacks a year

    Patrick Mahomes over the last 3 years has averaged 22 sacks a year

    Ben Roethlisberger over the last 16 years has averaged 32 sacks a year

    So the numbers show Good QB’s who win a lot get hit less (Mahomes, Brady, Brees) the rest all have numbers from 32 to mid 40’s So Qb’s get his Mr. Russell you should know this by now.

    So again Mr Russell also has the longest hold time with the ball when it is snapped., That is a fact. That could be why you sacked higher than most winners… and even those that are hit as much or near as much done wine about it or call out their O=line…just saying

  44. itsamadmadmadmadworld says:
    February 9, 2021 at 3:09 pm
    Then maybe he should pass the ball instead of trying to be a RB like Lamar Jackson. They have good WRs and good RBs yet Russ stands around and won’t throw it preferring to run.
    Yet Russ threw for 4,200 yard this season. Yeah, he needs to pass more.

  45. The people talking about take less money, what was the excuse before he got paid? Because the offensive line was even worse then. The Seahawks need to do their job better. They finally got him some great WRs, so they can do it. Stop blaming the player.

  46. seahawkcritique says:
    February 9, 2021 at 8:37 pm
    Lots of negativity toward Wilson expressed above. Reminds me of expression towards President Obama. You do the math…

    Wilson has a higher career QBR than Brady. That’s because coaches can’t actually throw the ball.


    This tells you all you need to know abut how worthless QBR stats are to measure a QB’s success

  47. Hard for me to look at a guy like Russ, and all he has – personally and professionally – and have any feelings of sorrow for him. He seemed pretty happy curled up with Sierra when he took to instagram after signed that mega-contract.

  48. All these guys trying to play hero ball haven’t learned anything from Brady’s success over 20 years: Take what the defense gives you, throw it away if the play is not there, live to fight another down, avoid the big hits.

    Maybe Brady is just smarter than these other guys?

  49. artvan15 says:
    February 9, 2021 at 4:44 pm
    Players make to much money and are yielding to much power. Shut up and play the game!!!

    First, players answer questions because they get asked them. They can’t “shut up”, they’re obligated to be available to the media.

    And the players make “too much money”? Based on what? The NFL economy is based on the amount of revenue the league generates. If you want to earn that kind of money, go be an NFL player – simple as that. Or go be a Wall Street trader, or make blockbuster movies in Hollywood, or whatever.

    Lots of people earn way more money than the average person. So what? It’s the reality of the world, and the world isn’t fair. Do you complain about corporate CEOs earning too much? Why don’t THEY take lower salaries to help their companies?

    Players aren’t overpaid. They earn what the market says they should be paid.

  50. Schneider has a reputation as a genius, largely based on picking up Wilson in the third round. He’s whiffed ever since

    1 Russell Okung
    1 Earl Thomas
    2 Golden Tate
    5 Kam Chancellor
    Plus Marshawn Lynch trade

    4 KJ Wright
    5 Richard Sherman
    James Carpenter and Malcolm Smith are still active
    Doug Baldwin, UDFA

    1 Bruce Irvin
    2 Bobby Wagner
    3 Russ
    2 other players still active (Turbin, Sweezy)

    Thats the foundation of teh Super Bowl teams.

    And poor drafts after, and wasted Draft capitol on guys like Harvin, Jimmy Graham, Sheldon Richardson are what undid them.

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