Russell Wilson: Shane Waldron has “everything you would want” in offensive coordinator

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers
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As Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson addresses grievances he has with the franchise, it seems he is at least behind the hiring of Shane Waldron as the team’s new offensive coordinator.

Waldron was hired away from the Los Angeles Rams last month to replace Brian Schottenheimer, who was let go by the team after three seasons in the role. Wilson had a role in the search process for a new coordinator and spoke with Waldron before he was hired by the team.

“I think Shane’s gonna be a great coach,” Wilson said on a Zoom call Tuesday following his Walter Payton Man of the Year award over the weekend. “I think he’s got great knowledge of the game. You know he’s a good person. He just has that kind of it factor and wants to be great. We can’t talk ball and can’t do all that (right now) really. So that’s the one thing I’m not really able to do as much, just because of the rules and all that stuff. But I think he’s gonna be a great offensive coordinator. He’s got everything that you would want in terms of his knowledge of the game and his experience, especially being with Sean McVay and Sean having so much experience in that (coaching) tree and everything else. He’s got some good stuff to him. But yeah, we can’t can’t really talk ball like that.”

Wilson has said that he believes the Seahawks got a bit passive on offense the second half of the year as the unit became far less productive in the final two months of the season. The hope for Seattle is that Waldron can help the Seahawks diversify their offense and marry the visions of the offense that Wilson and head coach Pete Carroll have, which may be a bigger challenge that he initially realized when he took the job.

“I think that obviously Shane comes from experience being with Sean and all the great things they’ve done, and everything else,” Wilson said. “But also, you know, we’ve done a lot of great things here too as well in terms of the West Coast style of offense and all the amazing things we’ve done.

“I think that what I would say is when you think about it, you want to be able to do it all, right. You got to be able to do it all in this league, got to be able to be creative, you got to be able to run it, you gotta be able to throw it deep, you got to throw it, mix it up, you got to be able to cause havoc in so many different ways. You got to be able to tempo, you got to be able to do everything. And I think that’s really key. There’s certain things that allow you to do all that and I think we’ve got to make sure that we can do all that and so I think that’s what really challenges a team, a defense.

As the Seahawks and Wilson try to forge a way forward, at least Waldron has Wilson’s support as he steps into a potentially prickly situation in Seattle.

3 responses to “Russell Wilson: Shane Waldron has “everything you would want” in offensive coordinator

  1. And your doing a spectacular job of welcoming him and creating a smooth transition, prima donna.

  2. Seems Wilson was on the path to MVP early on, based on media stuffed shirts, only to crumble mid-season. Going public with grievances, generally, doesn’t end up helping any relationship. Working internally/collaboratively to improve would benefit everyone, vs. defecting your own inconsistencies as organizational problems. Good luck, Russell.

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