Taylor Heinicke agrees to two-year deal with Washington

NFL: JAN 09 NFC Wild Card - Buccaneers at Washington Football Team
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Quarterback Taylor Heinicke was a good bet to return to the Washington Football Team as a restricted free agent this offseason, but now he’s a sure bet.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Heinicke has agreed to a two-year deal with the team. The deal is worth $8.75 million and also includes incentives tied to how many starts he makes during the life of the pact.

Heinicke signed with Washington’s practice squad in December and replaced Dwayne Haskins as the Football Team’s quarterback during a Week 16 loss to the Panthers. Alex Smith returned for Week 17, but was not healthy enough to play against the Buccaneers in the Wild Card round of the playoffs.

Heinicke was 26-of-44 for 306 yards, a touchdown, and an interception while also rushing for a touchdown in the 31-23 loss.

Washington has made it clear that they are considering all possibilities for their starting quarterback job in 2021. Future moves may change the picture, but Wednesday’s news suggests Heinicke’s got a chance of being in that competition.

21 responses to “Taylor Heinicke agrees to two-year deal with Washington

  1. Back-up NFL quarterback is the best gig in professional sports 2nd only to NBA assistant coach.

  2. Now the team is doing something right, I think this kid proved he could play and has the respect of a lot of teammates. I wonder how good could he get with Alex Smith helping him.

  3. I think he deserves a shot to compete for the starting job if it’s him and Kyle Allen and some other JAG.

    Under no circumstances should they bring Smith back. Great guy, great story, but he just could not play at a high level last year. Cutting him clears some cap money.

  4. This kid put up way more of a fight against the Bucs in the Wildcard round than Mahomes did in the Super Bowl. I don’t know how more teams are clamoring to give him a shot to play at the bargain bin price he would cost them. He showed a lot of intangibles along with his talent in a pressure packed environment. I’d take him on my Lions over Goff any day.. Just saying…

  5. The Vikings should have kept him, instead of the stiff they’ve paid the last two years.
    This kid put up way more of a fight against the Bucs in the Wildcard round than Mahomes did in the Super Bowl. I’d take him on my Lions over Goff any day
    Harsh judgements perhaps but kid played his guts out and gave wash. a shot to derail triumphant march of the GOAT.

  6. What a great story. Was living in his sisters couch taking classes at ODU and signs a 2yr/$9m deal. Way to take advantage of a golden opportunity.

    The kid does not have typical NFL measurable a but his heart and determination are bigger then most. This is a great signing!

  7. seems like Heinicke’s biggest issue is staying healthy. He has started two games in the NFL and got hurt in both. Like the way he plays, but that’s a tough way to go.

  8. They’ll likely still sign a veteran. However, getting more offensive weapons is key regardless of the QB.

  9. Cowboys fan here, gotta love this feel good story! Kid was at home taking online math classes…..now getting paid millions. Goes to show, never give up on dreams. Now he wont have to worry financially. Dude is fun to watch, good luck kid!!

  10. Pay Him, Give that man his money.
    That playoff game against Tampa was the most consistent QB play we had all year.
    Haskins averaged five 3 and outs a game.
    Kyle Allen played ok but got hurt after 3 starts.
    Alex Smith is Alex Smith. Nothing special but won’t throw the game away.

  11. Now .. don’t go after another QB in the draft or FA … get this kid the pieces he needs to succeed. Get some size and speed at receiver this kid will thrive with his scrambling … he’s a poor mans Maholmes.

  12. From school trying to make a living and slogging to save for his future as a mathematician or whatever to a few million guaranteed in your bank doing what you love to do. What a life changing moment for him. Good luck Taylor

  13. “Under no circumstances should they bring Smith back. Great guy, great story, but he just could not play at a high level last year.” — Uh…Smith went 5-1. His starts accounted for five of the team’s seven wins. Leadership matters. Getting the rest of the team to sell out for you matters. Don’t forget: you play to win the game, not to win the stats. Aside from that, ask Patrick Mahomes how much he values having Alex Smith as a mentor/tutor.

  14. Kid played lights out in one game, but it was one game. Still a good deal for WFT. He is 27, so he still has years ahead of him and showed that he can step in on short notice

  15. I hope he got as much guaranteed money as he could, because I as much as I love this guy, the combination of his body type and his playing style do not add up to long stretches of injury-free play.

  16. I like this guy. I feel like he won’t be around for the 2nd year of his contract, but I could be wrong; either way it’s a smart short term, low cost move for a team that has a hard time finding talent under center since the 90s. Snyder will sink the boat eventually anyway, so might as well save money.

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