Report: Steelers, Browns, Titans, Bills have shown interest in J.J. Watt

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The Steelers are strong favorites to land J.J. Watt, according to PointsBet.

The Steelers make sense, given both of Watt’s brothers, T.J. and Derek, already play in Pittsburgh. The Steelers, though, would have to create cap space to add a third Watt.

Even though teams don’t yet know the final salary cap number for 2021, teams aren’t waiting before expressing interest in Watt.

Watt officially became a free agent at 4 p.m. ET, and according to Ed Werder of ESPN, some 12 teams have checked in with Watt’s representation. Those teams include the Steelers, Browns, Bills and Titans, according to Werder.

All make sense.

The Titans’ 19 sacks were the fewest in the NFL last season, and another ex-Texan, Jadeveon Clowney, didn’t work out as expected. Titans head coach Mike Vrabel formerly was Watt’s defensive coordinator in Houston.

The Browns could lose Olivier Vernon in free agency and have cap space.

The Bills, who reached the AFC Championship Game, could pair Watt with Jerry Hughes and likely improve on the 38 sacks they had in 2020.

Other teams also have an obvious need or appear a fit for Watt, who leaves the Texans after 128 starts, 101 sacks, 172 tackles for loss, 282 quarterback hits, 25 forced fumbles and 16 fumble recoveries.

Mike Florio, Myles Simmons and I held a draft on PFT PM on Friday afternoon, proposing nine possible landing spots for Watt.

8 responses to “Report: Steelers, Browns, Titans, Bills have shown interest in J.J. Watt

  1. If he goes to the Steelers that’s a lot of Watts on one roster,they may need to check their wire gauge and circuit breakers.
    Sorry couldn’t resist!

  2. Play one season good season in Buffalo and try to get the ring. You can join your bros and lose later.

  3. Only Cleveland has cap space…the rest of them are already over the cap, Pitts is 30 m over the cap.

    He isnt going to play for free.

  4. As a Browns Fan, I really don’t want him and know we can do better on the open market….great guy, great player but his time is up and he always hurt anyways

  5. It’s a matter of being paid JJ’s market worth and choosing a team that has the best chance of winning a Super Bowl in the twilight of his career, finding that balance will be the trick

  6. Financially it’s a matter of whether or not Big Ben returns because of the oft reported Steeler cap problem. Granted JJ Watts is no longer able to command the kind of salary he once did, he won’t be cheap. And if Ben retires, would he prefer to go to a true SB contender, which the Steelers would not be. Would he choose family over chasing a SB. Would he be willing to take less money for a better chance at that ring as many aging players have? Stay tuned.

  7. Cap aside (and it’s a big factor unless hw legitimately doesn’t care about gettng the league minimum), where is he going to play? Is he taking Tuitt or Heyward off the field? They are both quite a bit better than him at this stage in his career (and have big contracts so won’t get paid to sit), so is he going to sign to be the 3rd DE and play 15 or 20% of the snaps? Potentially lots of holes to fill with limited resources so why spend them on a position that is actually a strength? It’s a nice story about reuniting the brothers, etc. but doesn’t make much actual football sense.

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