Bruce Arians’ first Gatorade shower was “everything you could ever dream about”

Super Bowl LV
Getty Images

Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians had Gatorade dumped on him to celebrate his team winning Super Bowl LV, and it was all he thought it would be.

Arians said he considered getting showered in Gatorade, as Super Bowl-winning coaches have been since the Giants started the tradition with Bill Parcells in the 1980s, to be an important part of the achievement.

“It was everything you could ever dream about,” Arians told Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times. “Even the Gatorade bath, because that’s a big part of it and it’s the first one I ever had. They tried it at Temple, and I was faster then and I got away. I also had a brand new suit on and I said, ‘Oh, you’re not going to ruin this suit.’”

Arians’ son, Jake, also cited the Gatorade as part of the experience.

“It easily was the best embrace of my life,” Jake said. “My sister and my mom and dad hugging on the field with confetti coming down. I had pictured it, I had daydreamed about it, but actually doing it? He’s soaking wet with Gatorade. Unreal.”

Arians’ wife Christine, however, told him, “I wish you weren’t so soggy.”