Report: Jets hire Steve Scarnecchia as chief of staff

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The Jets have hired Steve Scarnecchia as Robert Saleh’s chief of staff, Brian Costello of the New York Post reports. It’s a new position on the team’s staff.

Scarnecchia spent the past six seasons as the Falcons’ assistant head coach.

There, according to the Falcons’ media guide, Scarnecchia was “responsible for coordinating the Falcons meeting and practice schedules and football calendar, managing the football budget and orchestration of team and staff events as well as providing administrative assistants to the coaching and operations staff.”

Scarneccia has stayed in the background since 2010 when he was fired by the Broncos for filming a 49ers walkthrough before a game in London. The NFL fined the Broncos $50,000 and coach Josh McDaniels $50,000 for the incident.

Scarneccia had previously worked in New England’s video department from 2001-04 when the Patriots were recording opponents’ defensive coaching signals. He was with the Jets’ video team in 2007 when the SpyGate scandal came to light.

Scarnecchia, the son of former Patriots offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia, worked as the Jets’ director of multimedia and production from 2006-08.

6 responses to “Report: Jets hire Steve Scarnecchia as chief of staff

  1. 2010:
    Bill Cowher: “You know, let me just say this: To answer your question, no, I don’t think so (it’s not an advantage for one team over another).
    I just know as a head coach, you are always looking for a competitive edge. We had people out there trying to look at signals. We had guys go to games. They would tape the signal caller and also write it down. They would take it back and match up the signals with the game film and certain defenses with certain plays that were being called, particularly the defenses being called, to see if we could come up with some kind of an alert for a signal. So, what they did with videotaping the signal caller, people do it with the people in the stands!!
    These people sitting there in the stands, looking at the signal, writing it down and matching up the 1st and 10 signal. Ok? Then you go back again and the 2nd and 10 and here’s the signal. You do that for a whole game.
    You then go back and match up the defenses with the signal. And you can come up with what the signal was.
    So, you don;’t need a video tape with what they were talking about doing. And people were doing it. WE were doing that. Everybody does that. You’re TRYING to gain a competitive edge. There is nothing wrong with that.
    That’s why baseball players go through the mirage of signals. They’ve got all these different codes. That’s part of the competitive spirit of the game. I think it’s totally overblown. I think if you get caught (signals compromised), then do what we did and go to wristbands, you are worried about it. We started putting defenses on wristbands. Then you find a way to not get caught (signals compromised). When your good at something and people try steal from ya, I think it’s flattering.”

  2. Good with numbers. Organizational skills. Previous wet work experience on multiple continents working directly in intelligence collection. Good hire!

  3. It’s amazing this guy is still around and now has such a high position with the Jets. I thought he was long gone.

  4. More people to hit with the bus. Why would you need more? Somebody points Doug the other day that one of the teams has 31 on the coaching staff. That’s 1 coach per 2 players? And these dudes still get DUIs.

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