“All things fluid” with Russell Wilson situation


The sudden twists and turns in the relationship between the Seahawks and quarterback Russell Wilson prompted the posing of a simple question on Thursday, inspired by the fact that the far-less public discourse between the Texans and quarterback Deshaun Watson has sparked a big request from the player.

Has Russell Wilson asked the Seahawks to trade him?

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, that hasn’t happened yet. The source added this three-word characterization of the broader relationship: “All things fluid.”

Wilson’s contract carries a very affordable $19 million salary for 2021. But a trade before June 1 would result in the Seahawks carrying a $39 million cap charge in 2021. After June 1, a trade would trigger $13 million in 2021 and $26 million in 2022.

Wilson could wait to see whether and to what extent the team involves him in personnel matters during free agency and the draft before asking to be traded in May, with the goal of the transaction happening on or after June 2. By then, most if not all teams will have settled quarterback situations. Few quarterbacks like Wilson ever become available, however. If Wilson can be acquired on June 2, plenty of teams would gladly unbake their 2021 offseason cake.

Or Wilson, and the team, eventually could decide that the situation has become untenable, and that it makes sense for everyone to arrange a trade sooner than later, with the only question becoming whether the two teams will agree to delay making it official until after June 1.

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  1. The notion of active players on the roster (no matter the position or importance) feeling entitled to be involved in personnel decisions is absolutely ludicrous. If the coach/GM/Owner shoots their QB a text to ask “You cool if we sign Antonio Brown?” is one thing. It’s another for that player to think they should be in the draft room, or GM’s office while placing free-agent calls. An organization can’t operate efficiently if the employees dedicated to scouting/drafting/personnel can’t have open and honest conversations about ALL players, their strengths and weaknesses, and impact on cap. It’s a conflict of interests if one of those people wants to have a seat at the table.

  2. As a fan, as good as Wilson is, I think I’d still prefer Watson if I were trading for a QB this year. It feels crazy to say but I think it’s the better move for a team.

  3. I do appreciate all the “QB movement” talk. But I have a feeling, most of them (like Wilson) will be with their current teams when the season kicks off. Fun conversations though. I definitely like this “new NFL” where the idea of reshuffling occurs a lot more than it use to. Teams should realize either we’re on the cusp of a SB or we’re not. And holding on to players in their prime while your teams misses the playoffs or are 1 and done does no one any good. Be bold and trade for a difference if you think you’re a piece away, or trade your current assets for future assets and try again.

  4. I hope he goes to NY or Philly and see how Mr Sensitive likes the media and fan base that is not afraid to throw bad play in your face.

  5. A few months back Russell was saying things like he wanted to be known as the greatest QB of all time. Now we see Brady going to a team that hadn’t won a playoff game in 18 years, and single-handedly turning them into a super bowl winner, while New England and the GOAT coach, Bill Belichick missed the playoffs entirely. That’s a tough bone to chew on, and it doesn’t go down easily. Now the big ego starts coming out and finding all kinds of excuses. It’s completely different from Watson and Houston, but the same with regards to the QB wanting to move on. Russell’s deal is all about Russell, while Watson just wants out of a horrible situation down there. The Seahawks have one of the best organizations in football and Houston is among the worst.

  6. NFL QB’s want things to be like the NBA where superstars carry some personnel power. It’s a bad idea for any team to go down this road. Players are too far in the weeds to make the best decisions.

  7. Lol. That would be a great conversation. Take out a pie chart of the salary cap and show Russ the big section that represents his chunk. Then show him the chunk that represents what they’re going to have to pay Jamal Adams because, you know, they gave up a ransom in draft capital to acquire him. So with free agency not an option given the cap, let’s turn our attention to the draft where, oops, no first rounder. We’ll call you at pick 55 to get your thoughts Russ.

  8. If even a liitle bit of this is true, how can the Seahawks and Wilson reconcil.
    looks like it is a matter of when, not if.

  9. I don’t like the nfl becoming the nba.
    Don’t sign an extension if you don’t like your team. Go the Kirk cousins route. Or quietly ask for a trade. The Seahawks did draft linemen over the years, they just didn’t work out.

  10. Just can’t get close to the idea of players assisting management in coaching hires and personnel decisions. They are starting to sound like a bunch of millionaire babies who want their way or else. It ain’t right.

  11. He’s complaining about the offensive line but what did he think would happen when he signed a deal that took up one sixth of the cap room for the entire team?

  12. Houston and Seattle should swap miserable quarterbacks. Lol. They’d still be miserable but it would be funny.

  13. I seriously doubt the Seahawks trade Wilson. That said, how strange is it that Kyler Murray could be the only returning starting QB in the NFC West? Weirdest off-season for the QB position in my memory.

  14. I don’t understand why a player signs a huge multi year contract and wants out soon thereafter. Maybe teams will stop giving massive contracts except to the best of the best?

  15. To me, ‘untenable’ would be trading 3 first rounders for a player that always wants to be the highest paid – and then complains that they don’t pay for an elite o-line.

    It’s an easy job to look back at all the SB winning QB’s, including Wilson. They have never been a big cap hit. Brady being the exception, but even with the Pats, the last few years had some big chunks of cap pushed forward . This year, they had $26 mil in dead money. It always comes due. Brees, Wentz, Goff – its their teams turn to pay.

  16. Qb does not = GM . Russell is not a better gm than John Schneider. Russell asked for more offensive weapons and to “let Russ Cook”. Carroll and Schneider gave him both and it didn’t turn out well (primarily due to failure to adjust to cover 2 defenses later in the year). They gave him everything he asked for now he is whining that they didn’t give him enough and he wants more say in all decisions. Plus he threw his lineman under the bus. Whining through the media and trying to get more power is not the way to improve your team.

  17. Wouldn’t want Wilson, who may be the most overrated and underperforming quarterback in big post season games ever. Seahawks and the 2012’s are stuck with him because of his bloated contract that he refuses to renegotiate. Remember when Seahawk fans said they were going to be the next dynasty and win multiple Super Bowls with this guy?

  18. I’ve been seeing Dallas linked to this quite a bit. Maybe a dak for russ trade with some picks going back and forth. Would be interesting if nothing else.

  19. Agree with the comments about the NFL becoming like the NBA. Which is sad because I stopped watching the NBA many years ago.

  20. Is anybody else surprised that Richard “I’ve never met a topic I couldn’t run my mouth about” Sherman hasn’t weighed in with his (Stanford educated) opinion yet?

  21. This is the problem with the current salary cap and contract structure in the NFL, it handcuffs franchises and players alike. If a player wants out and a team wants to trade that player, why should the team have dead money hits of $26 million a year after the player is traded. Teams should be able to trade players and be absolved completely of their contracts while the new team takes on what remains as if it’s a brand new free agency contract. The whole concept of dead money seems absurd to me.

  22. Russell is very valuable to the Seahawks. Everyone knows that is a fact, so trading him isn’t realistic unless it’s one of the biggest trades in NFL history. With the reduced CAP, the teams eligible to participate in any trade are restricted to only those that have huge player capital/draft picks. My guess: there is no movement this coming season. The Seahawks want to win the SB. To do so requires they keep Russ & improve the Defense. The offense is more than capable of generating points with needed improvement on offensive pass protection.

  23. I doubt that he will be traded. Wilson and Seattle are meant for each other, and neither is meant to win the Super Bowl in the near future. Wilson is NOT a Super Bowl MVP or League MVP caliber quarterback and Seattle needs some serious rebuilding to be Super Bowl contenders.

  24. Russ needs to solve his cover 2 problem. He cannot read that coverage, which causes him to hold the ball for far too long.

    His o-line is mediocre, but he’s a part of the problem.

  25. Russell Wilson will end up in the Pro Football Hall of Fame…and his detractors won’t be able to stop it….

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