Report: More teams reaching out to Seahawks about Russell Wilson

Wild Card Round - Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks
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Other teams are wondering what is going on in Seattle. Maybe the Seahawks are wondering what is going on, too.

Russell Wilson‘s media tour has prompted questions about his future with the team.

That has prompted other teams to reach out to the Seahawks about the quarterback’s availability.

Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports that “more teams have reached out about Russell Wilson, but the Seahawks have shown no inclination to trade their star quarterback, whose media tour continues.”

Wilson’s comments make it clear he isn’t happy with the Seahawks, who reportedly aren’t happy with Wilson’s public comments of dissatisfaction.

His media tour continues Friday on The Ellen Show, so stay tuned.

Winning cures everything, and Wilson and the Seahawks haven’t done much of that in the postseason in recent years.

Wilson hasn’t won a Super Bowl since his second season. He hasn’t been to a Super Bowl since his third season. The Seahawks are only 3-5 in the postseason the past six seasons, failing to advance past the divisional round.

64 responses to “Report: More teams reaching out to Seahawks about Russell Wilson

  1. The Seahawks will be trading their future away, but it sounds like Wilson doesn’t want to play there anymore. When that happens, the situation won’t get any better. Before it becomes a distraction in the 2021 season, just do it now.

  2. Seattle has all of the control here. Think about it – if Seattle makes a trade they open their future wide open for the next 5 years. They will dump a huge contract they can spend elsewhere on the roster, they will gain multiple high end 1st round picks as well as other later picks, and Wilson will be going to a team (most likely) devoid of talent and future roster picks in a bad cap spot due to his own contract and trade.

    I would find him a new home if he wants to be a problem child and roll in the new found roster freedom if I was Seattle.

  3. The Hawks haven’t won a big game since they gave him a fat contract.

    The defense was good enough to win 3 Super Bowls. Wilson blew it against the Falcons in 2013, and against the Pats in 2015. He turned it over 3 times against SF in 2014, but the defense was so good it won the SB in spite of him.

    Wilson is an exciting regular season player. He’s not good in big games. Like a number of other exciting QBs, he beats all the mediocre to solid teams, none of the very good to great teams in a big spot.

  4. He’s past his prime. Send him to the Raiders for the farm and watch them win 6-8 games a year for the next 5 years.

  5. With his salary and the draft picks required to get Seattle to trade him is way too much in my opinion. Cant see this happening.

  6. he has lost a step and it has shown up big time in the second half of the past few seasons and especially in the PLAYOFFS. KC fans…this is what you have to look forward to. No QB who scrambles for a living has a history of winning long term in this league.

  7. Anyone suspicious the NFL just needed a little bit of orchestrated drama to bridge the gap between the Super Bowl and Free Agency?

  8. Its 39M$ in dead cap money if he is traded, with the cap coming down… Unless you think the Seahawks are ready to tank & rebuild, this is very hard to imagine.

  9. Is it me or is Russell Wilson doing more media right now than Tom Brady, who just won the Super Bowl?

  10. Seattle has none of the control here. This is a divorce. If one party wants out, the other half of the relationship has to bend. You can’t force someone to fall back in love. Once one side decides they are done then they are done. The franchise will be forced to accept the best offer they can get and the longer they wait the less leverage they will have. At this point who is right and who is wrong doesn’t matter. Wilson chose to escalate and what’s done is done. It’s not too dissimilar to what happened in New England accept Tom Brady was a free agent. Both sides decided they were done and thus a hall-of-fame quarterback left. It’s over in Seattle.

  11. Opening day QB for Seattle will be Russ.

    Im going go Jim Fassel here – I am going on in

  12. Think of how the various QBs of the Jets, Browns, Lions and Dolphins felt through most of the past decade. On one hand you feel for those stuck in those situations. On the other hand why sign new contracts, and take the bonus money, if you’re unhappy. Wilson could have gone free agent a year ago but choose to stay. Drafted QBs don’t have the option to play for another team. Wilson did and made his choice, took the money. And now doesn’t want to honor the contract. If he wants out, he should refund the signing bonus.

  13. I know one thing. The unstoppable force is meeting the immoveable object in Seattle and that is creating serious friction and that is not congruent to going forward successfully.

  14. You don’t get rid of this kind of talent. I’m not a fan of his stance nor Rodgers’ comments after the NFCCG. The more you air your dirty laundry the less of a leader you are. It’s about team.

  15. They’re trash without him, but his salary hampers the team around him. It’s a real catch 22!

  16. “Wilson hasn’t won a Super Bowl since his second season. He hasn’t been to a Super Bowl since his third season. The Seahawks are only 3-5 in the postseason the past six seasons, failing to advance past the divisional round.”

    As a life-long Lions fan (with their last playoff victory coming in 1991), I don’t even know where to begin feeling sorry for Wilson and the Seahawks.

  17. I think it’s unfeasible to trade Wilson this year, but his value is high (he’d be just behind Watson as QB1 in the available QB discussion (mostly because of age difference. But he’s right, Seattle has NEVER invested in the OL while he was there. Even when they were a dominant running team, they didn’t have good pass protecting OL. And for those of you saying that Wilson took the money and is now complaining they can’t sign players is missing a lot of the point. The point isn’t necessarily about FAs, but also about drafting and developing players. They’ve never spent a 1st rounder on the OL in 9 years of Wilson’s tenure. And some of the players they’ve drafted on day 2 haven’t panned out or haven’t been developed. But this is 2021, offense is more important and passing is more important, gotta protect the QB.

  18. Seattle has had a boring offense and ‘maybe’ a bad O-line over the years. They fired Shottenheimer though and can improve the O-line in the off-season. They have a damn good receiving corps. The fans are among the best and they love Russell Wilson.

    I’m not sure why Wilson wants to leave it all behind?? Maybe he just feels underappreciated? Maybe he is? He can’t burn it all down and think he will find something better.

    I feel like he’s been hanging out with Aaron Rodgers and Earl Thomas lately.

  19. I think PFT now owes Russell Wilson a substantial amount of money for using his name needlessly and excessively to click bait users into ad revenue. Seriously… enough with the agenda. Jay-Z sued Source magazine for the same reason.

  20. The Seachicken will be in the bottom without Wilson. However, getting hit as much as he did he’ll get hurt eventually.

  21. I’M Starting to get the impression he spoke off the cuff, or it’s similiar to a boyfriend/girlfriend fight. I bet he now wishes he didn’t come off that way and the media takes that tiny little spark and turns it into a forest fire.

    if we just shut this story down now for a couple days it would go away, but in today’s world that is impossible. I’d rather the Jets get him than Watson of Houston.

  22. russel the overpaid cap space $35 million guy has a no-trade clause so you can’t just ship him wherever

  23. Sign and trade Dak and add Gallup, a soon to be free agent next year, for Wilson. If they want a 3rd rounder this year and next – fine.

  24. 50stars yea the seahawks should trade away a top 10 qb for draft picks..I’m sure that will work out well for them…

  25. “multiple high end 1st round picks as well as other later picks” —— I think you’re severely over-estimating Wilson value. He can’t carry a team as Watson can. Every year he’s an MVP frontrunner in September and October, then fades. His contract is seriously burdensome. Nobody will give up a lot of picks AND eat his cap numbers.

  26. just let him refuse to report to work and fine him so he doesn’t get paid this year boom problem solved

  27. Trade Ciara and her lil man to whoever will take him. Just get a 2x firsts, take the BYU rook, and redo the playoff run with a stacked D, a la 2014 (when Russ focused on ball and wasn’t distorted.. Please !!! Get them out of the PNW and our future is all bright and totally fine !!!!!!!!

  28. $39m in dead cap. No-trade clause. Teams can’t trade draft picks more that two years into the future. Evey team that could afford the price of someone like Wilson is a team Wilson would not want to play for. LOL offseason news.

  29. The Seahawks have been a good team but not great since they blew the SB against the Patriots and let Marshawn walk. Perhaps, management has decided that they could be a “good team” with a cheaper QB and use the money saved to shore up other areas. When you think about it the reason the Patriots were successful (and I am not a Patriot fan) is because they never allowed a player to exceed what they perceived as best for the team. See Lawyer Malloy, Randy Moss, etc. Both Seattle and Dallas are now at a point where one player is hampering the team! Perhaps they feel it is time to move to a cheaper QB.

  30. MasMacho, man, I seriously hope that Wilson sics his lawers on Dan Patrick for this nonsense. I would love to see a sports journalist get held accountable.

  31. kzoo2cali, I feel you. It’s the sports version of “first-world problems.” Gadzooks, the Seahawks have not been back to the Super Bowl in the last six years! And they only went 12-4 and won their division! Clearly the wheels are coming off that franchise.

  32. The Forty Niners would be a greatfit for Wilson, but there is no way that Seattle would let him go to a division opponent.

    As someone else suggested, a 1 for 1 trade with Houston, Wilson for Watkins, would be a good fit.

  33. Wilson is not going anywhere as Seahawks asking price will be more than that of Watson and no one is going to pay that much price + new contract for a 33 year old QB.

    Carroll has run Wilson’s career into the ground by bumbling is offensive philosophy. How many OCs now? I think it’s at least 3.

  34. No way is Wilson going anywhere. He is frustrated with the lack of protection for him. The Offensive Line has been tried to be drafted and traded for and free agency. 16 have been drafted since 2012 and Duane Brown was traded for. Free agency has not worked. They need to find the best starting five possible. That is where Wilson wants to be in the decision making process. They will need to draft as well as decide to resign Pocic or sign other free agents for Center and LG. Their is also a need to find Duane Brown’s replacement at LT by 2023.

  35. Doesn’t Wilson have like the second best career QB rating after Rodgers? He’s done so much with so little and has been running for his life for years. They have never really built a decent offensive line and that gets tougher on a QB as he ages. I can’t say I blame him. He’s more than just a franchise QB; he’s got a ton of talent, but I can see why he would be frustrated in SEA. Though it is tough to build a consistent winner once the big names get paid. It’s the same issue in GB. You rarely pick high enough in the draft to get the true impact players, so it’s tough to make the D really competitive again.

  36. He is a 32 year old QB with a ring, multiple playoff appearances besides the ring, seven Pro Bowl selections, the current NFL Man of the Year (a good citizen), on a contract that is quickly becoming “below market value,” especially for a guy who is 4th all time in NFL passer rating.

    So, yeah, trade him. That’ll show him! Seattle will get a better QB at a homeless shelter!

  37. I think this mostly comes down to him seeing Brady go to a new team and win a super bowl while being protected by the o-line. “I could do that too” or maybe, “I could do that if Seattle wasn’t holding me back” is likely what’s in his head. Wilson is getting impatient and wants a quick way to the super bowl.

    He isn’t Brady though. Also, while most sacks of Wilson are due to poor Oline, a good % are due to Wilson himself.

    Last year he wanted more offensive weapons and also “let Russ cook”. Pete Carroll and John Schneider gave him both. He is partly to blame for having it fail last year after they failed to adjust once teams started using cover 2 on them. He needs to take responsibility for that and not just say it’s all Seattle. He can’t say “give me A and B” and then they give him that, and blame them for not giving him enough. Especially when his salary is a large part of the reason Seattle can’t give him more.

  38. Watson is worth more than Wilson. In 2020, Watson had a higher completion percentage, more yards, more TDs and fewer interceptions than Wilson.

    And Watson is younger.

  39. Trade him to the Jets. Next year this time he’ll be longing for the Seattle gloom & drizzle.

  40. He’s not going anywhere. The Goff-Stafford trade was the exception, not the rule. It was made because the Rams were willing to overpay.

  41. NFL owners and lavishly-paid players deserve each other. The players reach for the biggest financial jackpot they can find, while the owners justify their immense expenditure with the hopes of packing stadiums and reaching the Super Bowl rainbow. Three years later, the players usually come up short of making the owners’ obsession become a reality, while still wanting even more money this time around. The owners then come up with justification to rid themselves of these underachievers, then find another player to hopefully fulfill their super dream . . . and the beat goes on, with both parties knowing full well that we fans will ensure they both prosper.

  42. Teams are reaching out to Wilson as a coaching addition or as an owners representative?

  43. Don’t understand why these owners and GM’s let their QB’s run the show. Take a hint from the great coach Lombardi. If Wilson is unhappy-trade him. If Rodgers is unhappy-trade him. IF Watson is unhappy-trade him. What the heck is going on out there!

  44. It is exactly like a divorce. If one side wants out, even if the other side doesn’t, it’s very hard to reconcile. You can rarely get back to the same marriage you originally had. When you have both Wilson questioning the Seahawks desire to protect him, and Seattle questioning Wilson desire to play, it’s over. It’s time to move on! There are other disgruntled QB beside Wilson. There are team unhappy with their QB. Time to see what the QB market has.

  45. Since we don’t know the specific language, we can assume that Wilson’s “no trade clause” cuts both ways. Hopefully there will be no intentional interference with contractual relations.

  46. nnagi says:
    February 11, 2021 at 3:21 pm
    Send him packing

    If I were the GM I’d have told him to “TAKE A HIKE” when he demanded to be the highest paid QB, that tell’s me 100% he’s not a “TEAM PLAYER”!

    Team players realize it takes 11 players(NOT JUST 1) on both sides of the ball to put together a winning team!

  47. Seahawks don’t have all the control. They have little control because Wilson can walk after 2021 and he possesses a full no trade clause. Having a player under contract doesn’t mean you control them. The devil is in the details.

  48. Wilson has won only 3 playoff games on the road in his entire career. The first one happened when Washington was ahead and then RGIII injured his knee. Seattle came back and won the game. The second one happened when kicker Blair Walsh of Minnesota missed a last second chip shot field goal. The third one happened when Carson Wentz was injured in 2019.

    What that means is that Wilson has only gone to the Super Bowl when Seattle has the best record in the conference and he can play all home games in front of crowd that drowns out the call signal of the opposing quarterback. In fact, Seattle lost at home this season in the playoffs because no such crowd was allowed due to the pandemic. Is Seattle likely to get the home field advantage at any time within the next 3 seasons, before Wilson’s contract expires? To get the home field advantage, Seattle needs to win more games against division rivals. It will be tough for them to do that. So, if Wilson is unlikely to go to the Super Bowl with Wilson, why not trade him and rebuild? The reason is simple. Petey is not getting any younger. He is not going to coach the team for 10 more years in all likelihood. So, he is going to take his chance with Wilson and hope that an improved running game will let Seattle get to the Super Bowl, even if Wilson cannot get them there by “cooking.”

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