Russell Wilson on whether he’s available in trade: “That’s a Seahawks question”

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Sixteen days ago, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers lit a fuse that, two days later, he scrambled (sort of) to extinguish. On Tuesday morning, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson took a match to a similar pyrotechnic initiating device.

Asked by Dan Patrick whether he’s available in trade, Wilson said this: “I’m not sure if I’m available or not. That’s a Seahawks question.”

At some point, it’s also a Russell Wilson question, because he has a no-trade clause. Still, before that question becomes relevant, the Seahawks have to be willing to move him. For now, that looks unlikely.

Wilson nevertheless believes that the phone has been ringing.

“I definitely believe they’ve gotten calls,” Wilson said regarding potential trade inquiries. “Any time you’re a player that tries to produce every week and has done it consistently, I think people are gonna call for sure. I think that’s part of the process.”

Another part of the process is winning. Wilson wants to do more of it.

“At the end of the day, you want to win,” Wilson said. “You play this game every day to wake up to win. You play this game to be the best in the world. You know what I hate? I hate sitting there watching other guys play the game.”

Wilson presumably prefers to win where he is. If he can’t and/or if the Seahawks won’t do enough to try, Wilson may eventually want to go somewhere else. Somewhere where his opinions on matters like personnel will be heeded.

Like in Tampa, where one of the guys he watched play the game on Sunday won the Super Bowl.

60 responses to “Russell Wilson on whether he’s available in trade: “That’s a Seahawks question”

  1. Love Wilson and am a big Hawks fan. My son battled a brain tumor and was able to speak with Russell and he is a great guy, nothing but respect. But with the salary cap and the business as it is, why not trade Wilson to Miami for Tua and their two first round picks this year.

  2. Wilson has always struggled with route progression. That is a big part of the reason he has gotten sacked at a record rate. His brilliance in extending plays is what has led to his success but as we’ve seen with so many playoff exits, that style just doesn’t work at a Championship level.

    Instead of stirring the pot, he should be training and learning more about the route tree. Maybe spend less time on custom embroidered face masks, the LA glam lifestyle and a dreadful podcast

  3. Talk about alienating your fan base. These athletes seem to forget why their fan bases love sports and what they hate about them. You are getting paid great money to play a game. Show some humility and look at the bigger picture how lucky you have been to get to where you are.

  4. He has a no trade clause and followed up his response by saying he hopes he’s a Seahawk for life. So if you’re going to quote him to create drama, at least provide all the context.

  5. Sounds like the relationship is officially
    fractured and I’m loving every post about it.


  6. The Seahawks can’t afford to build a championship team around him like they did before. He should demand a trade if he wants another ring and the Washington football team should call.

  7. @holladay

    Honestly hope your son is doing well and god bless him.

    But I can’t see Miami giving you 2 first rounders after they shopped him or leaked he’s available and now this recent news. His trade value is officially diminished brother

  8. Russell to the Steelers for Mike Tomlin and the 2 third round picks the Steelers will get for losing a minority coach.

  9. His wife is a big time celebrity/entertainer. Does anyone really think she likes Seattle? NY, LA more likely. Happy wife, happy life.

  10. Maybe if Seahawks management weren’t pancake eating mf’ers….a trade would get done.

  11. Top 3 quarterbacks who won’t play in a Superbowl this decade –
    1. Aaron Rodgers
    2. DeShaun Watson
    3. Russell Wilson

  12. Would the Seahawks really trade him? He is the face of the franchise and probably the greatest in franchise history. I’d be surprised.

  13. This is what happens when QB’s suck up huge cap space. The team cannot afford to put what is left after the QB gets his pile. The Seahawks may not WANT to trade him but they may HAVE to trade him. Brady played for years on the cheap in New England but the problem was they didn’t spend the money they saved on him on other free agents.

  14. yourpointismoot says:

    Maybe if Seahawks management weren’t pancake eating mf’ers
    What the heck is wrong with eating pancakes? Pancakes are delicious!

  15. Professional athletes have the least “essential” jobs in America.

  16. Hey Florio is this when teams GM/Owner/Coach should trust their talented QB to have all input into personnel. The article yesterday about giving brady like QB’s with no where near the talent he possesses power over the roster is one of your dumber takes. TB is a generational talent- once in lifetime performer who unlike the rest of the wannabes who think the money on their contracts define them as great and powerful.

  17. faithful49er707 – thank you and yes, he is doing wonderful. Wilson also spoke to his two younger siblings and I can say that he is a very genuine and awesome person.

    Back to football talk 🙂 Not sure what other teams would do to acquire a future HOF but from my viewpoint, Miami is in win mode now and has the draft capital to do this. A in for the hawks as they get him out of the NFC and you get a QB1 in Tua.

  18. HagemeisterPark says:
    February 9, 2021 at 12:52 pm
    yourpointismoot says:

    Maybe if Seahawks management weren’t pancake eating mf’ers
    What the heck is wrong with eating pancakes? Pancakes are delicious!

    Sorry – attempt at a bad “Draft Day” reference. I like pancakes too.

  19. HagemeisterPark says:
    February 9, 2021 at 12:52 pm
    yourpointismoot says:

    Maybe if Seahawks management weren’t pancake eating mf’ers
    What the heck is wrong with eating pancakes? Pancakes are delicious!

    People don’t realize this is from that movie Draft Day where Kevin Costner calls the Seahawks GM a pancake eating mother F’er on a call because earlier in the day, he said he was eating pancakes and didn’t’ have time for him. That was a classic post.

  20. Respect for Wilson and live his game. However, SEA has a history of moving on from disgruntled players: Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman, Michael Bennet are some examples. Every individual player situation is different but Pete Carroll has a really low tolerance for whiners/complainers. Russell is not at that point yet, but if SEA doesn’t build a strong offensive line, he may be in that “complainer” category next year. FWIW though, he does have a point. He has been pretty much running for his life his entire career there and asked to pull a rabbit out of a hat to make a play over and over again, just like Mahomes was in the super bowl.

  21. HagemeisterPark says:
    February 9, 2021 at 12:52 pm
    yourpointismoot says:

    Maybe if Seahawks management weren’t pancake eating mf’ers
    What the heck is wrong with eating pancakes? Pancakes are delicious!

    Great. Now I want pancakes!

  22. Wilson for wentz and a 3rd. Both guys give back their bonuses and as part of the deal both guys are resignedat slightly more than the bonuses. That the teams can take the much smaller hits and the players keep their money in the end.

  23. @yourpointismoot. Draft day is a highly underrated football movie. Its rediculous, but in the good way. We watch it at my house every year around the draft. Good reference.

  24. Wait!….Didn’t Wilson just say in an earlier story that he wanted to get more involved in personnel decisions?
    So now he has a chance to weigh in on his own trade, and he punts it back to the team?

  25. Florio and Simms report that they know for a fact that the Seahawks mulled trading him just three years ago when he was younger and cost less, but then he’s the one putting a match to something when he answers honestly that he doesn’t know? The truth isn’t controversy.

  26. Wilson was asked unsolicited if he’s available for trade, he answered by correctly stating that he doesn’t make trade decisions, and now we’re on to conjecture about possible trade scenarios. Got it. Is it any wonder why it is impossible to discern fact from fantasy these days?

  27. Wilson always says the right things but you can frequently find him saying stuff about “throwing a lot of touchdowns”, being the greatest ever, breaking records, etc. He is calculating in trying to present a team-first, winning-is-everything attitude but sometimes you can see behind the curtain and realize he really is concerned with his image and his legacy most.

    If he really wanted to win, he’d consider taking slightly below market value for a change and free up more money for the players he keeps asking for.

  28. His no trade clause makes it a Russell Wilson question in my eyes. Unless of course he thinks Seattle is going to cut him.

  29. I think a lot of you need to go look at overthecap before making your comments about where Wilson might go, most of the suggestions will never happen simply because those teams are in cap hell already and couldn’t afford Wilson’s salary cap hit, like Miami it’d eat up $4.1mil more than the cap space they have. And even if Tua is in the trade with Wilson’s cap number that’d leave them just $2.77mil, not enough to even sign their Draft picks let alone sign any Free Agents.

  30. The usual suspects whinging about franchise QBs consuming too much Cap were perfectly fine with it when the overwhelming majority of starting QBs were white.

  31. And a little tid-bit the article left out is that Wilson’s contract for 2021 becomes fully guaranteed this Friday, the 5th day after the SB so if they’re going to do anything it may have to happen soon.

    I believe this is going to be the most interesting off-season we’ve ever seen with the salary cap dropping and all of the huge contracts that are out there, I think we’re going to see a lot of top paid/quality players getting cut as pure salary cap moves.

  32. Dude is full of himself. You aren’t Tom Brady my guy.

    Now it’s a “Seahawks question”, but he’d love to be included in personnel and GM talks? LOL

  33. Wilson is a fantastic QB who hurts his team everyday by wanting more money than a winning team can afford to pay him.

  34. previous article said he wanted to have more input on personnel decisions, well whether he is tradeable seems like a personnel decision he should be involved in!

  35. I love the silly media speculation. Only the Seahawks can trade him…which is what Wilson said. The speculation about whether the Seahawks will put a team around him to win is a joke – despite a ton of injuries – they just WON the division. Of course he’s not going anywhere – AND they will continue to win.

  36. amaf21 says:
    February 9, 2021 at 5:31 pm

    Wilson is tampering with himself.

    You’re right, but it’s just because Ciara stepped out for a minute. LOL

  37. Like an ounce of Gold, a share of Apple, a building on Fifth Avenue, or potatoes at your local farmer’s market – every NFL player is for sale.

  38. Reminder to all that Wilson and Ciara are part of the ownership group of the Sounders FC–the second-most valuable team in the MLS, a club which has gone up a hundred million dollars in value in the past decade–which is a big part of why Wilson wanted a no-trade clause in the first place. Anyone who wants to entice him into dropping that clause would have to break the bank.

  39. This is where the current NFL is heading. Players making millions yet will not hold themselves responsible for anything. It’s always someone else’s fault….
    1. How about you give back some of your money so they can sign players.
    2. How about you learn your craft better instead of holding the ball and waiting?
    3. Realize that there are 10 other people on the field and the game isn’t just in your hands.

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