Allen Robinson open to everything, including a return to Jaguars or Bears

Chicago Bears v Jacksonville Jaguars
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The Bears had a long time to get an extension with Allen Robinson. They didn’t. So it seems likely the receiver will move on somewhere else next season.

He becomes a free agent next month.

But Robinson smartly isn’t closing any doors. He repeated Thursday what he said a month ago: Everything is on the table.

Robinson is willing to follow the money, like any other free agent, and if that takes him back to Chicago or even Jacksonville, where he began his career as a second-round choice in 2014, then so be it.

“At this point, I’d pretty much be open to everything on the table,” Robinson said on SiriusXM NFL Radio on Thursday. “I’m not 100 percent sure what will happen in the next coming weeks as far as being a free agent and things like that, but as everything stands today, I definitely will open to everything on the table.”

Robinson had 102 catches for 1,250 yards and six touchdowns this season, and he made 255 catches for 3,151 yards and 17 touchdowns over three seasons in Chicago.

The Bears seem to have moved on from Robinson as the sides have not talked recently, according to Robinson, but he hasn’t closed the door or bid farewell yet.

“I would say it’s an open line of communication,” Robinson said. “We haven’t spoken to them for some time now, but there’s definitely an open line of communication. I’ve always said that I’ll be here if they’ll have me. That’s the main thing. Even dating to the season for myself, it wasn’t too much of frustration. I was just trying to do what was best for myself. At the same time, as far as the contract and things like that, if I wasn’t going to get a contract extension, I understood that. For myself, it was just weighing all my options and weighing as far as what would be best. I’ve got nothing but respect and appreciation for the franchise and for the organization. I think things get twisted with players when they start talking about frustration and things like that, rather than a player just trying to figure out what’s best for themselves and for their career at that specific time. It’s never been too much frustration. It’s a business.”

10 responses to “Allen Robinson open to everything, including a return to Jaguars or Bears

  1. Imo Jackson is never going to be a top thrower of the football, but a guy like Robinson could really help a guy like Jackson. The Ravens should take a good look at AR. I think he can help Jacksons inaccuracy with his big catch radius.

  2. He’s a top 10 WR in the league. He just hasn’t ever played with a decent quarterback. He will end up somewhere with a young QB still on his rookie deal. Baltimore, Cincy, Buffalo, Miami all make sense.

  3. Love A Rob but we just can’t afford him for $20 mil a year. I’d much rather bring Kenny Golladay back home to Chicago for cheaper.

  4. The fact that he’s going to go to the highest bidder likely means the Ravens will be out. This has been their policy for, I don’t know, since the failed Terrell Owens trade? Wish they’d take that big money chance at the WR position one of these years, but doesn’t seem to be their MO.

  5. A-Rob is the best receiver the Bears have ever had. Being stuck with Trubisky isn’t his fault. He put up great numbers in Jacksonville with similar crappy quarterbacks.

    He is not the problem.

    Pay the man. Draft or get a solid QB through free agency and watch him really grow. It’s insane to let him walk when they don’t have a true #1 receiver on the roster now.

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