Urban Meyer, Chris Doyle never previously worked together

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When getting grilled in a way that he was never really grilled in Gainesville or Columbus, Jaguars coach Urban Meyer defended his decision to hire controversial former Iowa strength coach Chris Doyle by citing a past working relationship with him.

“I’ve known Chris for close to 20 years. Our relationship goes back to when I was at Utah, and he was the No. 1 strength coach,” Meyer said Thursday.

While Meyer was indeed the head coach at Utah and Doyle was indeed the strength coach, their time at Utah never actually overlapped.

Doyle spent one year at Utah, in 1998. Meyer didn’t arrive at Utah until 2003, five years later. The duo never otherwise worked together.

It’s a bizarre claim, given the ease with which it was debunked. And it’s a powerful contention, given that it’s far easier to vouch for Doyle if Meyer had actually worked with Doyle. As it turns out, Meyer never actually worked with Doyle.

That doesn’t mean Meyer didn’t know Doyle. Meyer presumably did. But it’s one thing to know a guy and it’s quite another to acquire the more intimate knowledge that would come from spending time in the same program, grinding away day after day.

Meyer’s success has allowed him to compile political equity in his prior stops. He arrived in Jacksonville with a certain amount of that same vibe. But the Doyle hire quickly has shrunken Meyer’s overall leeway.

Indeed, the Fritz Pollard Alliance has pivoted from praising the Jaguars for their hiring processes regarding Meyer and G.M. Trent Baalke to condemning the decision to hire Doyle. Others may begin to feel the same way, putting even more pressure on Meyer to win quickly or risk having a Nick Saban-style short stay in the NFL.

31 responses to “Urban Meyer, Chris Doyle never previously worked together

  1. Wow! Urban did you not learn from the Zach Smith debacle…old boy network indeed…

  2. The excuses made for UM really amaze me. This is the same guy that made excuses for Aaron Hernandez. Is he really that ignorant or is obtuseness a survival mechanism that suits him?

  3. Urban’s a clown, but his quote didn’t ever mention they worked together. “He was the no.1 strength coach” means Urban felt Doyle was the #1 strength coach around, not at Utah, when Urban took over.

  4. If Urban Meyer has upset the Fritz Pollard alliance, it is the best thing he has done as a pro coach

  5. Is this guy really so much better than any other strength coach that it’s worth hiring him and dealing with the fallout?

  6. Train wreck. Urban is a fraud, a cheater everywhere he’s been. Deflection is his standard answer to anything. A fawning media has allowed him to get away with it for decades.

  7. But the Doyle hire quickly has shrunken Meyer’s overall leeway.


    Shrunken Meyer’s leeway to who, exactly? The Fritz Pollard Alliance?

    If Meyer’s wins, he’ll have as much leeway as he wants with the people who gainfully employ him.

  8. Meyer took time off from coaching to rehabilitate his tarnished image, and the first thing he does in his new job is get caught in a B.S. lie? After making a controversial hire?
    C’mon Man!!

  9. Urbans choice guy would have been Mickey Marotti of tOSU, he has known him since he was at Notre Dame in 90s and took him to Florida and tOSU after plucking him from ND. Mickey was comfortable at tOSU but I’m sure he definitely was recommending CD to Urban.

  10. It’s pretty wild how Urban, who has never coached a single play in the NFL, is suddenly the best coach in the league. Wow!

  11. Wow. Just wow. How the actual hell did Urban say what he said knowing full well it was a flat out lie? How did Kahn not figure this out? This is as close to unforgivable as can be.

  12. If Meyer was at Utah and Doyle was working somewhere else and was well regarded (i.e., “1 strength coach”) and Meyer had a relationship with him, the quote would be accurate.

    At no point does Meyer state Doyle was HIS strength coach at Utah.

    Learn to read, people.

  13. Meyer NEVER said or alluded to them working together. He implied, in my mind that doyle was considered the number one s&c coach in the nation.

  14. Meyer will be gone in 3 seasons or less, failing to make the playoffs, facing criticism by the media and players, but citing health concerns for abruptly leaving.

  15. It’s shocking to me how many of you are trying to defend what he said as if it was misinterpreted or taken out of context. He lied. End of story.

  16. Not a good look to lie about something when it can be so easily exposed as a lie. This ain’t Gainesville where they will overlook everything as long as they won games. Urban is going to find out the NFL stands for Not For Long when you’re a liar..

  17. Jacksonville should have hired a stand-up guy like Matt Patricia, not this gas bag Meyer

  18. Urban’s quotes make zero sense no matter how you interpret them. Doyle was never seen as being the “#1 strength coach” prior to Iowa when he was given that huge contract. Not only did his time at Utah not overlap Urban’s but he was at Utah for only one season and that was his first ever job as a head strength coach.

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