Could the Bengals be adding a Ring of Honor?

New York Jets v Cincinnati Bengals
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The Cincinnati Bengals may be set to add a Ring of Honor to Paul Brown Stadium.

According to Jeremy Rauch of FOX 19, the Bengals deleted a tweet from their official Twitter account that appeared to show the names of offensive tackle Anthony Munoz, quarterback Ken Anderson and defensive lineman Tim Krumrie listed on the stadium facade. Cameras from the TV station were also able to capture Munoz’s name on the stadium walls on video shot from outside of the stadium.

The Bengals do not have a Ring of Honor currently. It’s a regular honor for many other teams across the NFL, but the Bengals have been without their own.

Munoz is the only primarily Bengals player in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Charlie Joyner and Terrell Owens each spent time with the team and ended up in the Hall of Fame as well, but Munoz’s career was completely in Cincinnati.

Meanwhile, Anderson and Krumrie are both members of the Bengals Hall of Fame and would be among the first players considered for the team’s Ring of Honor if they are adding the recognition.

11 responses to “Could the Bengals be adding a Ring of Honor?

  1. Can the Bengals ever build an indoor practice bubble for the team located near the facility?

    Sell the team, Mike.

  2. Honestly no ring of honor is a joke. That’s just disrespectful to their past great players/fans.

    A lot of people can clown the Bengals all they want but, honestly they are rich with historic players and coaches. The great Legendary inventor of the west coast offense (still ran by damn near every team) SF coach Bill Walsh was an assistant of the legendary Cincinnati and Cleveland Brown coach Paul Brown, hence the name Cleveland Browns.

    Anthony Munoz, Boomer Esiason, Icky Woods and the “Icky shuffle”, coach Sam Wyche. People sleep on the Bengals. They had some great players/coaches. Hell one of the best announcers today NBC’s sunday night footballs Chris Collinsworth was a Bengal.

    Their owner should sell that team or step up his game for the Bengals fans. That’s embarrassing

  3. So let me get this straight, the year is 2021 and the Bengals not only don’t have an indoor training facility but they also don’t have a Ring of Honor? And people wonder why they get mocked as being a “poverty franchise”, those poor fans.

  4. Ken Riley, Boomer Esiason, Corey Dillon, Chad Johnson, Willie Anderson, Issac Curtis.

    All should be on it too

  5. Can somebody tell me the difference between the Bengals Hall of Fame and the Bengals Ring of Honor?

  6. The Bengals have always had a lot of talent… More times than not they could never put it together..

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