Texans hire Jack Easterby ally Dylan Thompson as character coach

NFL: DEC 27 49ers at Lions
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Another old friend of Jack Easterby’s has landed a job with the Houston Texans.

This time it’s Dylan Thompson, who has been hired as the Texans’ character coach, according to Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle.

Character coach was the job Easterby had with the Patriots before he was hired in Houston, where he has come to become the most powerful person in the Texans’ front office. Thompson was previously the Lions’ character coach, and Thompson’s relationship with Easterby was cited as a reason the Lions hired him, as the Lions were run at the time by General Manager Bob Quinn and coach Matt Patricia, who were trying to replicate New England’s success.

Before working for the Lions Thompson was working for the basketball team at Charleston Southern, and once again his relationship with Easterby helped him get the job.

Thompson played quarterback at South Carolina, and an article about him during his college career described Easterby as his mentor.

As a player Thompson briefly spent time with the 49ers and Rams but never played in a regular-season game.

20 responses to “Texans hire Jack Easterby ally Dylan Thompson as character coach

  1. Am I the only one who’s never heard of this position and thinks it’s the pinnacle of making up a title to get a guy a job?

  2. So does anyone still believe the NFL is a meritocracy? Its NEVER been based on the best person getting the job. The person getting the job is the person closest to the decision maker. It’s a relationship league. All of these guys have made big money from owners trying to implement the “patriot” way. But the “Patriot” way wears number 12 in Tampa

  3. Too many people are betting against this team, staff, and front office. They will be determined to prove alot of people wrong. I am not a Texan fan, but definetly hate when people make premature speculation based on nothing. I hope the texans knock it out of the park in the near future.

  4. Seems to me that Easterby DOES have a lot more football experience than your previous character attacks suggested. So which is it? Is he a novice football outsider or someone with tons football connections and he’s bringing them together (like EVERY football executive does)?

  5. playedthegame47 says: “But the “Patriot” way wears number 12 in Tampa”

    The “Patriot” Way is just another name of how Bill Parcells ran his teams, which Belichick learned from and EARNED two Super Bowl rings as his DC with the Giants.

  6. Not entirely sure what a ‘character coach’ is or what he does… but I imagine if any player gets a DUI or anything that ends up as a police matter will be considered a failure on the part of that “coach”.

  7. chefboyd says:
    February 11, 2021 at 2:49 pm

    Thats laughable. Easterby was a college basketball player who was a team chaplain. He developed a RELATIONSHIP, with Bill Obrien and Nick while they were in New England. Obrein gave him a high paying position which absolves him of responsibility. He’s essentially an overseer. He has never worked in personnel, written a scouting report, evaluated a player, or even played the game of football. He. Was. A Chaplain!!!!

  8. I can only image how scared this Cal McNair dude had to be of running his daddy’s team that he handed it over to a Chaplin to do it for him. Sheesh.

  9. He was the Lions character coach? I’m sure this will work out great. Just keeps getting better.

  10. playedthegame47 says: “Thats laughable. Easterby was a college basketball player who was a team chaplain.”

    And Mike Florio used to be just a lawyer. Now he runs a highly successful FOOTBALL website here that you’re posting on.

    Ernie Adams used to be a municipal bond trader. He’s now been the Patriots Football Research Director for 21 years and is only 1 of 4 guys (OC, DC, ST and Adams) talking into Belichick’s headset on gameday.

    What’s your point?

  11. I’ve been watching football since the late 80s — had no clue teams had character coaches.

  12. Also, here’s a quote from Easterby when he was with the Pats as character coach a couple years back. Assuming he’s not being sarcastic, I’m sure players love having run-ins with this guy.

    “I always make sure everybody’s here. If someone wasn’t on time, or was taking too long in the bathroom, or skipping, I need to know. I like to get ahead on any issues.”

  13. I believe Easterby is the problem in Houston and the Texans keep doubling down on their original mistake of hiring him. We’ll know for sure in a couple of years. I’m afraid it will be too late to salvage this dumpster fire.

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