Texans president Jamey Rootes resigns

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Texans president Jamey Rootes resigned Wednesday, John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports.

Rootes helped turn an expansion franchise into one of the most profitable in sports during his 20-year association with the Texans. Hired by late owner Bob McNair, Rootes ran the business and administrative side of things.

McNair hired Rootes at the recommendation of late Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt. Rootes initially worked as the team’s senior vice president of marketing, generating interest in the startup team in the business community.

Senior vice president of corporate development Greg Grissom will oversee the business operation until a new president is hired.

Rootes’ departure was the subject of rumors for awhile.

He was believed to be upset that the work done by the search firm Korn Ferry, with Rootes’ involvement, was ignored when the Texans hired Nick Caserio as General Manager. Rootes, possibly persuaded to stay by owner Cal McNair, remained in his job for another month.

He told McClain on Wednesday that the organization is “in a great place from a business perspective,” and the timing now is right for him to go.

“I love Cal like a brother,” Rootes told McClain. “This idea [of resigning] isn’t new to me. When Bob’s health started to decline, I thought it was important for the organization to have stability during this window. When Bob passed away, I felt like I owed it to Cal to be here.”

23 responses to “Texans president Jamey Rootes resigns

  1. So he was going to resign long ago but held on to get them through the transition phase. Job well done sir. The franchise looks good for the future – unless of course you buy into the media hysteria that it is poorly run.

  2. He’d rather watch the train wreck from the side rather than being aboard. Watch out Jets. Houston wants that first pick for the next few years.

  3. This is kind of unprecedented. Fredo McNair is devaluing his team by the day because of his “connection” with Easterby. Last HC job that was filled, every star they’ve had is either gone or wants to be gone, no draft picks, and now the business administration head is leaving. The best part for the casual observer is, there’s a long time yet before training camp starts.

  4. Watson is officially an idiot for signing that extension with Houston. They will hold on to him and let him hold out the entirety of the 2021 season out of incompetence and spite. And that top 5 2022 draft pick is still going to Miami. What a nightmare.

  5. “It is a great place from a business perspective”.

    This quote is telling, but not a secret to anyone.

  6. Just a note: the dolphins received the 20 and 21,picks. They 2022 pick is actually their own again

  7. The Texans are becoming an insult to honest hard-working dumpster fires all across the country.

  8. At first I wasn’t on board with how Watson has been handling everything. It’s starting to turn out he may be the only one left in that organization with his head on straight.

  9. fanfrommontreal says:
    February 10, 2021 at 2:35 pm
    The Texans are becoming an insult to honest hard-working dumpster fires all across the country.



  10. With all the turmoil that is happening in the front office people are still surprised that Watson wants out?

  11. I am a Texans fan. What you are witnessing is the complete overhaul of the Texans. Time will tell if this is going to work out.

  12. When you have this many problems,this so many years, it becomes obvious that the problem lies with the owner.

    The Texans will continue to spiral in as long as McNair is the owner.

    Good or bad, it all starts at thetop.

  13. Burn it down and start new. Draft a QB with either the #2 or #3 depending on who you strike a deal with

  14. So now Jack Easterby is the longest-tenured front-office staffer? Well-played Jack. Well-played.

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