Trevor Lawrence “pretty pleased” with Pro Day, should be ready for training camp


Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer stood right next to Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney as Trevor Lawrence went through his throws during the quarterback’s de-facto Pro Day on Friday morning.

The head coach duo was around five yards in front of Lawrence for much of the workout, making Meyer — whose Jags own the first pick in the upcoming draft — particularly hard to miss.

“Yeah, I saw him,” Lawrence said in an interview with ESPN’s Rece Davis when the workout was over. “Just waved at him real quick, obviously can’t really communicate out here. But it’s been cool to see all the teams come out.”

Lawrence put this together on Friday because he’s undergoing surgery to repair the labrum in his non-throwing shoulder. He wasn’t wearing pads and the throws were all against air. But his passes were on-target, save for some high balls in a red-zone period.

“I was pretty pleased with it,” Lawrence said. “Obviously, like anything, you have some throws that you wish you could go back and hit a little bit better. But as a whole, I think it was a good day.”

Lawrence noted the post-surgery timeline should work out for him to be fully recovered for training camp.

“Obviously I’ve got to still continue talking to the doctors and see how the rehab goes, but I think I can throw in six-to-eight weeks after the surgery. And then looking at a four-to-five-month full clearance,” Lawrence said. “But obviously, I’ll be able to do stuff before then. But just glad it’s non-throwing shoulder, so shouldn’t be too bad. Just got to rehab really hard and work hard to get back. But I’m just excited to get that fixed and start that road to getting healthy.”

It would be a major upset if the Jaguars picked someone else at No. 1 overall in a couple months, so Lawrence likely didn’t need to hold a Pro Day at all. But he said he wanted to do the pre-draft process “the right way.”

“Just to show I’m no different than anybody else,” Lawrence said. “So just having to adjust and showing I’m able to adjust and adapt and still willing to come out here and throw and give teams a chance to see me — that was important to me and important to my team, to make sure we made that happen. And, obviously, it wasn’t necessarily the ideal situation and circumstances. But I think we did a great job of just kind of maneuvering and navigating through all that.”

18 responses to “Trevor Lawrence “pretty pleased” with Pro Day, should be ready for training camp

  1. Lawrence will languish in Jacksonville. Theyre not going anywhere Lawrence or no Lawrence.

  2. Good for him wanting to showcase his skills. Hard workers get paid. If nothing else, that impresses me verses players on a “team” who don’t even play in their bowl game.

  3. It would be a major upset if the Jaguars picked someone else at No. 1 overall in a couple months, so Lawrence likely didn’t need to hold a Pro Day at all.

    Its all about brand marketing. Mayfield, Murray, and Burrow were all picked #1 overall, and thus have similar NFL salaries, but Mayfield is running circles around the other two when it comes to endorsement money.

  4. Despite losing a bunch of games, the Jaguars played tough and competitively all season long. Trevor will have the usual rookie growing pains. I think the Jags will improve this season more than people expect.

  5. Lawrence could do a lot worse than the situation in Jacksonville. Meyer has brought in some solid offensive coaches, and, with him being straight out of the NCAA, Meyer can be expected to have a couple very good drafts. Jacksonville fans do not expect playoff wins right now the way that fans of more successful franchises do. He will have a capable, if young, backup. Jacksonville in 2021 is about as good a situation as a first-overall pick can reasonably expect barring some block-buster trade to a powerhouse team.

  6. This guy’s different. He doesn’t have to be better than Burrow and Herbert, he just has to be good. Pretty sure he’s going to be good.

  7. He looked sharp! Displayed accurate arm at every level. I can’t wait to see him play with below average talent in a more adverse environment. If he holds up, then it would be good to have another team that is worth watching.

  8. I still think it makes sense for Jacksonville to trade Lawrence plus their other 1st Round pick to Houston for Watson. Jackson has the cap money and a bunch of other picks, an Houston gets to start over with a promising QB. Only problems with this scenario: 1. The teams are in the same division; and 2. Houston’s gonna be bad, bad, bad, no matter what they do and no matter what Watson does.

    Other options?

  9. Jags miniscule fanbase is even smaller than usual since the majority of them are currently bandwagoning tampa.

  10. Unlike Herbert and Burrow who stepped in to teams with some talent and a stable OL, Lawrence will be more like Tua with Miami and Allen with the Bills. It will take a few seasons to get the protection and weapons to make them effective. The Jags fans should be happy with their fortune, but patient for the instant success. I would not be surprised if he is labeled a Bust a year from now like Tua has been.

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