Urban Meyer: Darrell Bevell had the best interview; Brett Favre endorsed him, too

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The Jaguars are expected to select Trevor Lawrence with the No. 1 overall pick in the upcoming draft. The team even sent out video footage on social media of head coach Urban Meyer, offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, and passing game coordinator Brian Schottenheimer boarding a private plane to attend Lawrence’s throwing session on Friday — taking advantage of the enthusiasm surrounding the selection.

Because Meyer isn’t calling plays, offensive coordinator was one of the most important for the head coach’s first NFL staff. During his Thursday press conference, Meyer gave a couple reasons for why he felt like Bevell is the right man for the job.

He didn’t know Bevell personally, but got to know him during the process. And Bevell received an endorsement from a Hall of Fame quarterback.

“The amount of people we interviewed was as many as I’ve really ever done,” Meyer said. “His interview was by far the best. His ability to adapt to my vision of the offense, which is a little different than maybe he’s done in the past, the flexibility and not rigidness, that was very important to me because we do have the first pick in the draft and there is a vision that I have about the style of offense. I’m certainly not going to call plays — that’s his responsibility. But I have a real clear vision of what I want the offense to look like.

“And by the way, Brett Favre — I called I don’t know, 10 people about Darrell — and Brett Favre, who I’ve known for quite some time, when he made a comment [saying], ‘That’s as good a coach as he’s ever been around, and by the way I had my best year with him in Minnesota.’ And he said, ‘Hire the guy.’ Brett Favre, the respect I think we all have for him, I listened closely.”

Bevell helped coach Favre in Green Bay from 2000-2005, first as the assistant quarterbacks coach and then the full-time quarterbacks coach. He was then Favre’s offensive coordinator from 2009-2010 with the Vikings.

Bevell also has developing Russell Wilson on his resume, having been the Seahawks’ OC from 2011-2017. Whatever Meyer’s vision for the offense is — presumably with Lawrence behind center — Bevell will have a lot of responsibility for getting it right.

19 responses to “Urban Meyer: Darrell Bevell had the best interview; Brett Favre endorsed him, too

  1. As long as he doesn’t throw to the special teams gunner/5th WR at the goal line during the SB, he should be OK.

  2. No clue how this is going to go for Meyer in the NFL, but gotta admit … that’s one hell of a staff he’s put together, no question.

  3. I feel for Jags fans. All 7 of them. They could be embarking on a great run that could change the face of the franchise. Instead they hire a coach that will leave soon and is hiring about as bad of coaches for the next generation of players as you could.

  4. I don’t recall Favre winning MVP Awards with the Vikings.

    But I do remember him sending the Saints to teh Super Bowl.

  5. I love all these Jags articles where the same couple optimists brag up this middle-of-the-road (at best) staff as being something special. Like the very top coaches available were sitting around just hoping to land a gig with the Jags.

  6. Pete Carroll said the play call at the goal line in the SB was his decision, not Bevell’s.

    Can’t be defended either way.

    The Patriots knew it was coming.

    .. maybe the Patriots taped the Seahawks walkthrough?

  7. I wish more coaches would step out of their comfort zone and try hiring people they never worked with. I have this belief in corporate America as well: stop hiring the comfort candidate. The one that you believe is essentially an extension of yourself. You need to have a few individuals in your circle who is willing to rock the boat a bit and may disagree with you.

  8. Sure, Meyer won’t be calling the plays, until the first three-and-out where he’ll take over. I sure hope Trevor Lawrence is ready to run the RPO about fifty times a game.

  9. Daryl is a Badger — played his college ball in Madison. Of course he is going to do great in JAX.

  10. aarons444 says: “Can’t be defended either way.”

    Actually, most football analysts said it was the right call after watching the All-22 game tape:

    – Patriots were in goal line D with 8 in the box. Target was defended by an UNDRAFTED ROOKIE burned two plays earlier. Middle of field was absolutely WIDE open as Pats rushed 6, everyone in man coverage and single safety shaded AWAY from Lockette.

    – Beast Mode Lynch consistently FAILED at punching it in from the goal line. He was 1-for-5 in 2014 (1 TD, 2 no gains, 2 losses for yards) and a career 4-for-13. Football Outsiders have him ranked 30th out of 39 RBs at scoring from the goal line over those 5 years.

    – The 1-yd TD pass was more successful: 108 pass plays with 66 TDs and NO interceptions (61.1% success) vs. – 223 run plays with 129 TDs and TWO fumble turnovers (57.8% success). No one complained about those 66 TD passes…

    – Russell Wilson (and Bevell) had successfully scored 1-yd TD passes multiple times in the previous two years (to Tony Moeaki, Zach Miller (2x), Kellen Davis, Golden Tate)

  11. Can’t be defended either way.

    The Patriots knew it was coming.

    .. maybe the Patriots taped the Seahawks walkthrough

    Didn’t need to Brandon Browner spent three years defending that call in practice and saw it coming a mile away

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