Urban Meyer: We vetted Chris Doyle thoroughly

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The Jaguars announced Urban Meyer’s first coaching staff on Thursday and there was one name that stood out in a negative light.

Jacksonville hired Chris Doyle as its director of sports performance. Doyle departed Iowa last summer with a $1.1 million separation agreement after he was accused of making racist comments and belittling players. He denied any “unethical behavior or bias” based on race.

In his Thursday press conference, Meyer said owner Shad Khan was involved in hiring Doyle — as Khan was with all high-end hires.

“I’ve known Chris for close to 20 years. Our relationship goes back to when I was at Utah and he was the No. 1 strength coach,” Meyer said. “I vetted him thoroughly along with our General Manager and owner. Feel great about the hire, about his expertise at that position. So we vetted him thoroughly and sports performance is going to be a high, high priority.”

Meyer added he’s “very confident” there won’t be issues with Doyle going forward, and that he’s not concerned what adding Doyle could do to the team’s ability to add players in free agency.

“If I was, I wouldn’t have hired him,” Meyer said. “I’ll explain that if that becomes a question. The one thing I’m very confident, is that I would imagine within a year or two we’ll have the best sports performance team in the National Football League.”

19 responses to “Urban Meyer: We vetted Chris Doyle thoroughly

  1. Just like he vetted Zach Smith at OSU and Aaron Hernandez at UF. I wonder if he prayed with Doyle too.

  2. Isn’t it up to the accuser(s) to provide proof? Can’t we all at least agree on that or has cancel culture ruined that as well?

  3. His employer conducted a thorough investigation and determined his culpability based on it. But yeah, let’s elevate the opinion of some guy crying about cancel culture in a sports comment section. Geesh.

  4. He said that about plenty of his “Friends” and they were all scumbags too. Good luck Jag’s you’re gonna need it.

  5. #34 for Jax is CB Greg Mabin. Played at Iowa from 2012-16 and is black. Will be very interested to see / find out what he thinks about this. I wonder if part of Jax’s vetting included talking to Mabin? If not, I imagine they will have egg allllll over their collective faces.

  6. The players are going to love this… like to see him pull the racist BS on Myles Jack like he was pulling on teenagers who were afraid of losing their scholarships to speak up and defend themselves.

  7. Well, Doyle isn’t stupid enough to try to pull the same stuff with veteran pros as he did with a bunch of guys just out of high school. At least I hope he isn’t that stupid.

  8. The fact that Urban claims he’s vetting staff is laughable, He’s hiring all his buds and I dare Chris Doyle to pull that stuff with NFL players. Do you think he’s changed because he said that the charges are bogus? Yes, Urban and company are going to be fun to watch next season

  9. mackcarrington,

    I get where you’re coming from but IDK, man. A guy who does things he’s accused of doing (and let’s face it, he probably did those things, at least some of them) has to have such an ego that makes him think he can treat anyone that way. He thinks that is how he does his job and was very highly thought of for a long time. If that stuff is true, I hope he pulls that stuff on Jack or one of those guys and gets put right on his ass. My only hesitation is,(technically but certainly not proudly) being a millennial, who played college football at the JuCo level, I know all to well how sensitive a lot of my peers can be.

  10. Glad to see nothing has changed with the do whatever it takes to win philosophy of Urban Meyer.

  11. This is exactly how he got into trouble with Zach Smith. (Smith had worked for him prior so he should have definitely known better in that case but here he wasn’t directly involved yet still is somehow completely confident the guy did nothing wrong.)

  12. He can hire who he wants. Cancel culture be damned. He will live and die by the product he puts on the field.

  13. Jags trip coming out of the starting blocks: ” Of all the guys you could hire, you choose the guy with controversy?”.
    How many people could an NFL team attract? They hire the guy his last employer paid $1.1million TO GET RID OF?
    It doesn’t matter if it was because of Racism; Personality; Management style; Vocabulary. Try this for good advice: Don’t hire people who get paid to just go away. Don’t hire people who had to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

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