Vikings hire Karl Scott as defensive backs coach

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The Vikings lost last year’s defensive backs coach to an SEC school and they found his replacement at another of the conference’s teams.

Karl Scott has been hired to work with the team’s secondary. He takes the place of Daronte Jones, who has moved on to become LSU’s defensive coordinator.

Scott spent the last three seasons as the cornerbacks coach for Alabama.

“Karl has a National Championship-level background and has coached some of the top college players in the country,” Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer said in a statement. “His input in the defensive backfield and working with our developing players there will be important.”

Scott has also worked at Texas Tech, Louisiana Tech, and Southeastern Louisiana.

14 responses to “Vikings hire Karl Scott as defensive backs coach

  1. unknownvikingfan says:
    February 11, 2021 at 2:44 pm
    The last piece of the super bowl winning puzzle is now in place!


    This has to be Stellarperformance using an alias. I guess if you want to make a fool of yourself under 2 screen names, more power to you.

    It’s just so unoriginal and unfunny.

    Hell, make 4 or 5 more, one for each of your personalities.

  2. Notice that the packers aren’t making any splash hire? Notice? I sure did! Zip! Baaaaam! Boom!

  3. Ah . . . there’s my old buddy paul again. So concerned with others’ comments . . . I think there’s a lot of psychology to be unpacked there.

  4. In comparison it’s nice when you can pick up an experienced DC that practically sprinted to the Packers from his previous playoff-contending employer. He finally has some talent to work with. Plus, it’s just one of very few personnel moves the Packers have to make, compared to a rival that’s experiencing the uncertainties of a bottom-to-top overhaul and rebuild. That’s gotta be tough.

  5. All joking aside, I don’t know much about Scott but I will say its nice when your first choice doesn’t leave you standing alone at the alter looking like a putz.

  6. Don’t know much about the guy . . . makes you wonder if there was much demand for his services if he accepted an offer from our Vikings.

  7. Transitioning from the college game to the professional game is extremely difficult for players, with very few exceptions. Everyone knows it takes time. It’s even worse for coaches. Karl Scott will not only have his hands full getting acclimated to the pro game, he has no talent to work with. He has no professional exposure at all. None. That’s a winning combination! Leonard would’ve had an easier time of it than Scott because of his pro experience, but he obviously wanted the HC job at Wisconsin more than anything else. That’s understandable.

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