Duce Staley: I came to Detroit because it felt right

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Duce Staley spent the majority of his playing career in Philadelphia. He then coached for the Eagles for the last 10 seasons.

Now, Staley is Detroit’s assistant head coach/running backs coach. He was a candidate to become the Eagles next head coach, a job that went to former Colts offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni. But when Dan Campell became the Lions head coach, he and defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn made an effective pitch that induced Staley to ask out of his Philadelphia contract.

“Just thinking about Detroit and getting a call from coach Campbell, he was super excited on the phone. I felt the energy through the phone,” Staley said in his Wednesday press conference. “And then Aaron Glenn gave me a call and he says, ‘Hey man, we’re building something special here. We want you to be a part of it.’ And when I got those two phone calls, I’m telling you — being in Philadelphia for so long, each year I would get phone calls or opportunities to see what was out there, interest from other clubs. But when those two guys reached out to me, it felt good. It felt right.”

Staley is one of several former players on Campbell’s first Lions staff, and has an opportunity to help take running backs D'Andre Swift and Kerryon Johnson to the next level.

9 responses to “Duce Staley: I came to Detroit because it felt right

  1. Assistant Head Coach / Running Backs coach is a weird title.

    The first part sounds more important than (or above) the OC and DC. The second part sounds subordinate to the OC.

    Why is it that Duce can’t land a plain old OC job?

  2. Translation: I gave Philly almost 20 years of my life as a player and coach they never had a desire to promote me to the head coach because they are too busy blaming everyone besides themselves, especially Roseman. I think getting out of there was good for Staley. He is liked among players and I assume could be a good candidate as Head Coach. I think the Lions with Campbell will have a better seasons going forward than the Eagles who have chaos on every level.

  3. Wishing the best for Duce, a good coach and a good man. Chalk up another loss for Howie Roseman.

  4. Just like when we lost Dawk.. and Jenkins, and McCoy, And DJAx and MAclin… Howie’s gonna come out and say, “in hindsight we should’ve done more to keep him”

    what Bull.

    At least Duce got a Ring with the Eagles in 07. He will be missed.

  5. The Eagles passed on Duce as head coach when the hired Pederson, which I questioned. Then Doug won the SB, but lost Reich, Duce should have been made OC then, but the team started making up titles like asst.head coach/RB coach & more $ so he didn’t leave then meanwhile Groh,& Press Taylor were basically jumping the line over Duce as OC. When Doug was fired and more than half the team went to Lurie and said hire Duce-but they get Reich’s asst. thinking that will make Carson happy- guessed wrong. Now Pederson is gone & Duce is gone b/c they wanted Wentz happy. Apparently that failed and Wentz still wants out? Well if trading Wentz doesn’t get Watson, R.Wilson or 2 1st rd picks, Id tell Carson the only way he’s leaving is tearing up his deal clearing all his salary cap space(meaning returning bonus $) Then he can go wherever he wants. Or be the $35M backup??

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