Aaron Glenn: Lions’ defense looked confused last year

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New Lions defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn is not impressed with the way the defense he inherited played last year.

Glenn said that when he watches film of the Lions’ 2020 season, he sees a group of players who have the potential to play a lot better than they did — if they get better coaching.

“You have a group of athletes, you coach them. Tell them what they have to do,” Glenn said.

Glenn said he and head coach Dan Campbell are in agreement that the Lions’ defense looked confused in 2020.

“When you look at the players, I think Dan said it, that the players looked confused, I think with no confidence,” Glenn said. “What we have to do is we have to do is change that narrative of their thinking so they can go out and play with confidence and play fast. What we’re going to do as a staff, that’s our No. 1 job, get the players playing fast, get them confident and let those guys let it loose. We don’t need a lot of thinking out there. We just want the guys to understand, ‘What’s my job? Where my eyes got to be, coach? And what do I got do? And they’re going to go out there and play fast and play with confidence.”

That’s not exactly a ringing endorsement of the coaching of previous head coach Matt Patricia and his staff, but it is an indication that Glenn doesn’t think he has as long a rebuilding effort as some would think. Glenn believes the Lions can be a better team, and it’s his job to provide better coaching.

20 responses to “Aaron Glenn: Lions’ defense looked confused last year

  1. Glenn may be right, but I’d be careful about dissing the former staff, just in case you can’t improve the units performance much.
    If he can improve the defense then it’s a huge negative mark against Patricias coaches.

  2. Buffalo had a top 3 defense when Rex Ryan took over and turned them into a Top 25 defense with horrible scheming. McDermott takes them right back to Top 3 defense his first year.

    Coaching matters.

  3. Patricia did a horrible job. He was more concerned trying to be Bill Belichick than actual coaching.

    Is Belichick still a genius without Brady? Noone knows but Brady proved he can win without Belichick.

    Patricia and McDaniels should never get another head coaching offer outside of Foxboro as they have both set their teams back 5+ years when they coached and are generally just snakes.

  4. Maybe he’s right, or maybe he’ll find out it was the players and not the coaching that was the problem. I’m sure when that happens he’ll offer an apology to Coach Patricia too. Eyeroll.

  5. Every new Lions regime has been filled with optimism, right up until the actual games begin.

  6. Matt Patricia was so good his defense lost to Sam Darnold in his debut. A year later Patricia and his famous D couldn’t stop Kyler Murray in his debut. Hard to believe he made it as long as he did over there.

  7. When were they not? When were the loins talked about for their D Glen? Even the great Matt Patricia couldn’t fix their D (sarcasm)

  8. Film supports his argument. Hope the Detroit curse can be lifted and they can become competitive, make the playoffs, and shake the terrible history. I’m a Packer fan who respects the other teams, and I want healthy opponents in the NFC North.

  9. Coach Glen isn’t wrong. Look at the WFT. They dumped a terrible d-coordinator who used confusing schemes (only confusing to his own defence). They were bottom-3 in pretty much every major statistic. New coordinator – top-5 in every major stat. Yes, they added a couple players, but coaching means a lot to the success of a team.

  10. You can’t export the Patriot Way because it only works with Tom Brady

  11. Not a good sign when the new coach basically insults the fired one. Less than professional. On the other hand, Glenn put the burden on himself and let the players off the hook. It’s up to him now.

  12. Patricia and McDaniels should never get another head coaching offer outside of Foxboro as they have both set their teams back 5+ years when they coached and are generally just snakes.

    Totall agree with this. In fact, I would argue Belichick should never get another job either. Without Brady, Patriots have turned back at least 5 years. No way they could contend in next 5 years. Playoff in 3 years would be a miracle for Belichick.

  13. I honestly think the Ford family just needs to sell the team. I think it would just be better for everyone.

  14. I thought the Lions had some decent defensive players, but they sure didn’t come together as a defense, which obviously is due to coaching. Glen was right but I’m not sure it does much good to trash other coaches.

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