If not the Seahawks in 2021, where will Russell Wilson play?

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Although it seems more likely that a trade of Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson would happen next year at the earliest, the situation seems to be developing quickly. Fueled by Wilson’s blunt but tactful comments to Dan Patrick, some are wondering whether a trade could happen in 2021.

The cap charge for the Seahawks makes a 2021 trade difficult, but not impossible. Before June 1, the Seahawks would take a $39 million cap acceleration by trading Wilson. After June 1, the Seahawks would carry $13 million this year and $26 million in 2022. With little or no offseason program expected for the second straight offseason, waiting to trade Wilson until after June 1 wouldn’t be as nutty as it would be in a normal year.

So if a trade were to happen, where would Wilson go? The folks at PointsBet have set the odds.

The favorite is the Raiders, at +450. Next come the Cowboys, with +650.

The Jaguars land at +750, which presumably would entail a trade of the first overall pick to Seattle. Next comes Washington at +800, the 49ers at +900 (that ain’t happening), the Broncos at +1000, the Colts at +1100, and the Dolphins at +1300.

Keep an eye on the Cowboys. That’s a team that has been on the radar screen as a potential Wilson destination for a while. And it actually makes plenty of sense for 2022, if the Cowboys can’t reach a long-term deal with Dak Prescott.

Given that the Cowboys would have to offer a 44-percent raise over Prescott’s $37 million franchise tender in 2021 to tag him a third time, that could be the moment at which the Cowboys make a play for someone like Wilson.

But that could be too late. Wilson has launched a multi-pronged media assault, and he’s winning. No one is mad at Wilson for saying what he said on Tuesday, and fans and media seem to agree with his concern that the Seahawks haven’t put enough talent around him over the past several years.

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  1. He’s not going anywhere. That guy IS the Seattle Seahawks. Community and Team, Seahawks, you make this right.

  2. I didn’t understand giving in to Russell’s ultimatum 2 years ago. I felt it was too much to devote to one player. Now 2 years later he is pouting despite being paid better than most NFL players. The team should definitely move on and go younger & cheaper with additional drafts obtained through a trade. It would also allow them to sign good free agents that wouldn’t have been possible due to Russell’s cap hit.

  3. How in the world is Jacksonville even close to being in the most likely destination? They’re a team bereft of talent, years away from contending, and they’re going to trade for a quarterback who will be 33 next fall?
    That is simply a ridiculous proposition, particularly if you’re giving away someone who is projected to be a generational quarterback in the upcoming draft.

  4. “Fans and media seem to agree with his concern that the Seahawks haven’t put enough talent around him ove past several years”
    ————————————-Join the club, My team hasn’t put enough talent around My QB either!
    It’s not just a Seartle problem!

  5. A sign and trade with Cowboys, one for one with Wilson and Prescott, makes the most sense by not harming either teams’ draft fortunes or hampering their roster building.

  6. I am not sure who you are talking to but local sports talk in Seattle and fans are taken aback by Wilson’s comments and the fact that he holds onto the ball too long and he can’t see open targets down the field. This is why he was drafted in the third round. I say trade him to Miami for Tua and a bunch of draft picks…be like the NBA…make a wink wink deal and tell Miami who draft and when June 1st comes, announce the trade.

  7. hard to put “enough” talent around someone when that someone’s salary takes up a third of the team’s salary cap.

  8. Wherever he ends up, the team will need to have an iron curtain walls-of-steel O-line. Russell is tired of getting beat up game after game.

  9. After June 1st make no sense for the Hawks.

    The reason they would deal Russ is to take one of the QBs in this draft class. No one can afford a $39mil cap hit, least of all in this year of financial uncertainty.

    IF they move him, it will be after this season.

    .. I’m not buying any of this, frankly. I think Russ was just firing a warning shot.

  10. Censorship doesn’t change minds says:
    Straight up for Watson

    In other words, trade one whiny brat for another?
    That would, however, serve both of them right. Watson wouldn’t win even as many games as Wilson did playing behind Seattle’s offensive line, and Wilson won’t win squat with the dysfunctional mess that is the Houston Texans.

  11. Seahawks fans would really be frustrated if Russell Wilson got traded…he is really popular in the Pacific Northwest….

  12. Always interesting to here the can’t put enough talent around a QB with that kind of Cap Hit. 1st he is in the same ballpark as Carson Wentz, Jared Goff, Kirk Cousins, Aaron Rodgers and Ben Roethlisberger. The Rams, Packers and Steelers have seemed to figure out how to get talent around their QB in spite of his “massive cap hit.” Secondly, the Seahawks have 5 other players with double digit cap hits on the roster and in the last 3 years have drafted 3 OL in total, a 3rd round Guard, a 4th Round Guard and a 5th Round Tackle. In other words very little investment up front. I like Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf looks like a hit but the Seahawks spend big on trades, e.g. 1 player, 2 1st and a 3rd for Jamal Adams and 1 player a 5th and a 2nd for Duane Brown. Point is the draft has been spotty recently and they have spent big on FA acquisitions all while the defense has declined and the offense can’t consistently run the ball. Wilson is under duress often (7th highest pressure rate in the NFL) is still in the MVP discussion and the playoffs. Seattle be careful what you wish for, Good QB’s don’t grow on trees.

  13. Houston makes the most sense. Watson for Wilson. Change of scenery for both. Wilson and Easterby seem like they would get along great.

  14. Weird how none of these guys ever take a 50% payout and tell their GM to go get them the best free agents money can buy. If Russ wants to take less hits, give half his salary back and go get or trade for the best offensive linemen money can buy.

  15. Man of the Year/ Whines like a baby, and not much more than 48 hours after getting his award .. this dude ain’t abt winning any longer – now he is abt getting all that he can (money, accolades, managerial input) .. his ego has inflated to the point where he’s living in the clouds and headed out to space .. Seattle is over it .. we like blue-collar team players much more than divas, he’s a joke now .. ‘Go Russ’ !!

  16. O Line is an issue.

    Is it talent – they can block and they can pass pro.

    Are the proper protection calls being made? That’s usually on the QB as he reads the D. So Russel bears some responsibility there.

    When Russ takes off, he doesn’t do it upfield, it’s side to side looking to extend and make the play. That’s a problem for ANY line because Russ does like to run right to where the line’s taking their blocking assignments.

    If you’re a LT or RT – do you really know where he is behind you .5 seconds after the snap? Unlikely because Russ has never been one to work progressions from the pocket. 1st read not perfect – take off side to side. Linemen don’t just block straight ahead – they take guys inside or outside a lot. Russ moving around when he likely doesn’t need to – causes the hits and sack.

    Russ needs to realize – 2/3 reasons for his hits – he has control over and likely it’s a mix of all 3 but he bears a % of the blame.

    The sacks and negative plays – doesn’t matter the talent you have outside of that, you didn’t give yourself a chance to begin with.

  17. Cowboys fan here: I absolutely love Dak Prescott. He’s got skills, moxie, leadership, drive, and I don’t doubt his ability to win a championship, not for a second. Having said that, the contract situation has the potential to cripple their ability to build out the (many) weak spots on the current roster. I would welcome a trade for Russell Wilson in this case. While I understand Dak’s need to maximize his value (sort of, him and his family are already set for life financially) I cannot justify him earning $40M/year at the expense of building a perennial contender. In my mind, you need to win a chip to be one of the 3 highest paid guys, not just be the “next man up” for a new contract. Just thinking about how lethal Wilson could be with Cooper, Lamb, Gallup, Elliott has me salivating.

  18. Trade Wilson for Watson?
    Pfffftttt…Right?! The Texans have a stellar offensive line! I am sure Wilson would love to continue to get hit someplace else!

  19. Did Ciara really say she wants NY or LA? That’s usually where people go when they’re trying to make it. She already made it. It would make more sense that she’d prefer a more low key city so she and her family isn’t constantly in the spotlight

  20. Wilson for Watson? That’s the most intriguing suggestion I have heard around this. Just might work! Full disclosure, I am a fan of one of the other teams in need of a QB and I’d flat out take either of them here and let Houston or Seattle fend for themselves. 🙂

  21. They could send him to Miami for draft picks and use there own picks plus Miami’s for Deshaun Watson and still have picks to build.

  22. Ciara is from Atlanta. Falcons could offer Matt Ryan, Julio, and the #1 pick. Yes, those guys are old but so is Wilson.

  23. really2011 says:
    February 10, 2021 at 10:26 am
    “Always interesting to here the can’t put enough talent around a QB with that kind of Cap Hit. 1st he is in the same ballpark as Carson Wentz, Jared Goff, Kirk Cousins, Aaron Rodgers and Ben Roethlisberger. The Rams, Packers and Steelers have seemed to figure out how to get talent around their QB in spite of his “massive cap hit.””

    You perfectly proved the opposite of your point. You literally named one QB whose team had to trade AT LEAST an extra 1st round pick to jettison him and his salary to get out of cap hell (Goff), another whose franchise is trying their damnedest to do the same (Wentz), a QB almost universally seen as greatly overpaid based on results (Cousins) and whose cost factored into the Vikings not retaining Diggs, Lifetime President of the “Why won’t they get him more weapons?” club in Aaron Rodgers, and Ben Roethlisberger, who is more likely than not to be cut prior to next season because he’s not nearly worth his salary, his receivers can’t catch consistently anyway since they let AB walk, and their running game has been non-existent since they let Bell walk.

    The point being, The NFL is not (yet) the MLB or NBA (thankfully). The salary cap is ironclad – 100% rigid, and a whole lot of personnel have to fit under it. No doubt the Seahawks seem to put the lowest priority on O-line in all of the NFL, while hocking draft picks for players like Adams in hopes of reliving the “Legion of Boom” glory days, but Russ’s salary absolutely has affected the ability to field a more complete team around him.

  24. New York/New Jersey
    Los Angeles

    All have huge media markets and are centers for business, advertising and fashion.
    This man is going to the top!

  25. The Texans also have a QB who is interested in leaving. Unlike Seattle, Houston also has a young offensive line with a pair of great bookend tackles in Tytus Howard and Laremy Tunsil. Could we see a swap of QBs? As a Texans fan, I like that proposition more than starting over at the position.

  26. He’s not going anywhere until that cap hit drops. I’m sure he knows that, so this is nothing more than a warning shot and the media should have thought this out before they ran with the story. I guess that would be a lot to expect from the media, though…

  27. dspyank2k11 says:

    February 10, 2021 at 9:43 am

    He’s not going anywhere. That guy IS the Seattle Seahawks. Community and Team, Seahawks, you make this right.

    You mean like Favre, Manning, Montana, Brady, Rivers all were the face of their team?

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