Bucs GM vows: “We’re gonna f—ing win this thing again next year”

NFL: FEB 07 Super Bowl LV - Chiefs v Buccaneers
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Buccaneers General Manager Jason Licht was feeling brash at today’s Super Bowl LV victory celebration in Tampa.

Licht vowed that the team has the necessary cap space to keep its core group of players from this year’s championship team into next year, when Licht said the Buccaneers plan on winning Super Bowl LVI.

“We’ve got the resources to keep all of you guys together, and to keep you next year, and we’re gonna f—ing win this thing again next year,” Licht said.

The last team to win back-to-back Super Bowls was the Patriots, following the 2003 and 2004 seasons. That team, like this Buccaneers team, had Tom Brady at quarterback. And Licht thinks this Buccaneers team, like that Patriots team, has a core group of players who can stay together for another title run.

63 responses to “Bucs GM vows: “We’re gonna f—ing win this thing again next year”

  1. It will be tough to resign Godwin and Barrett. That would take a pretty significant hometown discount. Those guys are set to cash in.

  2. This will not age well. All it takes is a couple of key injuries or one or two inopportune turnovers. That’s what makes it so difficult to repeat.

  3. The arrogance in that fanbase will get insufferable just like it did in my city KC .
    The loss was a great thing , brought these guys and the KC fans a little humility

  4. Jason Licht oozed rhe same kind of machismo when he traded UP to draft Roberto Agauyo- a KICKER- in the 2nd round.

    Don’t buy everything this weirdo says.

  5. I’m not a fan of people shooting their mouths off about what they “will” do. Let your accomplishments do the talking. Dumb talk like that selfishly puts a monkey on everyone else’s back.

  6. I was pretty confident the Chiefs were on their way to back to back titles. Then Sunday happened. Let’s just see what next season has in store for everyone first.

  7. Fan base? We are talking about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? The last jersey I saw from them was an Alstott one. I would bet they are toward the bottom of team merchandise. Minus of course all the chowdas buying Brady jerseys.

  8. I guess you can get a little over-exuberant on parade day. Hope they settle down after this. Way too many teams declare a dynasty after one Super Bowl.

  9. Sounds as though the GM had a little too much RUM?
    What ever you do, stay off Twitter when that happens. Just speaking from personal experience.

  10. It’s amazing how quickly a franchise can become so arrogant after they haven’t have a 10+ win season in 9 years and just get lucky when Tom Brady decides to show up.

  11. If we’re being honest though – why in the hell would anyone bet against TB and company? His squad just demolished Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, and Patrick Mahomes in consecutive games in the playoffs for the title.

  12. Never going to happen. Repeating is nearly impossible in any sport. Yeah, the Penguins did it fairly recently, but it’s just too hard to do.

  13. This is coming from the same guy who thought it was a good idea to move up in the 2nd round and draft a kicker! Hold your horses there champ.

  14. Great way to curse your team. Be happy with the SB victory and let next year take care of itself.

  15. Can’t see why they won’t be in the hunt. Brees is done, and Tampa Bay should have an easier time winning the division, possibly getting a bye, and home field. Hopefully the injury bug doesn’t get in the way.

  16. So when Mahomes isnt playing on a broken foot and his two all pro tackles are back, lets go TB 12 !!!

  17. Right now they would be the betting favorites, so why not? The Browns will be the be the favorites by a wide margin in the AFC for 21′ & I imagine they will give a immensely better show if it in their win.

  18. ezpkns34 says:
    February 10, 2021 at 5:00 pm
    Give you one guess who won’t be winning it next year….


    My guess is Houston. What do I win?

  19. The Browns? Yikes. Mayfield’s not taking y’all to the promise land. How bout first finishing some games that are must wins. I’d rather have my QBless Colts than the runny browns.

  20. Well anything is possible when you have Tammy.. I mean the NFL and Refs love him so much he gets the calls going his way 9 times outta 10.

  21. As Tampa bay resident and a Bucs fan, boat drinking is a hell of a drug. Love the enthusiasm, but lets see how things play out before going crazy. Drunk Brady, best Brady.

  22. How will they not make the playoffs? They play the NFC East and the AFC East. And no more Drew Brees in New Orleans. Unless there are some major injuries, they are going to make the playoffs. They are going to win 12+ games.

  23. I don’t care about the Bucs one way or another. But I will say that more than a few teams that won the Super Bowl wound failing to make the playoffs altogether the next season and several of them wound up with losing records.

  24. Arians just talk too much. Have respect for your opponents. You won’t catch Belichick talking like that, not even his players. Chiefs will take that to heart and will give him a dose of his own medicine.

  25. Bruce Arians said the “Buccaneers could easily repeat as champions if the team stays intact.”

    Easily? We’ll see. Clip n’save. GOAT gets hurt and you run Gabbert out there- then let’s see how “easy” it is.

  26. Good luck. All those mercs have a ring and are going to want the big bucks. I give them another year before that window slams shut, and we’ll see how long Brady sticks around.

  27. Yeah, that’s exactly what I would want my GM to say. Along with my head coach, and everyone else in the organization. Will it happen? Doubtful. But that’s the right mindset.

  28. And thats what I thought after the Packers won in 2010 that won all 3 playoff games on the road with a banged up team and they havent been back since.

  29. What’s he supposed to say after his team just over achieved in the first year with The Goat? He was feeling good at the boat parade today celebrating that Super Bowl win. 99% of you haters were the same ones saying the Bucs were going to get crushed by the Aints. Our schedule next year is already looking favorable and JL built this team through the draft. He didn’t mortgage the future with bloated contracts. He paid most of these guy minimum incentive based contracts. He’ll draft some pass rushers, a QB, LB and look to repeat as champs again. NFC south is going to be owned by the Bucs for the next couple years, get used to it. Go Bucs.

  30. Yeah, they won. Fair amd square. They get to talk all they want. Its up to the rest of the league to shut them up next year. Bravo to the bucs and Brady.

    Never bet against Brady.

    Signed an Eagles fan.

  31. If the Chiefs Offensive line is healthy and stays complete next year they will make the Super Bowl again probably and win this time. They would have won this one if they hadn’t had 3 stringers at most positions playing out of position on top of that.

  32. That’s what the last 16 teams who won the Super Bowl said….and only three of them even made it back to the big game, and they all lost. Good luck

  33. They’ll keep all except Godwin and would draft a WR in the first round, also expect a trade for Howard and some restructuring, watch

  34. “We’re gonna f—ing win this thing again next year, with help from the Refs again”

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