Jerry Jones buys his wine at a gas station, apparently


Who says multi-billionaires have people who handle anything and everything they want?

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, estimated by Forbes more than a year ago to be worth $8.5 billion, isn’t afraid to go buy his own wine. Not from a sommelier, but from some gas station.

A fan posted on Tuesday a photo with Jones at a 7-Eleven (free advertising) in Texas.

Just met Jerry Jones at the gas station in Prosper,” the fan, wearing a Chiefs hat and flip-flops, tweeted. “He even said he felt bad for [Patrick] Mahomes.”

This implied that the unverified photo was taken since Sunday. And while there’s a chance that it’s the product of some sort of mushroom-induced Photoshop project, it looks and feels real.

By the way, our own in-house sommelier thinks that Jones is holding in his right hand a bottle of Josh, a Cabernet Sauvignon. As wine sold at a 7-Eleven goes, Josh cab (free advertising) ain’t bad.

It’s cheap and it’s good, with flavors of blackberry, toasted hazelnut, and cinnamon along with hints of vanilla and toasted oak. Or something.

9 responses to “Jerry Jones buys his wine at a gas station, apparently

  1. I highly doubt Jone’s is the first or the last sports owner, professional athlete, or any celebrity for that matter to purchase any type of alcoholic beverage from a 7-11, Heck If I was the Mgr at that 7-11 I’d offer him his own parking spot with his name, probably be good for business

  2. Eh, people like what they like.

    I’m a big believer in the idea that life is too short to drink cheap booze, but to each their own.

  3. Now he has real Dak money leftover. Wonder if Dak will shop for wine at 7-Eleven after he gets paid?

  4. Have to save if he is going to pay Dak 40 million a year. Please don’t Jerry. Go back to Specs!

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