Washington settles claims of cheerleaders over lewd outtakes videos


The Washington Football Team has one less item on its legal docket. It likely was not inexpensive to remove it.

According to the Washington Post, the team has settled the civil claims of former cheerleaders arising from the alleged use of video-shoot outtakes for the creation of a lewd video for viewing by high-level executives.

“The matter has been resolved,” said Cindy Minniti, a lawyer representing the organization and owner Daniel Snyder.

The matter has been resolved. Those five words appear in countless settlement agreements that include a broad and strong confidentiality provision. It means that money changed hands, and that no one can publicly disclose the amount that was paid. It means that the settlement agreement includes specific language limiting any and all public comments on the settlement to the utterance of those five words: The matter has been resolved.

Litigation, or settlements before litigation, had become inevitable for Washington. Multiple lawyers represented multiple former cheerleaders in response to an August report from the Post regarding a pair of videos prepared from outtakes, at the alleged behest of former team media executive Larry Michael, allegedly for Snyder.

The franchise recently pressed pause on its cheerleading squad, prompting criticism from former members of the group and from one of the lawyers representing those whose rights allegedly were violated.

“It seems that if you want to improve the game-day experience, you would first look at ticket prices, parking and food — not dismantling a popular and successful cheerleading program,” attorney Lisa Banks told the Post.

The team quite possibly has decided that the cheerleading squad has become an all-too-prominent reminder of the dysfunction that the organization hopes to put behind it.

10 responses to “Washington settles claims of cheerleaders over lewd outtakes videos

  1. Yeah, frankly this kind of behavior is disgusting. We already know that the cheerleaders get paid very little by NFL teams worth billions. Then to further exploit them on behalf of (allegedly, of course) the owner and/or other team executives is just creepy and classless.

    Snyder can claim to clean house all he wants but it sure seems like he’s the common denominator of all the dysfunction in that organization.

  2. Are we surprised that Danny Snyder is implicitly involved in activities that require what must be massive settlements? Nope.

  3. Please force him to sell. He is the catalyst behind this behavior. He is responsible for the sleazy culture.

  4. I PROMISE you someone in the NFL front office was on the phone with Dan Snyder and said “make this go away … end of story” Dan probably had to dig pretty deep in his pockets to settle but that is what happens when something this immoral is done.

  5. Since Rivera has come in, WFT has been an example of how to run a franchise! Hope Snyder stays far, far away. Under Rivera, WFT has now hired the first AA Team President, one of the few AA General Managers and the first AA female AC. He’s doing a fantastic job cleaning up the mess that Bruce and Dan created.

  6. The Washington Football Team has dismissed director Jamilla Keene from her position running the unit.
    Not sure why she gets a free pass.

  7. A bad and ugly perverted stain on our franchise,,,honestly I think the NFL needs to fine Mr Snyder and for him to publicly denounce his actions

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